Huawei ships 1 million smartphones with its HongMeng OS

    Huawei 5G Ban
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    Even in the midst of so many companies like Google, Facebook, etc. cutting ties with Huawei, the company remains unshaken as it has managed to ship 1 million smartphones with its own operating system called HongMeng. According to reports, the company has actually shipped 1 million devices with HongMeng OS for testing, without clear information on whether the smartphones are available in the market or still on the development stage.

    A top Chinese institutional brokerage company Rosenblatt Securities tipped that the new HongMeng OS is compatible with all Android applications and comes with an “increased security functions to protect personal data”. On when the new HongMeng OS will available, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, Yu Chengdong assured the customers that the new operating system will be made available to the public by as early as this fall or next spring. The new HongMeng will be compatible with all smartphones, tablets, computers, cars, televisions, and smart wearable devices.

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    As if Huawei foresaw its current trade war with the US, the company started the development of its own operating system as far back as 2012 in case of any ban in the future. The company, according to a report from South China Morning Post, was concerned over Android’s dominance which prompted the development of its in-house OS.

    Huawei Central reports that the new “HongMeng” trademark is currently being acquired at multiple markets, like Canada, Europe, South Korea, and Mexico.




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