How to Pay online casino with mobile phone bill? Find out here?


    As we have known, like internet connection at home, the mobile phone is now also part of the standard that everyone actually has. In addition to online business banking, paying with a mobile phone is no longer unusual. It is therefore no wonder that gambling operators have now discovered the possibility of their customers being able to pay in the casino with prepaid credit.

    The development of Internet gaming platforms that can also be used on the go via smartphone is reason why it makes sense to want to pay for an online casino Handyrechnung. However, this method is not yet widespread.

    There are currently only a few countries in which casino customers have the option of making a deposit via mobile phone bill. These include Great Britain as well as Sweden and Finland. Interested players in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland will unfortunately have to wait a while before this option is available. However, one can assume that these and other countries will follow the trend. It therefore makes sense to find out more about this method now and, of course, about the advantages and disadvantages.

    What are the limits and fees for paying bill via mobile phone?

    However, there are no fees if you want to play on account in the online casino, i.e., if you want to pay an online casino with a mobile phone bill. However, the deposit limits, which are quite low, should be noted. This means that these payment methods are only suitable for the occasional player who is looking for a pastime in between. A so-called high roller who plays with large amounts and not just with a real money no deposit bonus will not be interested in these deposit methods. 

    Although privacy scores positively with this payment method. Anyone who registers with an Internet gambling provider is usually asked to enter their cell phone number anyway. This means that the provider does not receive any further data than that which he already knows. 

    How you can pay with your mobile phone in the online casino?

    You should only use a new method to top up your credit at an online casino if you know exactly how it works. Fortunately, it is explained quite quickly how to pay with a mobile phone in an online gaming library.

    • In the first step select the item in the menu which will be listed as either “Deposit” or “Deposit”.
    • Various payment options will be listed there, including “Payment by cell phone bill”.
    • Depending on the online gambling platform, you then have to enter your mobile number as an intermediate step. If this is already saved in your customer account, this will not be necessary.
    • Then enter the amount you wish to deposit.
    • In the next step, confirm this by clicking on the button, which may be labeled “Continue” or “Pay Now”, for example.
    • You will then receive a confirmation SMS within a few seconds containing a code.
    • After that, all you guys have to do is enter this code and your funds will appear in your account as soon as you have been able to pay by mobile phone bill casino.
    • The payment of your sent credit will then be made with the next telephone bill.

    Last word!!

    In which casino deposit by phone bill Germany allows, is currently a big question. And this can be answered as follows: In Germany, Austria and Switzerland it is still not possible to pay with Google Pay or any other provider in any online casino. However, since this is already used when shopping in an app store or when buying tickets on the bus and train, one can assume that this development, in order to be able to pay for a casino with prepaid credit, will soon be adopted by the operators of the virtual casinos becomes. Until then, however, you do not have to do without fast and secure deposit methods and withdrawal options, because there is a large selection of alternatives and licensed casino that will certainly also offer various secure payment methods.


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