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Casual gaming Like “SLASHY” is a new mobile game genre that is thriving considerably. Everyone may enjoy casual or hyper-casual games, which is also the USP of hyper-casual games. (jillszeder.com) In other words, young or elderly, people of any age can participate in hyper-casual games. This explains the likeness behind this particular game type. 

 How Addictive is Casual gaming?

Many people take breaks from their hectic schedules to relax and play casual games. Statistics show that 66% of Americans who often use the internet engage in casual gaming on a regular basis. It shows that 141 million Americans engage in casual gaming. This staggering sum corresponds to 88% of all American online gamers.

There may be a variety of explanations for this sharp rise in Casual Game users. We’ll examine a few of them right away. To begin, we must learn everything there is to know about hyper-casual games.

Everything about Hyper-Casual Games

Compared to other games, Hyper-Casual Games are typically free to play and quite straightforward. These contain simple graphics and an uncomplicated user interface. Although they don’t have very appealing aesthetics, hyper-casual games are difficult to put down once you become engrossed in them.

But because they are so straightforward, these games have a clear advantage over their counterparts. These games begin right away, sparing players from frustration. List below is some of the incredible features of hyper-casual games.  

  • It’s Excellent How Hyper-Casual Games Retain Players

Any casual game that keeps a player interested and engaged is likely to make him a lifelong player. People still play Pacman and Tetris with the same intensity and pleasure they did 10 or 15 years ago, despite the fact that they were first released in 1980 and 1984, respectively. As a result, Hyper-Casual Games have a high rate of long-term retention.

  • The Irresistibility Factor in These Games

The 2013 sensation Flappy tops the list of hyper-casual games. Beginning in January 2014, Flappy had a sharp rise in downloads and emerged as a surprise success. Due to the high amount of downloads, Flappy’s creator, Dong Nguyen, inadvertently took it down from a number of websites. As a result, hyper-casual games have a propensity for being addictive.

  • The Game Gets Right to the Point

Let’s sprinkle in a little reality. Any busy man would want his mobile game if he were to switch it on, to start as soon as feasible. Because they don’t utilize a lot of data, hyper-casual games load quickly. The players quickly pass the irritating loading screen in a matter of seconds. This is why people who are in the workforce like to play ultra-hyper casual games.

  • These types of games don’t require any prior knowledge to play

This one also gives hyper-casual games precedence over all other game genres. Contrary to the majority of games, such as card games or casino games, which require a certain level of prior knowledge to play, hyper-casual games are immune to such complexity. Any player may participate in these games. Simply download them and adhere to the directions shown on-screen. The gamer will then be prepared to begin playing.

Camel Motion’s Slashy, for instance, has the simplest gameplay of all. The discs on the screen will simply burst if slices are placed on them. You can complete all of this with a single click on the mobile device. What is more straightforward than this? (buy xanax in vietnam)

  • The Hyper-Casual Games are Popular Amongst All

Another crucial component of a hyper-casual game is this. Since casual games are easy to learn, they are accessed by players of all ages and from all walks of life. Furthermore, these games are appropriate for kids because there is no explicit content in them. This is mostly why these games are so popular.


Simply said, super casual games have fundamentally changed what it means to play games. These games are now enjoyed and played for leisure by people of all ages around the globe. Almost everyone plays one or the other hyper-casual games.  

So, whenever you’re feeling stressed or bored, just grab your phone and start playing the game SLASHY which can never feel you bored. Play a light game to lighten your load.

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