Best Apps To Stream The Kentucky Derby On Your Phone


    With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner, it is time to secure a stable broadcast and watch one of the biggest races in the horse racing calendar. When it comes to watching the Derby the situation can be difficult for some people due to rights.

    NBC holds the license for broadcasting the Kentucky Derby, and the best and easiest way to watch it on your phone is if you have access to this channel. However, if you are not a US resident, you might face trouble securing an official broadcast.

    NBC has sold the rights for the Kentucky Derby to a few different broadcasters abroad, so the first thing you need to check is whether your Cable TV provider has a channel that will broadcast the big race, and whether or not they have a mobile app.

    Many horse racing apps provide coverage of the main event, so you can keep track of the horse racing news and latest updates. 

    Still, most of them are showing only the results and not the actual footage of the race. If you want to watch the derby on your mobile, your best option is to choose one of the video streaming services we will mention below.

    Fubo TV

    Fubo TV is a sports video streaming service offering non-stop action of all the sports you can imagine. It is one of the first and biggest video streaming services that focus on sports (even though they included many entertainment channels recently). 

    So, if you don’t have cable TV, subscribing to Fubo TV will give you access to plenty of channels including NBC and NBCSN. 

    Even though Fubo TV is designed as a streaming service for PC or TV it also comes with an app allowing you to watch your favorite sports directly from your mobile. There are frequent promotions and you can get a free trial just to check out their services.

    Hulu Live TV

    Most people know Hulu for its on-demand service, but this video streaming service also comes with Live TV. Like other video streaming platforms, it offers access to hundreds of channels including NBC where you can watch the Kentucky Derby.

    Hulu Live TV will provide you with access to the Kentucky Derby Prep races on NBCSN, as well as the Kentucky Oaks before you can tune in to NBC to watch the main event.

    Hulu + Live TV is supported on many devices including iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more. The best thing is that there isn’t a month-to-month contract and you can cancel your subscription anytime you like.

    Sling TV

    With a few different packages, Sling TV is another great mobile app where you can watch the Kentucky Derby. With that said, it is worth mentioning that Sling TV isn’t available in every region. Just like the other video streaming services we mentioned, it provides access to the official Kentucky Derby broadcasters, and there is no monthly contract.

    YouTube TV

    Here we have another great option that will give you access to NBCSN and NBC Live. This is one of the biggest video streaming services in the US in terms of access and the only market where NBC isn’t available is the Austin market which covers Minnesota and Iowa.

    With that said, YouTube TV is available on every device you can imagine, including smartphones, TV, and PC.

    You can download the app and subscribe. After that, you can enjoy the non-stop action of some of the biggest broadcasters in the world.

    How to Watch the Kentucky Derby Outside of the U.S?

    Since all of the video streaming services we mentioned above are geo-restricted to only US citizens, watching the Kentucky Derby from different countries can be difficult.

    As we mentioned before, NBC has sold the rights to other smaller broadcasters around the world. So, the best way to watch the Kentucky Derby is to check out if some of the local channels will air the Kentucky Derby.

    For example, Sky Sports is the official broadcaster of the Derby in the UK for years and after you’ve subscribed to their online services, you can gain access to their channels.

    Subscribers of Sky Sports will be able to download the Sky Go app on their mobile phones and watch the Kentucky Derby on the go.

    However, don’t lose hope even if there isn’t an official broadcaster in your location. There is still a way to watch the Kentucky Derby.

    Use VPN

    Fortunately, non-US residents have a way to bypass the geo-restriction on streaming services and gain access to channels like Sky Sports or NBC that will broadcast the Kentucky Derby.

    In order to do that, you’ll need to download a VPN app on your smartphone that allows you to change your IP address, therefore appearing that you are coming from a different country.

    There are plenty of VPN apps you can download, and you don’t have to be a computer genius to sort out the process. You should only choose which country you want to change your IP address to and subscribe to one of the video streaming services that offer access to the Kentucky Derby.

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