13 Benefits of Parcel Shipping Software for E-Commerce Businesses in 2023


With more and more consumers shopping online and expecting fast, reliable delivery, e-commerce companies need to streamline their parcel shipping operations to remain competitive. Parcel shipping software can help businesses of all sizes manage their shipping processes more efficiently, from label printing and carrier selection to parcel tracking and delivery confirmation. By automating many manual tasks and providing real-time data and analytics, parcel shipping software, such as eTower, can help businesses reduce costs, improve delivery times, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Parcel shipping software is an important tool for e-commerce businesses because it streamlines the shipping process and helps improve customer satisfaction. Here are 14 benefits of parcel shipping software for e-commerce businesses.

(1) Improved shipping accuracy. Parcel shipping software helps to ensure that orders are shipped to the correct address, reducing the likelihood of packages being mis-delivered or lost. The software uses address verification technology to check the accuracy of shipping addresses and can also provide suggestions for correcting inaccurate addresses.

(2) Increased efficiency. By automating the shipping process, parcel shipping software helps to reduce the time and effort required to ship orders. This enables e-commerce businesses to process and ship more orders in less time, increasing their overall efficiency and productivity. (Modafinil)

(3) Better tracking. Parcel shipping software provides real-time tracking information, making it easier for businesses to monitor the status of their shipments and keep their customers informed. This can help reduce the number of customer enquiries and support requests, freeing up time and resources for other tasks.

(4) Reduce shipping costs. Parcel shipping software can help e-commerce businesses reduce shipping costs by offering discounted shipping rates from a variety of carriers. The software can also help businesses optimise their shipping solutions by selecting the most cost effective carrier for each shipment.

(5) Improved customer satisfaction. Parcel shipping software helps e-commerce businesses provide a better customer experience by providing accurate and timely shipping information. Customers can track the status of their shipments and receive notifications when their parcels are delivered, improving their satisfaction with the shipping process.

(6) Integration with other systems. Parcel shipping software can be integrated with other systems used by e-commerce businesses, such as their e-commerce platforms, order management systems and warehouse management systems. This integration helps to streamline the shipping process and reduce potential errors.

(7) Scalability. As e-commerce businesses grow, their shipping needs will become more complex. Parcel shipping software is designed to scale with the business, providing the tools and capabilities needed to handle the growing volume and complexity of shipping.

(8) Customisable shipping rules. Parcel shipping software allows e-commerce businesses to create customised shipping rules and workflows that meet their specific needs. This can help streamline the shipping process and ensure that orders are shipped according to the business’s standards.

(9) Customisable label printing. Parcel shipping software can help e-commerce businesses create customised shipping labels that match their brand and business needs. This can include adding logos, company information and specific shipping instructions to the label.

(10) Batch processing. Parcel shipping software can automate the process of creating shipping labels and processing multiple shipments at once. This can save time and effort for companies that need to process large numbers of orders.

(11) Returns management. Package shipping software can help e-commerce businesses manage the returns process, including generating return labels, tracking returns, and issuing refunds or exchanges. This can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the workload of the business.

(12) Compliance. Parcel shipping software can help e-commerce businesses comply with shipping regulations and requirements, such as hazardous materials regulations, customs documentation and shipping label requirements. This reduces the risk of fines and penalties for businesses and ensures that goods reach their destination safely and on time.

(13) Inventory management. Some parcel shipping software can also be integrated with inventory management systems, enabling businesses to track their stock levels and ensure they have enough stock to fulfil orders. This can help avoid out-of-stocks and delays in the shipping process.

Overall, the benefits of using parcel shipping software for e-commerce businesses are clear. By streamlining the shipping process, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction, parcel shipping software can help businesses grow and succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce.


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