Top Budget Android Phones for 2023


Android phones are essential for anyone who does not fancy joining the Apple ecosystem. People usually resort to buying either a high-end smartphone with all the bells and whistles or go for something that would be the bare minimum. Budget Android phones are usually crummy, need charging after a few hours, and have a build quality that is depressing, to say the least. This doesn’t apply to all budget phones though. Some are hidden gems and need more recognition for being heroes in the mid-budget list. 

If you sift through them efficiently, some of the best budget phones can be purchased well below $500. For as low as $200 and with good features consisting of an amazing camera, storage, battery, and much more. Internet capabilities are also punched to the max but only if you have an ISP that can make use of them. Consider calling AT&T Customer Service Number for one of the best options that’ll work in tandem with a capable phone. 

With some of the most delicious deals available dedicated to bringing you the best service, in the most efficient manner. Phones like the Moto G will be able to reach their true potential through the internet such as this company’s. 

Now, let’s check out a decent listicle with Android phones that’ll provide the best bang for your buck:

Google Pixel 6A

Google has had a superb year so far and has been maintaining a constant level of brilliance across all its devices. In particular, the Google Pixel 6A has set its eyes on becoming the top midrange smartphone of the year and there have been no hiccups in its quest for awesomeness. The stock pixel software is Google’s best, free of any modifications, and offers a fresh slate of pop colors to embellish the phone with customizations. 

Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack so that bit might be unappealing to some people. There is no wireless charging either but with a midrange smartphone, you’re getting a really good deal still. 

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Samsung gave it all to merge midrange with top tier, resulting in the Galaxy A54 which presents the best of both worlds. It is basically a smaller version of the S23 series and has a 120 Hz AMOLED screen with a brilliant 50 MP back cam. This means the device can take amazing lowlight photos without a substantial dip in picture quality. To sweeten the pot, Samsung now offers 3+ years of support in software updates so if you buy this device, you’ll be set up for at least three years in-app support, device security and much more. 

OnePlus N20 5G

The OnePlus might be past its glory days but it has proven with the N20 that it can still dish out a mean midrange device. The N20 5G boasts good performance owing to its Snapdragon 695 CPU and six gigabytes of RAM. The battery life is incredible; clocking in at over 10 hours definitely means you can get this device to power through a regular day of work and then some. Additionally, it has an IP52 classification, which means it can withstand light rain, and it charges up to 33 watts with the provided charger. It also shows off a remarkable look for a cheap smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A03s

As a result of Samsung’s expertise in budget phones, the Galaxy A03s didn’t fall far from all the Galaxy A02s that came before it. Specifically, whereas the Galaxy A02s lacked a fingerprint reader, the A03s incorporates one inside its power button, making it easier to unlock the phone. It also comes with three gigs of RAM. Granted, that’s still not a great deal, but it’s a significant increase over the two gigabytes in the A02s. If you’re still in the mood to spend as minimally as possible on a daily workhorse, then go ahead with the A03s and save some big bucks with not too much to lose. 

Moto G Stylus

For those of you looking for a budget-friendly smartphone that lets you take notes without watering your eyes due to its price tag, the Moto G Stylus is the perfect fit. Armed with a built-in stylus and a flashy body, this bad boy is not one to be trifled with. It’s a business-minded phone so if you’re on the go, taking calls, or generally want to stay connected while doing mobile daily tasking, this will help you out in spectacular fashion.


That’s a wrap for our midrange, budget-friendly smartphones that take care to go easy on your wallet. All the above picks regularly go up on sale on websites such as Amazon or BestBuy and you can even check out offers on their individual manufacturers’ websites. Whatever path you choose to take, making a purchase on these will definitely be worth your time and money. 



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