Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

We all see that dogs show cringeworthy behavior sometimes, like licking us, humping on us, etc. Sometimes it becomes too much that we think they like us. So it is inevitable for us to wonder, Can dogs get sexually attracted to humans?

Dogs can never get attracted to humans because of the severe biological differences. Besides, a hormone from female dogs that humans don’t release attracts dogs. Dogs have many reasons not to be attracted to humans. Keep reading!

How Does Sexual Attraction Work In Dogs?

Sexual attraction works differently for dogs and humans. Besides, different species have different rituals in terms of sexual attraction. For instance, humans get sexually attracted when they find style and appearance appealing. Also, culture and class play a significant role in it.

Dogs don’t get sexually attracted to seek pleasure. Mating is just a part of their attraction, but that doesn’t make them physically attracted to their partner. When female dogs come into heat, they release chemicals and hormones to reproduce, known as neuropheromons. Male dogs get aroused by this hormone and approach female dogs for mating.

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

Female dogs release pheromones during their breeding seasons, which makes male dogs mate with them. Besides pheromones, dogs release oxytocin while meeting. It can be during cuddling, grooming, or having sex.

Unlike humans, dogs get motivated for sex when they can reproduce. It means they only considered biological factors, not pleasure.

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans?

Dogs like to have company with other dogs and humans. All dogs can hump on anyone, but that doesn’t mean someone sexually attracted them. Dogs and humans have different biological properties. Besides, biological factors determine dogs’ sexual attraction.. So there is no chance for a dog to get sexually attracted to humans.

Another reason for a dog to get sexually attracted is the release of methyl p-hydroxy benzoate, which is the pheromone released by female dogs. Humans can’t release this hormone, so dogs won’t find any reason to get attracted to them.

What Are The Reasons For Dogs Not To Get Attracted To Humans?

The process by which dogs get sexually attracted is different. They usually find it attractive when the female dog is in heat. During the heat cycle, female dogs go through the estrus stage, which lasts for 6 months. Their vagina swells up and seeps blood from it. Afterwards, they step into oestrogen, which is the stage when female dogs are ready to mate. Male dogs can sense the hormone that a female dog is releasing when she is in heat. Then the male dog becomes sexually attracted and gets ready to mate.

Dogs don’t consider emotional cues to feel attracted to someone. They only want to meet to reproduce.

Genetics also play a role in terms of sexual attraction to an animal. For instance, a lion and a tiger can crossbreed and produce a genetic hybrid. It is because they lined their genetics up, and that’s why they feel attracted to each other.

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

Humans and dogs are indeed poles apart in terms of genetics. Dogs know they need to mate to reproduce, not for pleasure. So they can never get attracted to humans. Again, for reproductive isolation, dogs can never think to mate with a human. Dogs and humans have differences in size and appearance. This reproductive isolation becomes a physical barrier that doesn’t allow a dog to become attracted to humans.

Can Dogs Get Turned On By Humans?

Along with hormones, dogs try to mate when they see courtship behaviour from their partner. For example, when a female dog tries to attract a male dog, she will put her tail on her side and show courtship behaviour towards the male dog. He will easily get turned on by it. However, humans have a different courtship ritual. They won’t do anything like a female dog does to attract a male dog, and vice versa. So a dog will not get turned on by a human because of the different courtship behaviour.

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans? Mixed Signals:

Dogs show their dependence and love towards their owners, which some humans may interpret as being sexually attracted to them.. We humans often mistake their behaviour for that of being sexually attracted to us. It’s obvious if you get a signal like that from your dog, but your dog does that for other reasons. Let’s see what those mixed signs are that we often mistake for thinking about a dog.


It is very normal for a dog to hump on you. He will do it, and whatever he finds in front of him can be furniture as well.

A dog can hump for several reasons. For example, he is trying to rehearse for his future intercourse. Or maybe the dog is too excited to hump on. Also, dogs can hump if they are not neutered. Another reason can be that he has not interacted with a dog for a long time, so he is trying to spend his energy somewhere else.

Humping is normal for young dogs. The more dogs age, the less they will hump.


You will often see it in your male dog. His penis will come out, which you may think of as a “red rocket”. Usually, the penis of male dogs is erect when they are ready to mate, but there could be other reasons for it.

When a dog sits comfortably, his pelvic muscles also relax. This will pump out their adrenaline, which is like a sensation of arousal.


Almost all dogs love sniffing crotches. Although it seems awkward for some people, it’s normal for dogs and dog owners. Dogs won’t smell crotches just because it attracted them to you. They have a good sense of smell and can sniff anything.

Suppose you just passed by an animal, and that scent is present in your body. Your dog will try to smell that just for his own satisfaction.

Humans release pheromones, but those are not similar to dogs’ pheromones. Also, humans have apocrine glands, which dogs often try to smell. So if your dog is crotch-sniffing, there is nothing to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans?

How do I calm a sexually excited dog?

You calm your sexually excited dog by raising your voice at him. Or you can keep him distracted by giving him a toy to play with or food to eat. Also, ignore him and give commands strictly. You can also ask him to do exercises.

How does a dog look while flirting?

Most often, female dogs approach male dogs when they are in heat. They may try flirting at that moment. A female dog will flirt by keeping her face exposed, raising her ears, swinging her tail, and calling the male dog to mate.

How do I know if my dog is sexually active?

A sexually active dog will have a swollen vulva, discharge of blood, continuous urination, aggressive behaviour, etc. If you see these signs in your dog, she is most probably sexually mature now.

How to know if a dog is sexually frustrated?

When a dog becomes sexually frustrated, he will show restlessness and irritability. He will scratch things in your house and become aggressive when he wants to blow away his sexual energy.

Wrapping Up

If your friends and family visit your house and your dog is jumping on them, they might think, Can dogs get sexually attracted to humans? Let them know that there is no chance for a dog to have any sexual attraction towards humans.

Dogs are weird, so they will jump on you to show love as a companion or friend. They won’t find anything attractive to you because you don’t and can’t do anything that dogs find attractive.

Anyway, if your dog shows any awkward behaviour, consult with your vet about it.

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