Why Are Video Testimonials Great Marketing Tools in 2021?

Video Testimonials Marketing Tools

According to the marketers, video testimonials are probably the highest converting tools in 2021. The use of testimonials is widespread among marketers for decades. And there are good reasons behind that. (Advair diskus) But as everything is being modernized, testimonials are also being taken to the next level. In the current scenario, video testimonials are more in use than written testimonials. Let’s look at the reasons why you should always be using video testimonials as great marketing tools.

Why Are Video Testimonials More Effective Than Written Testimonials?

Videos Can Reflect Emotions

No matter how much we tell ourselves that we make practical decisions, emotion still drives our decision-making. This is true for almost all buyers. When it is about evoking emotions, nothing can outrank videos. Written testimonials cannot express how the customers feel while talking about the product or service they have recently used.

A new buyer always looks for genuine and authentic reviews about a product or service before purchasing. They look for the emotional connection of an existing customer with the brand before they trust its products or services. Even the best copywriters of the world cannot compete with a video on an emotional level. It takes time to interpret a buyer’s genuine emotion after reading a text. But a video, on the other hand, gets to viewers’ hearts right away.

Videos Have Long-Lasting Impression

Studies show that videos have a 95% retention rate while other forms of content have only a 12% retention rate. There are many reasons why marketers stick to creating testimonial videos. Videos last longer in people’s minds than texts. As we recently discussed the emotional connections, it will be easy for you to understand. Videos activate emotional centers in the brain.

Video testimonials work as a piece of a story coming from satisfied customers on behalf of a brand. And our brains can process stories faster. Stories of people overcoming problems I’d eat at this table. An exciting video testimonial can help people to remember a brand for the longest time possible.

People Love Watching Videos

A brand must be customer centric. It should offer products and services that its customers would love. They also must create content their consumers, and target audience would love. Consumers prefer video over text. Studies show that 59% of people would like to watch a video than reading a text on the same topic. Additionally, videos can increase, and emailers open rates by about 20%. People love watching videos, and they also love to share them.

Videos Reflect Authenticity

When you post a written testimonial on your website, your target audience might wonder how the person behind those texts looks like. And a video testimonial adds a human face to your brand. People trust reviews coming directly from a customer’s mouth.

This is an essential factor you need to keep in mind while creating your video testimonials. A video testimonial contains information like the customer’s background, their interaction with your brand, and how it impacted their life positively. Video testimonials all together create an ambiance of trust.

Recording a testimonial video on your phone takes a truly little effort when you record with Pro Testimonial software. You need to create a strategy and invest some time, and you are all set to go. The software is a good option if you are looking forward to cost-effectively creating video testimonials. Additionally, the software helps you create professional video testimonials that your target audience would love to watch.

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