Does Toothpaste help Cold Sores? Home Remedies Can Help

    Does Toothpaste help Cold Sores

    A cold sore appears on the lips as redness and blisters. Painful, unsightly, very contagious, it owes its presence to an infection by the herpes simplex virus. However, natural remedies, including toothpaste can help cold sores, and accelerate healing.

    The cold sore is caused by the presence of an infection with the herpes simplex virus, most often contracted during childhood.

    This virus remains in a latent state in the body and then becomes active at periods marked by stress, fatigue, prolonged exposure to the sun, or even fever. From then on, a cold sore appears, red and painful. It takes about ten days before it disappears, but natural remedies can speed up healing.

    A natural remedy for cold sores: does toothpaste help cold sores?

    The cold sore is not only unsightly. So it is good to know some natural remedies to get rid of them as quickly as possible. That is the case with toothpaste. All you need to do is apply white toothpaste (not gel toothpaste), ideally herbal toothpaste, to the pimple. Leave on overnight and rinse in the morning.

    The toothpaste has the property of drying out the pimple. This toothpaste poultice can renew during the day, even if it is not aesthetic, to accelerate healing. The effectiveness of natural remedies will be all the greater when these remedies have applied from the very first symptoms of herpes. (Tingling, redness).

    What is a cold sore?

    A cold sore, or oral herpes, is an infection that occurs frequently and can appear on the mouth, lips, and gums. Many people suffer from it. It is estimated that 80% of the population has it at some point in their life. The culprit for its appearance is the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).

    This virus is frequent because its contagion is very easy since it can remain in the mouth without presenting symptoms and be transmitted, even if it is not active.

    It is easy to recognize it because the main symptom consists of the outbreak of minor wounds or blisters, very annoying and unsightly, commonly called fever or fires. Many people tend to confuse it with sores or canker sores, but the fundamental difference between them is that sores are white or yellowish sores that appear anywhere in the mouth and are not contagious.

    Some people go their whole lives without contracting this virus. But the bad news for those who have already suffered it is that it is pretty recurrent once it appears. The question is … what triggers cause the virus to manifest itself for the first time?

    Causes of cold sores:does toothpaste help cold sores?

    Different reasons cause the cold sore virus to wake up and appear for the first time. The main reasons include:

    Lowering of defenses. Any situation that includes a lowering of defenses, such as stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, or some disease, can trigger cold sores.

    Hormonal changes. Like those produced during pregnancy or menstruation. For this reason, women are more likely to get a cold sore than men.

    Sun in excess. Excessive sun exposure is another of the enemies of cold sores, especially if we do it without adequate protection.

    Extreme weather. Such as the cold, as it can dry out the lips. Bad nutrition. The abuse of foods rich in arginines such as chocolate, nuts, seeds, and cereal grains is another reason for the appearance of HSV-1.

    Cold sore treatment: tips to cure it quickly

    We know how annoying and uncomfortable this condition can be. That is why we have compiled a helpful guide with tips to cure cold sores effectively.

    The first step will always be to seek advice from a specialist. In our dental clinic, we have a multidisciplinary team, and you can ask us questions of any kind. We will gladly help you to solve them. The importance of going to the specialist is because each patient is different. If appropriately treated, you can reduce the healing time for herpes from fifteen days to four. It is also important to be alert to possible symptoms to start treatment as soon as possible. The main symptoms that you can experience before the appearance of cold sores are:

    • Tingling, itching, or burning sensation in the area.
    • Sore throat and difficulty swallowing.
    • Swelling of the local lymph nodes.
    • The last and most prominent symptom is the appearance of fever.

    Regarding how to cure cold sores, antiviral treatments are the most appropriate to minimize the discomfort of cold sores. They help reduce pain, make symptoms go away more quickly, and work better when warning signs start. There are also antiviral creams or lip patches that help reduce and hide blisters.

    How to recognize a cold sore?

    Initially, you feel discomfort on the edge of the lip or a kind of heat, tingling, itching, without seeing anything at the edge of the lips. The next day, small blisters appear. Herpes is out, and it is very contagious! If you ignore it, it will spread around your lips but also to those around you.

    Some home remedies to

    Essential oils

    The essential oil of tea tree comes to us from Australia. It is beneficial for its many medicinal properties. Its antiviral effect proves itself. However, its effect on herpes pimples has not been shown. The tea tree can apply as an essential oil on a cold sore. It is to apply as soon as possible (as soon as symptoms appear) by tapping on the affected area with a cotton swab and after diluting with water.

    Its antiviral and anesthetic virtues could help the healing of the button while reducing the sensations of burning. The diluted tea tree essential oil to apply five times a day, ideally once before bed.


    Lemon is a food rich in vitamin C, which may speed up the healing process of a cold sore. You can apply it two to three times a day by soaking a cotton swab and patting the area to be treated. This trick can lead to some unpleasant tingling, however.


    Honey has antiseptic properties that might help once the cold sore is out. If you want to use honey, repeat the application several times a day using a cotton swab previously soaked in water and honey. An application before bedtime is ideal for letting the antiseptic act overnight.


    Applying toothpaste to the herpes pimple would also speed up the healing process by drying out the pimple.

    Green clay

    Green clay has the power to dry out a herpes pimple, thanks to its cleansing properties. Pour half a spoonful of powdered green clay into a bowl, adding a little water, and mix. Then apply to the area to be treated, leaving it to act for 30 minutes before rinsing off with water. You can repeat this method up to three times a day.


    Homeopathy uses as a treatment or prevention of cold sores. Vaccinotoxinum is, for example, recommended as soon as the first symptoms appear to be supplemented with Rhus Toxicodendron and possibly Staphysagria 9CH if recurrences are frequent.

    If you experience repetitive herpes attacks and want to treat yourself with homeopathy. Make an appointment with a professional homeopath with a recommendation. Your pharmacist can also advise you.

    Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar can help cure cold sores thanks to its disinfectant, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. To apply it, soak a cotton ball or cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and dab the infected area up to four times a day.

    Baking soda

    Baking soda could also be a remedy for cold sores. For an application on a herpes pimple, dilute baking soda in lukewarm water to obtain a paste. Then apply it to the infected area and leave it on for about 30 minutes. This method would dry out the pimple and reduce its growth.

    Ice cube

    Applying an ice cube can alleviate herpes symptoms such as itching and burning. It does not affect the duration of the symptoms but temporarily relieves the discomfort associated with it.


    Garlic has anatural anti-inflammatory property that would help fight herpes pimple breakouts. Cut a garlic clove in half and then rub the area affected by the blisters for five to ten minutes.

    FAQ on Does toothpaste help cold sores

    How to cure herpes on the body home remedies?

    In addition to the well-known ointments to take care of herpes, you can try some natural remedies that will help alleviate the symptoms. Garlic, milk, ice, black tea, salt, green tomato, aloe vera, honey, yogurt, or lemon, applied to the affected area, help fight the virus.

    How can you live with cold sore?

    People with herpes have completely normal relationships and lives. There are treatments for herpes and many ways to make sure you don’t pass the infection on to your sexual partners. There are millions and millions of people with herpes, so you are not alone.

    When is herpes not contagious?

    A cold sore becomes much less contagious once it forms a scab. About four days after the first symptoms felt, small fluid-filled blisters form.And, after five to eight days of evolution, a yellowish or brown crust creates that reduces the chances of contagion.

    Why does herpes occur?

    It subjects to continuous episodes of stress, the lowering of the immune system, hormonal changes. Or exposure to excessively high temperatures, as happens in times like this. Which are the most frequent causes of why we get herpes on the lips (commonly known as fever) at the time.

    Conclusion on Does toothpaste help cold sores

    The herpes virus causes the cold sore. Treating a cold sore as soon as the first symptoms appear can speed up its healing. Symptoms of herpes are burning, itching, stinging, redness, the appearance of small blisters (small lesions on the skin filled with clear fluid), sores, and scabs.

    A reddish area around the lips doesn’t have to be due to a cold sore. It could simply be an acne pimple, mild irritation, or sometimes perioral dermatitis (an inflammatory skin condition).

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