Why is Butt Stuff So Popular These Days?

Butt Stuff

We think we can all appreciate a nice-looking booty. Butts that can fill out a pair of pants well deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. However, it seems that booties are being more appreciated now than ever before.  But why is that the case? And what does it mean for sex, love, and relationships? Surprisingly, there’s a bit more going on underneath the surface than just a natural love of VR anal porn. So, let’s pop and squat and find out why the anus and Butt Stuff is so darn appealing to the youth of today. 


First Things First – What Exactly is “Butt Stuff?” 


If you got a text from your significant other suggesting that you guys try butt stuff in the bedroom, would you know what that meant? If you’re on the younger end of the Millennial generation or you’re Gen Y, you definitely have an idea of what your SO is talking about. 


Broadly speaking, butt stuff can consist of (but is not limited to): 


  • Anal Sex – The most straightforward way to explore the ass is to stick your genitals inside it. For same-sex male couples, the ass is the only way to have penetration with each other. For lesbians, butt play usually comes in the form of a dildo or strap-on. Regardless of the tools used, anal sex involves one person penetrating another person’s rectum. 
  • Analingus – “Eating ass” is a bit more hands-on than anal sex, and it involves one person licking the other’s anus. In many cases, analingus precedes penetration, but not always. In some instances, it may come before and after. 
  • Fingering or Toys – Genitals and strap-ons aren’t the only things one can stick up the butt. Vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs – it’s all fair game once you decide to go down the brown road with your intimate partner. Fingers are also suitable if toys aren’t available or they’re too large for a beginner. 


Beyond these three activities, butt stuff can also get more extreme and kinky. Some examples could include enemas, scatalogical fetishes, farting, and other options that may require a bit more imagination than we’d like to supply. 


Basically, anything involving anal play falls under the umbrella of “butt stuff,” but most people who engage in the activity today will partake in one or more of the three options listed above. 


So, Why is Butt Stuff So Popular These Days? 


With anal sex and pornography, there’s a bit of a “chicken and the egg” argument to be had. On the one hand, people have been engaging in anal sex for hundreds of years, possibly since the dawn of time. On the other hand, ass play may be gaining steam in recent decades because of pornography’s wide availability and mainstream appeal. Basically, as more people see the potential for anal sex and other sexual endeavors, the more likely they’ll want to partake. 


Also, as mainstream content starts exploring anal play (at least in reference) these acts become more widely accepted. When a character in a major motion picture or TV show can talk about “butt stuff” so casually, it’s natural for people to be more open about it. 


A Division of Mentalities


We think a big reason why butt stuff is becoming more popular is that the act itself is so darn enjoyable, particularly for men. Since the prostate is in the anus, stimulation of that area can feel intensely pleasurable, particularly when the person knows what they’re doing. 


It seems like once people engage in anal sex and other things, they tend to fall in love with these acts. So, the hurdle isn’t one of pain or discomfort, but one of attitude. For many people, the ass is meant for exit only, and to even think about doing anything but poop out of there is blasphemous. However, once you cross that line, it’s very hard to go back. 


To paraphrase a popular saying, “once you go butt, you’ll want nothing but.” Plus, when sites like SexLikeReal make anal sex seem more attainable than ever, demand will only increase. 


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