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Welcome to the best online video poker gambling site around on the internet. We have the best links, info and tips for playing poker you could ask for. Learn the winning hands, the rules of the game as well as how to play many variation of the game. Have you even played pai gow poker or Caribbean stud poker?  Do you like 5 card draw or 7 card stud?  We can teach you the differences in the games as well as tips, tricks and strategies to win big while playing best online casinos for australians online for fun or for money.  

Play for fee and see the girls lose all of their clothing as you make them take it all off. Play at many different levels of play and see if you’re a lucky winner. You don’t want to lose all your clothes and our sexy hot models are expert poker players so watch out and play your hands well.

Below you will find the paths to follow for whatever questions you have. Online video poker games and downloads as well as the best places to play and win. Plus we have included the names of the casinos and links to the best places to get free bonus casino chips.

Gambling Rules

There are a few things everyone should do when gambling, whether you’re playing video poker online or a slot machine in a casino. These little personal rules will help you in a lifetime of safe and fun us online casinos. If you use these tips you will have much more fun!!!

#1 doesn’t gamble more then you can lose. If your risking something be sure it is not your rent money.

#2 Be prepared to lose what you’re gambling. Remember your risking money to try and win more … but you cannot always be a winner so if you lose quit, you can try again another day.

#3 If you’re always on a losing streak maybe you should stop gambling 😉

#4 Set limits to what you’re going to bet.  If you have a set amount to spend and set a boundary, at no reason ever go over that remember you got to the boundary because you’re losing today, walk away!

#5 Remember there is always another day. This makes it easier to walk away!!!

#6 If you come back time and time again and you always end up losing remember personal rule # 3.

#7 Gamble more than one place. Hell I aren’t superstitious but maybe surroundings, people or places can and do affect your luck.

#8 This is better the David Letterman’s Top Ten List 😉

#9 Pick a game of chance that you seem to be good at or have the knack for winning at!

#10 All and all these are just tips and are by no means meant as professional advice. I would use these as my personal gambling rules but hell they just sound like common sense to me!


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