Why car parking needs solutions for mobile signal boosting


Anyone who’s been to a mall or movie theater recently and has tried to make a call upon arriving at the parking lot will find that it’s a difficult thing to do successfully. For whatever reason, the cell service there can be just awful. This is why you may require mobile signal boosting services for parking according to UCtel.

Not every parking lot will face this, as you may know. This is why before using any mobile signal-boosting parking services, you have to know why they’re called upon as well as what these solutions are. Fortunately, the information below will guide you through the whole thing.

The causes of bad network

Because of the digital age, digital communication has become more important than it normally has been. As such, people talk to each other all the time and everywhere, which includes parking lots. For a myriad of reasons, a mobile signal-boosting service for parking has been created to curb the often bad network conditions in these areas. The most common causes of bad parking lot signals include the following:

  • subterranean locations
  • distance from towers
  • features around the lot

Subterranean locations

A lot of malls and large shopping centers have multiple levels of parking lots, many of which are underground. If you’ve been in these locations, you’ll find that signals of any kind can’t penetrate that deep.

Distance from towers

In the same way, traveling to another city through forested regions can prove difficult for signal detection, and parking lots face the same issues. This is especially true if they are in remote locations where the nearest cell towers are miles away.

Features around the lot

The positioning of a parking lot is something that blends the above reasons into one. If the lot is at a lower elevation, flanked by mountains as well as being far away from cell towers, the chances of good signal will drop significantly.

Why have the enhancement?

Before getting into the solutions themselves, it’s important to know why else one would consider getting a cellular booster. You already know that the importance of general communication will often hinge on the use of a good signal in these difficult spaces. The following are some of the most important and specific reasons mobile signal-boosting services are necessary:

For grave emergencies

Parking lots are usually massive spaces that can hold thousands of vehicles at a time. Some can be thought of as miniature highways on their own. As such, serious driving accidents are common, which means calling for aid may be one decision that may save your life. Other emergencies may include:

  • alternate medical occurrences
  • crimes or quick assistance
  • asking for simple directions

For using essential applications

As you’ve seen, people can get lost in parking lots or lose their vehicles in their vastness. Fortunately, tools such as GPS and other applications that allow you to trace your car or phone can help with that. Unfortunately, these can’t work in a place where the signal is bad, which makes the need for a booster that much more evident.

For use by employees

Employees of parking garages or the companies that own them need good signals for multiple reasons. For security guards, for example, smooth communication between one another can make the entire place safer as there’s no delay.

The same is true for technicians and other workers, some of whom may come from other companies. With seamless communication, all parties can conduct their work as smoothly as they can with little issue on that particular front.

The best solution for bad mobile network

If you look close enough, you’ll find that there are quite a few solutions to this problem, and using them depends on what your situation is. For example, stone or concrete buildings typically use repeaters. If you’re in a standard metallic building, like most buildings are, you’re likely to use boosters as the heading implies.

The standard booster can be fitted into a building by a dealer whose quality you can gauge on the internet. You can see their quality by looking at exactly how they pull off an installment as well as whether all components are present. The following is a look at boosters, their components, and how they’re fitted:

The exterior antenna

This is the first component of the booster and its role is to capture all the available signal from a place where it’s readily present and comes uninterrupted, save for the interference of weather phenomena. This means that the antenna is placed on the top of the building or its wall.

The attachment cable

The signal has to be sent to the parking space somehow and this means that the signal will likely drop in frequency the further you descend. This is why a high-frequency cable has to be attached to an amplifier, which ensures that the signal barely reduces on its way downwards.

The amplifier

Amplifiers have the purpose of increasing the potency of the signal they receive from the exterior antenna. They also ensure that any interference is cleared away to the best of its ability. They’re usually placed in the parking lot or as close to it as possible.

The interior antenna

These components are also placed in the parking lot after a proper connection is established with the amplifier via wireless transmission. They’re typically placed in places where the signal is likely to reach the entire lot.

Final thoughts 

The above information takes a close look at making the parking lots of an establishment less of a burden to those who want constant internet and cell service. Having mobile signal-boosting services solutions for parking in your building will automatically make it better for not only those visiting but those employed in it.

Whether it be for general communication or the more serious matter of safety, having a booster of any kind just makes people trust the property and frequent it more. Can they cost a bit? Yes, but the investment is more than worth it. So if you’re thinking about installing a system, know that it’s something worth having.


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