Which countries have the most gold


    When we think about gold, most of us are thinking about one thing: money. You’ve heard the saying that one ounce of gold is like a thousand dollars, but which countries have the largest gold reserves? While as investors we all track metrics such as today’s gold rate ongole and for other cities in India. But to be successful investors we should expand our knowledge about gold and therefore learn about the biggest gold markets and gold reserves in the world. This will give you the confidence to invest in these markets in the future. This article looks over some interesting stats about which countries have the most gold between them, including how much they hold and what forms it takes.

    • The United States

    The United States is the world’s largest gold producer, with an annual output of more than 600 metric tons. The majority of all US gold is mined in California and Alaska. Other important producers include Nevada, South Dakota, Idaho and Utah.

    • Germany

    Germany is one of the most important producers of gold in the world, with an annual output of over 1,000 metric tons per year. The country has several deposits in its territory, including the famous Häuslingen deposit near Freiburg im Breisgau and the Stassfurt deposit near Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony.

    • Italy

    Italy has approximately 150 known deposits with an estimated total area of about 8 square kilometres (about 3 square miles). Most of these deposits are located in Sicily and Sardinia, but there are also some small deposits in Tuscany, Umbria, Lombardy and Lazio regions.

    • France

    France has the fourth largest reserve of gold in the world. The country has an estimated total of 33,546 metric tons (35,000 short tons) of gold, which makes up 1.5 per cent of its total foreign exchange reserves.

    • Russia

    Russia is ranked fifth on this list with a reserve of 5,200 metric tons (5,500 short tons) of gold. The country’s total foreign exchange reserves amount to $446 billion and its gold reserves amount to about $131 billion at current prices (based on an average annual inflation rate of 2 percent).

    • China

    China ranks sixth on this list with an estimated reserve of 5,700 metric tons (6,000 short tons) of gold. China’s total foreign exchange reserves amount to $2.1 trillion and its gold reserve amounts to about $1 trillion at current prices (based on an average annual inflation rate of 2 percent).

    • Switzerland

    Switzerland is the most indebted country in the world, owing $1.2 trillion to the rest of the world. Only about 7% of its exports are sold to other countries, and it has to import more than 50% of its energy needs. So how does it manage? With gold! The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is one of only three central banks that sells its gold holdings to foreign customers. It currently has 2,300 metric tons in storage, which makes up 13% of its total reserves.

    • Japan  

    The country has been long known for its gold refining and gold trading, but recently has also been known as a country where gold is stored in vaults and even in people’s hands. Japan has more than 150 tons of gold in their vaults and around 1% of its GDP goes through the process of buying and selling gold.

    • India

    India is extremely popular for ts massive reserves of gold. India has more than a thousand tons of gold in their vaults, which makes up about 7% of all global reserves. This number will rise as India continues to mine more from their land, which is estimated at over 100 tons more than what they currently have stored away. Additionally gold in India is famous for retaining its value hence it is one of the favourite destinations for investors all over the world. You can confirm this quality of Indian gold merely by looking up today’s gold rate bhimavaram or for other places and see for yourself how during economic or market lows Indian gold retains its value.


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