Debbie Rowe Net Worth, Early Life, Career [2023]

Debbie Rowe Net Worth

Debbie Rowe’s name is linked with strength and love; she has won hearts and made a lot of money. Debbie Rowe net worth has gotten more attention because of her exciting life story and ties to the late pop star Michael Jackson. Even though no one knows the exact amount, her net worth is millions. The primary sources of her wealth are the alimony she got from Jackson after they split up, intelligent investments, and real estate deals.

Debbie Rowe Net Worth

Debbie Rowe net worth is thought to be around $25 million as of June 2023. After her split from Michael Jackson, she got alimony, her primary income source. As part of the deal for their divorce in 1999, Rowe got a big check for $8 million and a fancy home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. In 2005 she sold her big house in Beverly Hills for $1.3 million. Rowe made a smart move with the money by buying a ranch in California, where she could raise and breed horses, which is her love. People say that Rowe’s financial success is due to her divorce deal and intelligent real estate decisions.

Debbie Rowe Net Worth

Early Life

Debbie Rowe was born in Spokane, Washington, on December 6, 1958. Her youth was full of change and being able to adapt. When Rowe’s father left her mother just a few weeks before her birthday, her mother, sisters, and grandma stepped in to raise her in a loving and caring way. Rowe went to schools in the area, growing up in a close-knit farming community. She went to Hollywood High School in Los Angeles, California, in her teens. She went to college after finishing high school and got a degree in nursing. Debbie Rowe started a new part of her life in 1982 when she married Richard Edelman, a Jew. During this time, she also changed her religion and became Jewish. But in 1988, they got a divorce, and the marriage was over.


Debbie Rowe worked as a helper for Dr. Arnold Klein, a dermatologist who helped Michael Jackson with his vitiligo. This happened in the mid-1980s. Rowe met Jackson when he was one of his patients, but they quickly became close friends because they both had terrible marriages. Jackson’s wife, Lisa Marie Presley, didn’t know about their friendship. Accusers accused Jackson of sexually abusing children, and Rowe supported him. Jackson and Rowe both split from their wives.

Rowe wanted to have kids, and since Presley didn’t want to get pregnant, she offered to do it for Jackson. After Jackson and Presley divorced in 1996, she got pregnant again, but the baby died. Later that year, Rowe got pregnant again. This led to tabloid claims that she had been chemically inseminated and was only with Jackson for money. Jackson said that these claims were not valid.

Debbie Rowe’s  Career Continues

Rowe chose to get a divorce because their marriage was getting a lot of attention from the media. In October 1999, they got a divorce. Rowe gave Jackson full custody of Prince and Paris in exchange for an $8 million payment and a home in Beverly Hills, California. Considering inflation, the deal is worth about $16 million today.

Debbie Rowe Net Worth

A few years after the split, Rowe attempted to relinquish her parenting rights officially, but later attempted to regain them due to accusations of Jackson’s sexual abuse of children. In 2005, she sued Jackson for $145k to see her kids again. After Jackson died on June 25, 2009, Rowe’s lawyer sent out a statement denying a story that said she wasn’t biologically related to Jackson’s children and was trying to get money in exchange for her parenting rights. In 2010, Katherine Jackson was allowed to see her kids while they were being watched, thanks to a deal made by her.

Personal Life

Debbie Rowe lives in Palmdale, California, right now. After divorcing Michael Jackson in 1999, Rowe began dating Marc Schaffel, who formerly worked for Jackson. Schaffel is a filmmaker. In 2014, Rowe talked about how Schaffel helped her when she was having health problems on the show “Entertainment Tonight.”

In March 2010, she filed a case against the person who gave her private emails to the TV show “Extra.” The claim was for invasion of privacy. As a result of the case, Rowe was given $27,000 in the end.

Real Estate

Debbie Rowe sold the home she got from Michael Jackson as part of their divorce settlement in November 2004. From the sale, she made $1.5 million. At about the same time, she spent $439,000 on a home in Palmdale, California. Her house in Palmdale is made for horse lovers because it is on more than 2 acres of land and has riding equipment. Debbie’s choice of a home in Palmdale shows that she loves horses.


Is Debbie Rowe in the business of entertainment?

No, Debbie Rowe does not work in the entertainment business. She has mostly lived a quiet life out of the public eye.

Are there any problems or essential things that Debbie Rowe has been a part of?

Due to her relationship with Michael Jackson and the court fights that followed, Debbie Rowe has been in the news. At first, her decision to give up her parental rights was controversial, and people wondered why she did it. But most of the time, she stays out of the public eye.

How has Debbie Rowe been in court fights about her children?

Debbie Rowe has been in court fights with Michael Jackson over custody and visiting rights for their children. She initially gave up her maternal rights, but later she tried to get some control and access. Over time, the details of how the law works have changed.

Did Debbie Rowe help Michael Jackson in any way with his music?

Debbie Rowe did not help Michael Jackson with his singing business. She knew him mainly as a friend and worked as a nurse in the medical field.


Debbie Rowe has had a fascinating life, and her impressive net worth shows how well-off she is now. Rowe has a lot of money because she worked with Michael Jackson and made wise investments and real estate deals. This has allowed her to live a comfortable and happy life. Her ability to deal with problems and make smart choices about money has helped her become financially successful. Rowe has a net worth in the millions of dollars, and her strength and drive continue to give people hope.

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