Data recovery for deleted files: what is the best program to use in these cases?

    Data recovery

    How many times can you accidentally press a key on your computer and cause damage of obviously much greater proportions than any kind of natural disgrace? Obviously we joke, but sometimes for a simple inattention we risk losing even sensitive and particularly important data, not only in the workplace, but also at a family level, for example.
    Here is the reason why, in these cases, one of the best things to do is to know a software that is able to guarantee the recovery of files deleted by mistake. There are many products on the market that offer such a service, but clearly you have to go in search of the most effective one and that works better than all the others. Well, user reviews and not only testify that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most suitable software to perform this type of operation.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a fast and efficient solution

    This software can guarantee the recovery of files that are lost, damaged or deleted for any reason quickly and easily. It can also allow files to be restored from a partition: in fact, even if the latter is no longer recognized by the system, the data can still be recovered. For the series, there is always hope until it’s really over. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers the possibility to recover files even from the recycle bin, after the latter has been emptied, often by mistake or to obtain more space on the hard drive. Well, many don’t know it, but the data that has been removed from the recycle bin does not represent permanent damage. In fact, this data recovery program gives a decisive hand in finding and recovering them. One more thing, this software is very effective for recovering damaged SD card.

    How about losing data due to a formatting?

    It can happen, at other times, to lose data following a formatting. No problem even in this case. In fact, we must not forget that a formatting operation does not delete the data on the disk. Only the data in the address tables is removed. Recovering lost files after the pc has been formatted, therefore, is still possible.

    Why is it worth using this software?

    There are three primary benefits of using this software. First of all, the fact that the entire data recovery operation takes place in a few clicks. Speed ​​and efficiency are two peculiarities that emerge from the first moment in which it is used. Then, you don’t need to have any particular experience in using the computer to be able to use it. Another great advantage is to make available to users not one, but two ways to scan. The first is the quick one, which allows you to search for files and folders that have been deleted by leveraging the basic algorithm. The second method is that of in-depth research, which explores sector by sector, in order to try to find an even greater amount of lost data. Finally, it is one of the few programs dedicated to this purpose that allow you to preview the file before giving the ok to complete its recovery. Interested? At first you can now try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free!

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