How to make a functional home planning?

    a functional home

    Space planning is a topical issue not only for those who have just received the keys to a new apartment or house but also for those who have lived in a house for years, where there is always not enough space and no storage systems. And before we begin to understand this topic, it is worth noting that the planning and redevelopment of the apartment – it’s not just copying ideas from Pinterest, but a complex and accurate miscalculation, which should be entrusted to a professional.- a functional home 

    To make sure, we explain the basic rules of space planning in interior design, so you know what to look for.

    What should be combined?

    The most popular option is to connect the living room, dining room, and kitchen. These rooms are part of the “orbit of reception” and combine the interests of all family members.

    Also, the interior of open-plan planning may include placement in the open part of the home office apartment. This option is suitable for bachelor housing and those who are not distracted by communication with family members.

    It is also worth noting that open-plan interior design does not always have to be rectangular.

    Methods of zoning- a functional home 

    When planning an interior with open planning, it is necessary to follow the rules of zoning and competent division of space, otherwise, you risk organizing a warehouse for the accumulation of furniture instead of a cozy apartment.

    Decorative partitions- a functional home 

    The most effective option. On the one hand, it is a functional fence and a wall on which you can hang a TV or arrange shelves, on the other – a decorative element that can diversify the interior with a different color from the walls.

    Sliding partitions

    Sliding partitions take up little space and can also insulate the space, which is convenient in terms of functionality. Despite the fact that sliding partitions are mounted after the repair, you need to strengthen the suspended ceilings in advance.


    If the space does not differ in space, you can use design techniques for zoning space: with different materials for walls and floors, shades, and textures.

    Space planning mistakes

    Most people who decide to redo their home planning find it quite simple, however, some of them face many problems that arise from the mistakes they made in the beginning. Among the most common mistakes are:

    1. Lack of planning – quite often everything is planned when repairs have already been made.
    2. Omission of the moment of re-planning.
    3. Try to place everything in the corners. As a result, such premises do not look intact. It is better to group and zone furniture.
    4. Unthoughtful ergonomics of bathrooms. 
    5. Many beveled corners. 
    6. Ignoring the trajectory of the door opening. 

    That’s all the most important thing that you want to know about the zoning and decor of the apartment if you like the open layout in its guest part. Let this choice provide you with optimal comfort and spectacular views of your home!


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