5 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Phone Plan


We live in a world where it has never been easier to stay connected. Thanks to all of us pretty much having access to cell phones, you can have the world at your fingertips. But the one big key to ensuring that you really do have access to communication is to get the right phone plan.

If you were to compare phone plans, you would quickly realize that there are a variety of factors that go into deciding what the best plan is for you.

Simply looking at t mobile vs verizon, there are varying factors that range from the monthly costs to the coverage areas.

You will want to do your research ahead of time to ensure that you really are getting the right plan for you. Not only are the costs going to become more affordable if you choose one that meets your needs, but you will be able to get coverage in the areas that you need the most.

All phone service providers have various pros and cons to consider. This is why we have rounded up all of our top tips so that you can really get the best plan for you.

1. Analyze the Network Coverage

Regardless of how cheap a plan may be, if the coverage doesn’t reach the area that you live in or will be spending most of your time in, then it really is a waste of money. You will want to choose a plan that actually delivers coverage to your area. You can find this out by hopping online and looking at the actual coverage maps. This will let you see if the various coverage will reach you.

But also keep in mind the density of service they offer in that area. For example, if there are too many subscribers in one area, the coverage may end up getting overwhelmed with too much demand. So do a real in-depth analysis of the network coverage. Great network coverage is the key to getting the most value out of your plan.

2. Understand Your Data Usage

The next thing to remember is that you will want to understand the amount of data that you normally use. For example, if you are someone who uses a lot of data through streaming music or scrolling through social media, you will want to opt for the unlimited option. But if you simply use the basic text and voice calls on your phone, you likely do not need to waste your money on an unlimited plan.

Have a look at your current data usage before signing up for a new plan. This will give you a great estimate of what type of data you really need.

3. Read the Fine Print

Next, you will want to take the time to understand the fine print of your plan. Some providers make it much more challenging than others to actually get out of. This also means that sometimes unlimited data does not actually mean that it will be quality data. Make sure that you read the fine print and know what you are signing up for. Also, make sure you can get out of your current plan without spending an absolute fortune on fees.

4. Know the Added Perks

Many service providers try to sweeten the deal by adding extra perks to your subscription. This means that by signing up you may also get access to streaming subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu or Spotify. Or, they may throw in an extra phone number and SIM card for free to your plan.

Many service providers also work out deals where you can purchase a new phone through them too and then be eligible for the upgrade. This will let you always have the phone you want in addition to your plan.

5. Figure Out the Family Plans

In many cases. You can save money and get more perks if you sign up for a family plan. This means that more than one phone number is linked to your account. Depending on how many people in your family need to be on a plan, you could score some real savings. This is another important factor to compare as every service provider is different. (https://www.easyvet.com/)

If you are just wanting one phone number linked to a plan, you will likely benefit from a different provider compared to one that is designed to support big groups.


Switching phone plans is normal. In fact, doing so will allow you to get more savings, more perks, and more coverage. The important part is to know what factors to look for and understand your own personal needs. Finding out all this information is the first step towards upgrading your best service provider plan yet.


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