Withdrawing your winnings from a mobile betting app in Canada – What to expect


Most people who start using a casino website in Canada do that because they want to maximize the amount of money they win. As a result, gamblers spend many hours trying to find an online casino that’s easy to use and offers them a user-friendly withdrawal process.

Although this is easier said than done, withdrawals can be accepted from the Betano app, meaning that you can get an idea of the most suitable way to deposit. In other words, this is one of the few operators whose application allows people to make withdrawals. Of course, they have to follow specific steps and keep an eye on many things before making a withdrawal, and in this article, we’ll learn more about it.

Strangely, many Canadians forget to learn more about the withdrawal process associated with a gambling brand and start using it immediately. Sadly, they often have difficulties, meaning they can’t get the amount they’ve won, especially while using an app. So, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.


Most apps won’t allow you to make withdrawals

There are many reasons why a lot of people in Canada choose Betano, and one of them is because of the company’s application and its flexibility. Once you start using the application, you can play a lot of casino games, experience different bonuses, and do several other things, such as making withdrawals.

The bad news is that if you look at the other popular brands in the country, you will see that their applications do not allow people to do those kinds of things. Sadly, users will only have access to the deposit page, meaning that once they decide to withdraw, they will have to use another platform, such as the desktop site.

There are different reasons why mobile withdrawals aren’t available. Some sites haven’t developed the required tec that allows withdrawals yet, whereas others simply do not want to allow them for security reasons. Luckily, there are some exceptions.


The waiting process

If you live in Canada and find a gambling application that will let you withdraw your winnings, the waiting process is one of the first things you need to check. Also known as processing time, this is the time that the gambling operators need to process your withdrawal so you can receive the money. This can range from a couple of hours to a few days, and it depends on a variety of factors.

One of the interesting things is that some casino applications will temporarily slow down this process so that people can decide to cancel their withdrawals. Aside from that, casino applications have to require their clients to complete a specific process that reveals more about their identity. This process will reveal more information about yourself and allow the website to ensure you are not laundering money. All the Ontario casinos and sites that work in other parts of the country have this process.


The restrictions

Generally speaking, all mobile betting apps that operate in Canada should belong to operators who use active permissions from some of the authorities. This means that those companies must follow different rules that allow people to make withdrawals as long as they have completed the required steps.

The bad news is that even some licensed sites in Canada do not adhere to this rule. Instead of allowing its clients to have access to their money whenever they want to, they limit the number of withdrawals that people can make per day or week. Unsurprisingly, this breaches the rules that most casinos and bookies must follow, so you can contact the regulators to get help.

In terms of the limits themselves, Canadians can come across different issues, such as those related to how much they want to withdraw while using an app. People who want to get out more money may have to wait longer than those who make smaller withdrawals.


Tip – It’s not advisable to keep a lot of money in your account

To avoid the potential withdrawal fees and all of the other problems related to using an application for online betting, some people decide to save up their winnings before making one big withdrawal request. Although this may seem like a good idea, the reality is that it isn’t.

There are several reasons why it is not recommended to keep a lot of funds in your account when using a gambling app in Canada, such as the fact that it can get hacked. Once that happens, those people will access your funds, and you won’t get anything.

On that note, the gambling site itself may get its license revoked, and once it stops operating, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings. While talking about withdrawals, making one big request can have a lot of problems associated with it, some of which we’ve mentioned above.



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