Why Does Sex In A Relationship Get Stale After A While?


When a relationship starts out or is at the beginning stages, the sexual electricity between the two people can be electric. The newness makes the sex intimate, sexy, fun, and exciting. But the truth is that the honeymoon phase will end, sooner or later, and that is when the excitement starts to fizzle out. Now for some people, the honeymoon phase may end after a few months and for some, it may end after a couple of years set in. and things cool off between the sheets.

The fact of the matter is, it happens to the best of us and it will happen to you as well. No matter how well you maintain your sex life, it is going to get boring after a while. Here’s why it happens.

One Partner Does Not Want Sex

Varying libidos in long-term relationships is one of the main reasons why sex gets stale after some time. After a while, when the butterflies settle down, it is seen that one partner does not really enjoy or want sex as much as the other partner. Over time, this becomes a dampener and the sex gets stale.

Sex Becomes Comfortable

Another top reason why sex gets stale is that partners often become too comfortable. For instance, when a relationship is new, partners usually take a lot of interest in how they look, what they are wearing and how their personal hygiene is. Over time, this gets replaced by sex that is comfortable without both partners not really putting in a lot of effort. This contributes to the staleness.

Emotional Distance

Long-term reactions also fall prey to an emotional distance which causes sex to become stale. Many people face a lot of things in life and they are unable to share them with their partners. This affects their emotional life and their sex life too.

Too Much Turning Down Sex

Women are much more likely to turn down sex than their male counterparts. When a wife or girlfriend is always turning down sex, it is normal for the male partner to feel frustrated and rejected to the point of him not even trying. This brings staleness to the sex.

There are of course many more reasons for the same but these are the most important.

What You Can Do About It

As you know, sex becoming stale in long-term relationships is incredibly common. If your marriage or relationship is not making you excited anymore, here’s what you can do about it.

  • Go to AdultSearch: This lets you find out any escorts available in your area. If you are not getting sex from your partner, you may find that looking somewhere else is the best option. This way no one will be the wiser and your sex life will get back its spark!
  • Check Out the Profiles: The website gives you wide options depending on your sexual needs. For some, heterosexual escorts will work while for others, trans escorts are the answer. The good news is, adultsearch has everything you may need.
  • Talk Your Partner Into a Threesome: To get your sex life in order once again and to prevent it from getting stale, a good idea is to have a frank talk about it with your partner. Let her know that you miss the sex and whether she is open to a threesome.

While it may seem like taking things too far, your long-term partner may well agree if the third person is an escort, instead of a girlfriend. Who knows, your partner may end up having more fun than you! It is best to be upfront about your sexual needs with your partner and it can be the spark you were looking for.

  • Go on a Date with an Escort: Sometimes, it is best to leave your partner alone and go on a date with a beautiful escort yourself. Treat her with respect and you will end up enjoying the diverse sexual profile. You may very well start enjoying sex with your partner after such an encounter. The good news is that professional escorts are a discreet lot and there will be no chance of discovery of your encounter.
  • Become Creative: Another way of bringing back freshness to your sex life is to become creative. While looking for an escort to join yourself and your partner in the bedroom may be a good idea, it does not hurt to be more creative. Make sex fun by introducing sex games and role-play activities.

Now that you know that there is so much to do as far as sex is concerned, it is time to get your act together. Sex is one of the most important aspects of life and it is good to go to Ladys.One for the best escorts in your area. Spice up your sex life like never before.



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