Why Is My Phone So Slow

    why is my phone so slow

    Every year smartphones work faster; at least, this is shown by the results of virtual tests. The fact is that an ordinary user is no longer able to determine. The difference between two fast smartphones: for him, they both work quite fast. Only benchmark scores allow you to rank mobile devices in terms of speed somehow. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about why is my phone so slow & How to speed up the phone?

    Many exciting flagship models have recently entered the market, impressive with high-speed application launches and desktop switching. Xiaomi Mi5, Apple iPhone 6s, Huawei Nexus 6P, LG G5 SE. Several other devices can be safely added to this list. But high-speed smartphones include not only flagships but. There are also leaders in terms of speed in the middle price segment, and even among budget models. These are Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM, and ZTE Blade L3, and Asus ZenFone 2 Laser, and LG Magna, and many other curious devices.

    But does it happen that even the fastest smartphone slows down over time? How to be? We will provide some helpful tips to help you deal with this problem.

    Why is my phone so slow

    Updating the software

    From time to time, the creators of operating systems release various updates. That fix the shortcomings of previous versions and add new functions. If your smartphone supports software updates (on Android devices, as a rule. This can be found in the settings in the “About device” section), then you need to use this function. But in most cases, the device itself will offer to update to the latest software version.

    Another possible reason your iPhone might be working slowly is that you have reached your storage limits. You might not notice, but phones nowadays consume a considerable amount of memory when recording videos and taking pictures, given the resolution at which they are captured. Similarly, applications also consume a lot of memory with the base installation files as well as updates. In such cases, your best option is to clean up iPhone storage.

    Disable and remove unnecessary applications

    Statistics tell us that 90% of applications downloaded to a smartphone are used no more than 10 times. Then a person determines what he needs, and applications. That is not included in 10% often remain on the smartphone. At the same time, many of them continue to work in the background: you do not seem to see them. But they are, and each “bites off” its piece of RAM.

    Therefore, go to “Settings” on your Android smartphone, select “Device”, in it – “Applications”. Go through the list, get acquainted with the usage statistics, and boldly delete whatever you think is superfluous.

    An advanced user can select “All Settings”, open the “For Developers” item and set. The number of background processes can be opened simultaneously (the “Background Process Limit” menu item).

    You also need to clear the application cache. Suppose you have no desire to hunt for every program that slows down your smartphone. You can install a particular application that will perform—the searches on its own: Clean Master, CCleaner, Cleaner Booster and so on. You need to search for them in the Play Market, in the “Tools” section. Such an application scans the smartphone. Finds everything that slows down its work, and offers its options for deleting or disabling. You have to accept or reject his offer.

    Using fewer widgets and live wallpapers

    A widget is a useful thing, but the more devices you use, the more your smartphone slows down. Therefore, if you need speed, you need to remove widgets. You press on the picture and hold your finger until the image comes off from its usual place. After which it is quickly sent to the trash.

    The same can be said about live wallpapers. Handsomely? Undoubtedly. Waste resources? And how! If you want your smartphone to work faster, send live wallpapers after the widgets, that is, to the basket.

    Disable animation

    Another option that you can take advantage of in the developer menu is to disable animations. You go to “Settings”, select “For Developers” and look for all the menu items that contain the word “Animation”. When you find such a thing, open it and select the “Disable animation” option.

    If you need to do everything quickly

    In some cases, a simple reboot can help. When you restart, some unnecessary programs will close on their own. Right, then the brakes will start again. So at some point, you will have to resort to one of the solutions suggested above.

    Making your smartphone run faster is no big deal. The main thing is to take care of him, remove unnecessary applications that slow down his work.

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    How to speed up the phone: Why is my phone so slow on the internet

    Has your smartphone become terribly slow? Well, you’re not the first one that happens. It would help if you accepted the fact that some slowdown in the animations and a few seconds of waiting. This, however, does not mean that there is nothing you can do to improve (at least a little) the situation.

    There are small tricks that, if put into practice. Allow you to speed up the phone and improve the experience of using Android and iOS. Obviously, I’m not here to promise you miracles: unfortunately. When the hardware of a device, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, is no longer in step.

    Now, however, let’s ban the chatter and see immediately. What are the measures you can take to improve the responsiveness of your mobile? Since they are the most used platforms in the world. Courage: make yourself comfortable. Take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs. Above all, implement the “tips” that I will give you. I wish you happy reading, and I hope you good luck with the optimization of your smartphone!

    Disable unnecessary animations

    The animations have their undoubted importance, as they make use of the more pleasurable smartphone. When dealing with a somewhat dated terminal, however, they can create quite a few problems: they slow down the transition from one application to another and give a “laggy” effect that would make even the most seraphic person in this world nervous.

    Fortunately, you can try to remedy the problem by going to the phone settings and turning off (or, in any case, limiting) the system animations. Here is in detail how to proceed on Android and iPhone. why is my phone so slow

    • Android – go to the phone settings, select the Info on phone item from the menu that opens and tap on Build number 7 times in a row, to unlock the developer settings. Then go back to the settings menu, select the Developer options item and proceed as follows.
    •  This Window animation scale entry and set its value to 0.5x or to Animation Off (if you want to disable animation altogether).
    • Select the Transition animation scale entry and set its value to 0.5x or to Animation Off (if you’re going to turn off energy completely).
    •  The Animator Duration Scale entry and set its value to 0.5x or to Animation Off (if you’re going to turn off energy completely).

    Uninstall unused apps

    Let’s make one thing clear: uninstalling unused apps is not an operation that speeds up the phone automatically. However (mostly if you use Android, where apps can act profoundly on the behaviour of the system). This operation could help you eliminate all those software that weigh excessively on the RAM or the processor of the mobile by limiting its performance.

    To uninstall applications on Android, go to the Settings> Apps menu, select the All tab, press the button (…) and select the item Sort by size from the box that opens to sort applications based on the space occupied on the device memory. At this point, locate the apps you intend to uninstall and press first on its icon and then on the Uninstall button. When doing this, be careful not to remove any system apps (e.g. Google Play Services). Understood?

    To uninstall apps on the iPhone, on the other hand, go to the Settings menu > General> iPhone free space, tap on the name of the app you want to remove and delete it by pressing the Delete app item if you do not want to keep the data related to the app (irreversible action) or on the Uninstall app item if you’re going to free up space while retaining the documents and data connected to the application. Why is my phone so slow? Alternatively, you can go to the Home screen, keep your finger pressed on the icon of the application to be deleted and press the (x) that appears at the top left of the icon itself.

    Reset the phone: Why is my phone so slow all of a sudden

    If following the directions above, you have not been able to speed up your smartphone, try resetting the device by returning it to factory settings. By doing this, you can resolve any software conflicts that are causing the slowdowns you experienced on your phone.

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    Before doing this, however, make an excellent backup of all your data (which will inevitably be lost following the reset) and then read the instructions I gave you in the guides on how to reset Android and iPhone, to avoid committing some errors in completing this delicate procedure.

    Specific advice on how to speed up Android phone: why is my phone so slow

    If you have an Android terminal, you will likely find specific advice on. How to speed up devices running Google’s mobile operating system users Here is some that can come in handy.

    • Use a few widgets and disable live wallpapers – devices allow you to have a lot of useful information always at hand. But if poorly designed they can consume a lot of battery and take up precious system resources. The same goes for animated wallpapers, which despite being very beautiful to look at, incredibly slow down mobile phones, especially the oldest ones.
    • To delete widgets, keep your finger pressed on them and drag them to the Remove button that appears at the top.
    • To replace animated wallpapers with a static wallpaper, uninstall them from the application management panel (as we saw earlier) and choose a traditional wallpaper from the Settings> Display> Wallpaper menu.
    • Use an alternative launcher – some alternative launchers. Such as the excellent Nova Launcher, allowing you to make the Android home screen more responsive. Try them. To replace your current launcher with another, download the new launcher from the Play Store, then go to the Settings> Home page menu and put the checkmark next to its name.
    • Monitor applications – some apps. Such as System Monitor, may help you spot applications that are causing excessive CPU and RAM usage. Use them to “find” the apps that take up the most resources on your smartphone.
    • Scan for malware – Android devices, unfortunately, are the target of numerous malware. If your smartphone has become slow at any moment, it may have been infected, so download antivirus for Android (e.g. Avast, AVG or Bitdefender ) and check that everything is in order.

    Specific tips on how to speed up iPhone: Why is my iphone so slow after update

    Neither custom ROMs nor alternative launchers can be installed on the iPhone. The widgets are there, but they are confined to their unique screen and do not “drain” the energy of the phone like those for Android (the bad ones of course).

    If you have unlocked your iPhone by jailbreaking and you notice a certain slowness in the execution of the apps, you may have installed “tweaks” that have burdened the system excessively. To normalize the situation you could open Cydia and remove the tweaks that you think may be responsible for the problem, or you could remove the jailbreak by resetting your “iPhone by” in DFU mode (you can find all explained in my tutorial dedicated to the topic ), Why is my phone so slow iphone

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    Another piece of advice I could give you is not to update iOS to the most recent versions which. As known, tend to “castrate” older devices … but in reality, it would be bad advice. By not updating iOS to the latest version, in fact, you would get some benefits in terms of performance. Still, you would make your smartphone vulnerable to all the security flaws that Apple has “blocked” with software updates in the meantime.


    Ultimately, with this simple analysis, we discovered that Android, in itself, is not a slow system but instead needs technical features of a certain level to give the best of itself. Hardware is therefore essential, but it has its cost. The low prices of different devices and the fact that Android offers the same basic features on any smartphone. Push many users to choose low-end devices without considering the limitations mentioned above.

    Consequently, I recommend that you choose a smartphone with at least 4GB of RAM and a recently produced octa-core processor so that you can enjoy apps and games without too many worries, why is my phone so slow?

    At the same time, it is perhaps even more important to understand which apps require more resources and, in the case of slowdowns, get rid of them or find less expensive alternatives. To solve this problem, you can first clean up the cache and, as a drastic but very effective solution, perform a nice complete reset of the device. Don’t forget to keep your Android up to date, including monthly security patches.

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