How to make money on sports betting in Cyprus: tips for players


Many people have a favorite sport and teams or athletes that they follow: understand their playing styles, know their physical state, etc. Such in-depth knowledge allows them to predict the outcome of plays. However, the lack of understanding how bookmakers work makes it much more difficult to place winning bets. In this article, we will describe the main principles of the work of bookmakers, as well as give some tips for beginners on how to do sports betting online. But for any player who starts betting, the most important thing at the start is to choose a reliable bookmaker that will allow you to make winning sports bets and withdraw winnings without any problems.

First steps in online sports betting

Today, sports betting is mostly done online. To do this, you need to register at one of the bookmakers and deposit money into your account. When choosing a bookmaker, it is important to pay attention to:

  • number of betting options;
  • bonus program;
  • coefficients;
  • feedback from other players;
  • availability of a mobile application.

Any online bookmaker that wants to stay on the betting market for a long has a website adapted for mobile devices or a separate mobile application. Also, a big advantage of the bookmaker is a presence of bonuses that each player can receive not only after registering on the site bat also during the game.

Tips for betting 

Sports betting is not as risky as casino games. You always have a chance to win if you follow a few simple rules:

  • take betting as a gambling hobby and do not try to make money on it;
  • choose a bookmaker thoughtfully: evaluate what sports, odds and bonuses it offers;
  • allocate a certain amount (bank) for the game and spend no more than 3% of it on each bet;
  • carefully analyze events, study statistics and look for patterns;
  • control your excitement and do not commit rash acts – entertainment should bring pleasure, not problems.

Many new players think that they can bet just on the winner, so it is not always clear how to bet on sports either way and whether there is any special feature.

On the Internet, you can find various sports betting strategies and interesting tactics offered by professionals. But sometimes for beginners, such actions are incomprehensible. All strategies differ in the size of the bankroll, winnings and limits max and min.

No need to tempt fate by testing every strategy, you need to select only a few reliable and proven ways to win. All of them were proven a long time ago by many players. This is the main option to allow you to save your winnings and, possibly, increase it – look for others experience. But the main thing is to choose the site of a reliable bookmaker, which offers the best conditions for playing and simple depositing procedure and withdrawing winnings. One such example in Cyprus is the Parimatch bookmaker, which contains all the popular sports betting disciplines, convenient and popular payment systems, and players are constantly offered bonuses for betting.



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