Everything You Need To Know About Air purifier: 2023 Guide


    Indoors having low air quality can be a growing concern for many homeowners. Allergens, viruses, bacteria, odors, and chemicals are present around you and can make you sick. With the help of air purifiers, you can solve this problem.

    Features such as HEPA, UV, and Activated carbon filters can help filter out the microbes from the air. So, if you want to improve air quality then investing in an air purifier is the best choice. Let’s dive in and know more about them!

    Air Purifier: Why Do You Need One For Your Home?

    Air purifiers ensure the health and well-being of your family. Here are some reasons why you need an air purifier at your home. 

    • It improves indoor air quality.
    • Helps to remove pollutants due to cooking, cleaning, and using chemical products. 
    • It specializes in killing germs, bacteria, allergens, and viruses with a guarantee.
    • An air purifier can capture particles that can cause respiratory problems.
    • It is autonomous.

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    Types of Air Purifiers 

    Air purifiers are of various types and they help in eradicating different unwanted microscopic particles from the air. Listed below are some types, read on to know more!

    Carbon Air Purifiers

    These air purifiers make use of carbon filters to get rid of pollutants, such as chemicals, odors, and gases, from the atmosphere. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and cigarette smoke can be easily removed by these filters. The ability to improve the air quality with minimum effort, especially in small indoor places makes them special.

    HEPA Air Purifiers

    HEPA or better known as “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” is a type of air purifier that integrates the use of dense filters. These filters catch microscopic particles from the air. They can also easily remove dust and pollen to reduce any risk of allergies. 

    A key advantage of installing such filters is that they are best suited for people having respiratory issues.

    Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

    Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers are equipped with UV-C light that can easily kill microscopic organisms such as germs, viruses, and bacteria. They are perfect for locations e.g. hospitals and clinics that have a chance of exposure to biological contaminants.

    Main Features to Look for in an Air Purifier

    Air purifiers come with various features. The excellent way to ensure that you have chosen the best is by guaranteeing that they are fitted with high-quality air filters. Let’s get started and know more!


    This filters out larger particles such as dust or hair before the air reaches the main filter. This way the main filter only focuses to filter out the microscopic particles. This double-filtering process puts less strain on the main filter and prolongs its lifespan. 

    HEPA Filter

    They are high-end air purification component that efficiently captures ~99% of the tiny particles. Purchasing an air purifier with a HEPA filter will improve the air quality at your home by many folds. For enhanced performance always check for True HEPA filters installed in an air purifier.

    Activated Carbon Filter

    Activated carbon filters are very common and one of the most cost-effective options you can find. It helps in getting rid of chemicals, odors, and gases from the air. They are effective in attracting pollutants. Always check for high-quality activated carbon filters for better performance.

    UV Filter

    Adding an extra protective layer to the filtering process, the UV-C light is highly effective in killing all types of microscopic organisms that can make you sick. When choosing an air purifier equipped with a UV filter, the top priority should be it power.

    Tips and Advice on Buying an Air Purifier

    Here are some important tips to help you choose the best air purifier when purchasing one for your home. Let’s check it out!

    Decide the Type of Air Purifier You Want

    According to the need and size, choose an air purifier that best suits your home. Make sure to thoroughly check the type of filter it uses.

    Choose the Best Sized Air Purifier for Your Home

    Some air purifiers are suited for small spaces while others can be used in larger places like offices, hospitals, etc. Check the specifications of the device before purchase.

    Noise Levels of the Air Purifier

    Each type of air purifier makes different intensities of sounds. So, always do a run test before you buy one.

    Cost Matters a Lot!

    A low-priced air purifier might not be equipped with the features that can increase the quality of air. Always ensure that there is affordability and quality! 

    Double-Check the Maintenance Requirements

    Some filters may be very expensive! Choose an air purifier that has washable or inexpensive filters. You can read manufacturer instructions to get more information regarding maintenance costs.

    Finalize a Quality Brand

    A brand has a great impact on the quality, design, features, cost, performance, and reliability of the air purifier. You can always do your research by reading about customers’ reviews or asking friends and family if they have used one.

    Benefits of using an air purifier with advanced filtration features

    Listed below are some of the benefits of installing an air purifier. Read on!

    • Improves your sleep
    • Gets rid of dangerous chemicals in the air
    • Maintains indoor air quality
    • Reduces allergens around you
    • Helps reduce the risk of respiratory issues and other related health problems
    • Helps reduce irritants around you such as dust, pet hair, tiny cloth fibers, etc.


    Air purifiers offer a wide range of benefits for your whole family. Ensuring health, better sleep, or removing irritating odors from the air are some of the major benefits. The advanced filtration features of an air purifier can ensure that you breathe better and are safe from pollutants.

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