Game of Thrones inspired Samsung Galaxy Fold Unveiled by Caviar

    The "winter is finally here"

    Samsung Galaxy Fold, Game of Thrones

    The Samsung Galaxy Fold has got a new Game of Thrones TV series customized golden smartphone by the Russian company, Caviar. The luxury brand which is in the business of making customized Android smartphones and watches dedicated the new design to the trending Game of Thrones TV series and the unreleased novel The Winds of Winter.

    Samsung Galaxy Fold, Game of Thrones Samsung Galaxy Fold, Game of Thrones Samsung Galaxy Fold, Game of Thrones

    The outer panels of the Samsung Galaxy Fold embellished in golden elements refers to the story of the popular HBO “Game of Thrones “ TV series which just concluded last week.  According to Caviar, seven units representing the seven houses with the unique design are now available for pre-order. “The start of sales will begin with the opening of the official Samsung Fold series,” Caviar says on a press release.


    The company also unveiled other two simple designs of the Galaxy Fold for those that do not fancy the famous Game of Thrones series with carbon, leather, and more gold. On the price of this customized Galaxy Fold smartphone, it goes for RUB499, 000 in Russia, which is about $7,700. For the global market, the Game of Throne inspired Galaxy Fold costs $8,180, which is four times more expensive than the original price of $1,980



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