Growth Hacking Strategy: 10 Proven Tactics to Boost Your Business


What to do if you want to grow faster? Infinitely increasing sales plans and advertising budgets will not work. You will spend much money, but the expected effect will not occur. Growth strategy consulting knows how to get explosive growth and where to get ideas.

What Is Growth Hacking Strategy and How to Use It in Business?

The process of growth hacking is the step-by-step generation and testing of hacks that will lead to growth. This sort of marketing helps companies to achieve rapid growth due to the constant testing of hypotheses. How quickly you grow depends on the number of tested theories and experiments.

Here are 10 growth hacking techniques that you can start using right now.

Understanding Your Audience: The First Step Towards Growth Hacking

The task of a growth hacker is to attract a client. To do this, the growth hacker attracts the target audience, uses search promotion, creates a powerful message for the target action, and develops an emotional attachment to the brand.

Identify Your Goals: Setting SMART Objectives

Planning according to the SMART system is a technique that helps formulate project goals, consider external circumstances, set deadlines, and determine resources to achieve the result.

  • The wrong goal: to find new clients for the business.
  • SMART goal: to find three new clients, contracts with which will help expand the business.

Analyze Your Competitors: Learn from the Best

Competitors can teach you a lot. Find out where they get traffic (blogs, sites, social networks, etc.) and what advertising and banners suit their product. Do not copy blindly. Analyze, invent, act.

Promote Yourself: You Are Also an Authority

Feel free to appear on authoritative sites in your area. Remember that you are also an expert. Nobody knows about your services better than you. Other specialists will notice your confidence, and your conviction will attract potential clients.

Build Your Growth Team: Hiring the Right People

To implement the growth hacking strategy, your team should include a team of specialists who know their work perfectly and have many years of experience. If hiring individual specialists such as Data Analysts or UX/UI designers is impossible, you can find people who can perform several functions.

Experiment and Test: Data-Driven Approach

What to do if, for example, the concept was developed long ago and your sales could be higher? In this case, the growth strategy consulting team recommends conducting various experiments, studying the reaction of consumers, and analyzing landing pages to look for possible errors and problems.

Optimize Your Funnel: Conversion Rate Optimization

To increase the conversion of the online store, you should constantly adjust the sales funnel based on the changing needs of your users. First, determine your weak sides and the stages your customers leave. Work on it!

Acquire More Customers: Acquisition Channels

Before deciding to purchase, clients search for information online, see advertising banners, react to a publication on social networks, and follow links in emails. Be sure your brand is represented across all channels.

Use Special Services: IT Works for You

Today, IT companies are developing special services to increase resource conversion and sales. For example, they create and configure widgets and advertising pop-up windows. Use these tricks for the benefit of your business.

Retain Your Customers: Customer Retention Strategies

Customer retention should be an essential part of your growth hacking strategy. It takes even more time and money than acquisition. A quality product, good service, expert content, and constant contact with the client are all sure ways to retain old and attract new clients.

Does combining all these techniques in one project sound unreal? Such growth strategy consulting experts as Waveup know everything about fast growth strategies. Many authoritative marketers declare with full responsibility that growth hacking is not magic but constant work.



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