Part And Full-Time Degree Programs In Singapore

Degree Programs In Singapore

To stay competitive in a continuously changing global economy, obtaining additional skills as well as a better understanding of your field might be beneficial. Singapore’s part-time and full-time degree programs are structured to provide employees with the competencies they require to excel in their careers.

Scroll down to explore the various part and full-time degree programs offered in Singapore:

v Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting & Finance

v Bachelor of Business Administration

v BA (Honours) in Business and Marketing

v BA (Honours) in Accounting and Financial Management

v Bachelor of Accountancy

v BSc (Honours) in Business Studies and Finance

v BSc (Honours) in Physics and Applied Physics

v Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematical Sciences

v Bachelor of Science in Management

v BA in International Relations

v BA in World Philosophies

v BA in Chinese

v BA in History

v BA in Politics

v BA in Japanese

v BA in Korean

v BA (Honours) in Digital Media (Top-up)

v BA (Honours) in Jewellery Design (Top-up)

v BA (Honours) in Illustration and Animation (Top-up)

v BA (Honours) in Interior Design (Top-up)

v BA (Honours) in Product Design (Top-up)

v BA (Honours) in Graphic Design (Top-up)

v BA (Honours) in Fashion (Top-up)

v BA (Honours) in Fashion Marketing and Branding

v BA (Honours) in International Marketing

v BA in Social Anthropology

v Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood

v BA (Honours) in Hotel Management

v BA (Honours) in Business Logistics and Transport Management (Top-up)

v Bachelor of Science (Honours) in International Tourism and Hospitality Management

v BA (Honours) in International Business Management

v BA (Honours) in Fine Art

v Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Construction Management

v BSc in Supply Chain Management with Minor

v BSc (Honours) in Computer Science

v BSc (Honours) in Cyber Security and Networks

v Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biotechnology

v BSc (Honours) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

v Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Safety, Health, and Environmental Management

v Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

v Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Design Engineering

v Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Studies with a concentration in Psychology

v BA (Honours) in Media, Culture, and Communication (Top-up)

v BA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Mass Communications

v Bachelor of Information Technology

v Bachelor of Aviation Management

v Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration

v Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

National test results demonstrate Singapore’s exceptional educational quality- students continually rank among the top five globally on standardized tests. In addition to offering Bachelor students in Singapore with vital skills and knowledge that will prepare them for a successful profession or further education, international schools provide a first-hand understanding of globalization and multicultural interchange.

There may be various reasons why students and professionals choose a part-time degree program over a full-time university degree in Singapore. One could be trying to juggle their duties at home and work.

Nonetheless, this must not deter you from chasing your job advancement goals. All of the abovementioned full and part-time degrees in Singapore are offered by recognized international universities, providing you with the opportunity to build a global view and benefit from business visits, seminars, and contacts



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