How the gaming industry is developing – main ideas and trends


The gaming industry began back in the late 80s and every project and studio that has released and continues to release small and large games that in one way or another influence the development of all projects that go into the future.

Gaming trends are constantly changing and to a large extent they depend on overall technological progress, ideas and scenarios.

Most of the game projects that exist now and have many variations and mechanics are based on other games that set trends and proposed their own concepts.

Dungeon crawls, bunker assaults, standing shooting – once upon a time entire games with short gameplay were dedicated to this, but now this is just a small fragment of the big world in most games.

Without Doom, there would be no modern shooters, like Wolfenstein, who set a special shooter format against various enemies and added the concept of a life bar, running out of ammo, and unique enemies, with which artificial intelligence began its development in those years.

Formation of the first trends

If now the gaming market is oversaturated with various ideas and is essentially in a stage of rethinking, when there are technical capabilities, but few fundamental ideas, then before everything was different – there were ideas and plans, and technical progress was developed for their implementation.

The open world and living city began thanks to the Mafia and GTA 3, which created the concept of a living city and the storyline interestingly intertwined with the ability to take possession of any vehicle and interact with pedestrians.

By the way, in the mafia, as the player progresses, he learns technologies for opening more expensive cars, of course, this is a simple mechanic that simply opens access to the process, and you just need to hold the button until the scale is filled, but in the future Bethesda will finalize this mechanic and the player will have to select the exact one angle for use and opening and there is already a chance of failure, especially when working with complex level locks.

New and most popular formats in the modern gaming industry

Most games, whether single player or online, use similar mechanics, but the differences are only in the aspect of the number of players. Skycoach interacts with most online projects and helps players get boosts, gold and other mechanics useful to players.

Tower format

This is a bit of the same type, but a popular format that is often used by Ubisoft studios and other gaming companies.

The bottom line is that the plot of the project revolves around clearing certain zones, which, although they have a different appearance, but at the same time have the same functionality.

What does this look like – take for example the Far Cry series.

You find yourself in hostile territory, where the storyline leads through violence, or chance.

You need to capture certain objects, destroying all enemies, in order to gradually open up new territories and reach chapters that are dependent on the storyline.

At first, this format has enticing gameplay that is full of dynamics and action, but then it can begin to tire if it is not prolonged.

So, because of this approach, the second part of the series did not catch on with players, despite the interesting gameplay on the African continent.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft made conclusions and the fifth part about the player’s struggle as a sheriff’s deputy against an organized sect, although it has similar tower mechanics, but due to the storyline and the need to help the local resistance, part 5 was a huge success and is considered one of the most popular parts of the entire series.

Simulator format

This type of games came partly as a breath of air and something new into the gaming industry, and at the same time as a replacement for the established and popular tycoon games of the 2000s.

Tycoon is a strategy where you took control of a business and developed it, investing money and making it profitable, or going bankrupt.

Simulators make it possible to fully experience all the intricacies of the profession in every detail.

Some simulators are combined with previous tycoon formats and allow the player to open and develop their own business, and do it physically – with their own hands.

For example, a gas station simulator – you get control of a dilapidated and polluted gas station, which needs to be cleared and rebuilt, monitor the amount of fuel and replenish the warehouse, open your own cash register and supermarket, workshop.

Solve problems with purchasing, quality control and quantity of goods in the warehouse and bring the business from a deserted, half-empty gas station to a full-fledged business with a constant reception of clients and even a stop to service walking companies.

Heist Format

This idea largely appeared thanks to GTA 5 and Rockstar Games, which, in addition to the open world, a recreated Los Angeles and the storyline, also added new heist mechanics.

  Everything is implemented in the best traditions of films.

You need to select and explore an object, assemble a team, find vehicles and tools.

Their skills and capabilities, as well as the likelihood of making a mistake at a critical moment, depend on how much you are willing to pay the participants in the robbery.

For example, two drivers during a retreat, depending on their skills, will behave differently and saving will lead to the fact that one of them will crash without fitting into the turn, and you will have a split second to pick up his bag, otherwise a quarter of the loot will be lost forever.

When you go through and master the storyline and all formats of the robbery, you can go online and continue the series, where there will be more such events and modes.

Online gaming trends

The world of MMOs continues to gain momentum and, although large projects do not come out often, the player will have plenty to choose from when starting gameplay.

You can choose from paid and free subscriptions, open large worlds and small continents, permanent and temporary PVP, arena and battle systems, or peaceful grinds.

The most popular projects remain World of Warcraft, with a faction system and constant PVP and regular updates.

Fans of large-scale sieges and battles of large clans can try Lineage 2, even though the project from NC Soft is not going through the best period in its history.

Consider Final Fantasy 14 if you love the entire series of games about Cloud and Tifa, and also want a continuation of the story and an understanding of what happened next to the key characters.

By the way, FF 14 is very similar to World of Warcraft, but it’s hard to call them copies.

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The service provides guarantees and offers good prices on the gaming market.


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