How Online Casinos Use Game Aggregators

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Players will often form an opinion about an online casino based on the amount and quality of games it offers. Casinos need to offer a wide variety of games and constantly update them to keep players coming back for more. Casinos can integrate games by directly interacting with a game vendor. They can also use a game aggregator. Game aggregators are intermediaries between game vendors and operators. They bring together games from many game developers to create a single product. 

One hub for thousands of games

Online casinos cannot succeed without a variety of high-quality games. Casino players will quickly get bored by low-quality games with repetitive scenarios, similar themes, or low-quality graphics. With over 450 game studios that produce thousands of games, there are plenty of options to attract and retain players. 

Aggregators have distribution agreements with a number of game studios and sell games on their behalf. They establish partnerships with some of the most in-demand game studios. It benefits them if they can find unique content and offer reliable software to casino operators. Casino operators benefit from having the games of many game studios in one hub. They don’t have to go through the trouble of establishing contracts with each one.

At Gun Lake Casino online, players can play a wide variety of thrilling games. They can play state-of-the-art slot machines, table games, and even live dealer games. The games come from a variety of different software providers such as Playtech, EveryMatrix, and IGT.  

One-off API integration

Aggregator solutions offer the software infrastructure to communicate with APIs from a variety of game studios. This can save casinos the hours it takes to establish contracts with individual studios and integrate their games. They can save on technical resources and support when they only have to deal with an aggregator rather than many individual game providers. 

Favorable terms

The growing casino market is creating significant competition. Operators need to negotiate good terms if they want to make a profit. When a casino negotiates with an individual game studio, it doesn’t have much leverage to get favorable terms. Aggregators partner with so many operators that they can negotiate lower rates for high volumes. They will charge operators a mark-up in their monthly fee but this is still better than working directly with game studios.  

New content

Aggregators will keep updating games and give providers the latest games. Players want content that’s constantly updated and the novelty of always finding new games to play. Casino providers that offer stale, outdated content won’t be successful when it’s so easy for players to jump to another provider with better content. 

Ongoing support

A Game Aggregator Service Level Agreement (SLA) gives operators the consistent support they need. They can receive help for any issues that come up related to game content. Every step of integration is easy when they have this support. They also receive ongoing technical support of a high standard. This helps to simplify resource management. 

Multiple promotion campaigns

Aggregators have access to many promotions from game vendors. This may include a tournament with the prize pool funded by a game studio. Aggregators will inform casino providers about any offers from game studios, allowing them to choose the best promos for their clients. In the growing online casino market, offering great promotions is a great way to stand out from the competition.


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