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ZTE Confirms it Will Unveil 5G Smartphone With Snapdragon 855

ZTE 5G smartphone

As the MWC event draws near, ZTE has confirmed that it will be storming the event taking place in Barcelona with a 5G Smartphone that comes with the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset.

The Chinese manufacturer received invite for the event on Monday which promised “New Axon, New 5G flagship”.  It was not clear if the two lines were talking about the same or two different smartphones.

Another new teaser popped up from the company with a caption “ 5G speeds” and “bow down to performance” and a big stylized 855 in the middle. This latest teaser also was not clear if the 5G smartphone with Snapdragon 855 is the new Axon or a new series of smartphones.

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ZTE Technology has been under series of problems with the US following the allegation that the company is spying for China with their technologies. This resulted in the US allegedly banning the company from their 5G networks, coupled with a huge fine over breaking a trade embargo.  That notwithstanding, the company is still investing heavily in 5G connectivity.


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