4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Packaging


    A business that strives to sell quality products to its customers should appreciate the importance of great packaging design. To maintain their market position, companies must know when to update their product packaging. In spite of the fact that there aren’t any hard and fast rules about when to update it, however, there are some caution signs. By analyzing them, you can estimate the time.

    If you are struggling with your Packaging and want some tips to know if redesigning is suitable for your business or not, then read the full article for a better understanding.

    Sings for a redesign of your Packaging

    Here are some tips indicating it’s time to redesign your product packaging.

    • There is nothing new or fresh about the design.
    • Competitors switch to unique and striking looks.
    • You are not using eco-friendly Packaging.
    • Packaging cost is out of control.

    There is nothing new or fresh about the design.

    If your Packaging is outdated and is not able to compete with the latest trends then it’s time to change your product packaging. Brands and industries will no longer accept the Packaging you chose a decade ago.

    Moreover, changing designs doesn’t mean you are changing it after every one or two years. This may result in a loss of brand recognition and loyalty. Generally speaking, six years is sufficient for Packaging; redesigning it after that is recommended.

    The marketer and designer must work together carefully and cooperatively to build a relevant and strategic package for the target audience. If you do this, people will be more likely to recognize your brand, resulting in brand growth.

    Competitors switch to unique and striking looks.

    Be aware of what your closest competitors are doing. Make sure you pay attention to your competitor’s Packaging, and if they are trying new designs, their success may affect your business sales, so it’s high time for you to try new attractive designs, too.

    Fresh looks attract consumers, so maintain a fresh look for your brand. You can observe them, find out what they do right in their Packaging, and try to improve. You can use add-ons, labels, and stickers to make your Packaging even more attractive.

    Design elements that distinguish your product from the competition should be chosen when redesigning your Packaging. According to product characteristics, sizes, shapes, and marketing considerations, there are a lot of options, including cardboard boxes, bags, or rigid boxes.

    You are not using eco-friendly Packaging.

    There is a growing awareness of environmental impacts and people are becoming very conscious of them. If you don’t use eco-friendly Packaging your brand growth and sales will likely decrease due to the increasing passion for the green environment among people.

    Moreover, many regions and countries also passed strict rules against non-recyclable and biodegradable packaging material, which is also a reason for you to switch from traditional Packaging to sustainable. In this way, by investing in sustainable solutions, companies can avoid fines and legal problems related to compliance.

    Packaging cost is out of control.

    In terms of packaging material costs, time plays a significant role. Even if your sales are steady, your business might lose money due to rising packaging costs. It indicates that you need to come up with something new.

    Compared to packaging solutions of the past today’s packages use lighter materials and are less expensive to produce or ship. So, if you are using old-fashioned Packaging, it is time to switch to the latest trend and save budget.

    For instance, you can take the services of professional Custom Box Makers as they have a lot of options for different types and sizes of products. Whether you need small Kraft boxes or big rigid boxes, you can find them all at affordable prices there.

    Inexpensive tips to improve your packaging

    Here are some affordable ideas to improve your Packaging.

    • Using Thrilling Typography
    • Adorable Color Choice
    • Design exclusive for your customers.
    • User-friendly packaging with a beautiful unboxing experience
    • Use eco-friendly Packaging

    Using Thrilling Typography

    In e-commerce, typography is the only way to communicate with your customers, so it has to be exemplary. Make sure to use bold letters with clearly visible fonts so customers can easily get your message on the box. You can also take advantage of your brand’s story, user manual, and product description to attract more customers if they are well-written and fronted.

    Adorable Color Choice

    Make sure to choose colors that fits with your brand or product. Funky and bold colors are trendy, but if your brand does not match with it, don’t go with trends. It will not work for your brand and may cause your brand losses potential customers.

    Most notably, use the same color for your brand, product, and website to give the customers a positive impression that you are the same everywhere. In this way, you can increase your brand’s loyalty, which is directly proportional to repeated sales.

    Design exclusive for your customers.

    It’s essential to choose graphics that are appropriate for the Packaging since they represent the contents inside. Keep your customer’s needs in mind when designing your Packaging. For this purpose, you have to study and observe which market sector your brand is hitting and then select a design only for your customers.

    By doing this you will not only attract them, but they will also feel valued when purchasing your product. Furthermore, you can use embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, labels, or stickers to make your Packaging even more attractive and striking.

    User-friendly Packaging with a beautiful unboxing experience

    One of the finest ways to impress customers is by giving them a unique and wonderful unboxing experience. You can add discount vouchers or some free samples to impress customers. You never know what they will be doing with the packaging once they are done with the ultimate goal.

    Tell them that they can use these packages for some other stuff for instance; putting gaming gears, toys, books or clothing in there. Also, if you have fighting gears like bulk boxing shorts they can be utilized for the purpose.

    But be careful not to complicate their packing in order to ensure a delightful unboxing experience. User-friendly boxes are the most appealing.

    Use eco-friendly Packaging

    People are now giving importance to non-recyclable materials’ environmental impact, resulting in a boom in the sustainable packaging industry. Although it is a common misconception that eco-friendly Packaging is expensive but that’s not true; it is affordable.

    Even small businesses can use it to attract environmental enthusiasts. This practice will not only attract the supporters of eco-friendly people but also act as a marketing tool, increasing brand reputation and sales. So, those with a low budget can use this idea and make their businesses grow.


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