How To Cut Tempered Glass : 7 Steps You Can Follow

    How To Cut Tempered Glass

    Tempered glass is a type of safety glass specially designed to prevent it from shattering into a large piece of glass. Thus, tempered glass, also called safety glass, breaks into tiny crystals, which contain dangerous shards. That is particularly the type of glass used on our mobile phones to protect them from falls. On our laptop, tempered glass is fragile, and it may seem easy to cut. However, glass is much thicker in industry or the construction industry and therefore very difficult to cut.

    And unlike what you might expect, it’s not that difficult either. All you need to do is get the right tools, learn the proper techniques, and pick up a few manual skills, and cutting glass will become a breeze for you. Do you not know where to start? No problem: this little guide is for you.

    Can you cut tempered glass?

    Tempered glass is specially designed to break in a specific way. The pressure inside the glass is evenly distributed so that when trying to cut tempered glass, the entire glass shatters into tiny glass crystals.

    How To Cut Tempered Glass

    To answer the question, can we cut tempered glass? The answer is yes, but there is a specific process that you must follow so that tempered glass, or safety glass, does not shatter. You must also be very careful not to injure yourself. Although tempered glass has the advantage of not breaking into pieces of glass, the crystals are nevertheless very sharp to the touch.

    7 Steps to Cut Tempered Glass

    To cut tempered glass, we offer a 7-step process that requires some professional tools.

    Step 1: Prepare your material.

    First of all, you will need some material and some protection to cut your tempered glass without injuring yourself. Here is a list of the tools necessary to cut tempered glass. In this list, we have highlighted easily accessible equipment, especially in supermarkets.

    • Petroleum to prepare the glass and facilitate cutting
    • Protective clothing (gloves, long-sleeved sweaters, and pants)
    • Sturdy protective goggles to prevent possible shards of glass
    • A glass cup from a glazier (you can easily find this in a DIY store)
    • A brush
    • One meter
    • A cleat

    Before starting to cut, we recommend that you soak your glass cutter in petroleum a few hours before starting. Then, it would be best if you cleaned the tempered glass perfectly. It is essential that it is clean and that no debris comes to interrupt your cutting.

    Once the glass is clean and your glass cutter soaked in petroleum, set up your cutout tempered glass on a non-rigid surface such as carpet.

    Step 2: Take your measurements.

    Before you start cutting, please use your tape measure to precisely define the dimensions you will miss your tempered glass from. Once you take your measurements, draw a line using a felt-tip pen and a tape measure. Also, use your cleat to avoid an offset on your cleat (don’t forget to take into account the thickness of the tool)

    Step 3: Use petroleum.

    Once your measurements done, you will be able to prepare the cut using petroleum. Use the paintbrush to put oil along your ruler.

    Step 4 – start cutting.

    Start cutting the tempered glass without forcing too much. You have to manage the pressure you put in to avoid a fragment. Adjust this pressure according to the thickness of the glass. (xanax) If your glass is thick enough (like on a window, for example), you can put more stress on your gesture. You can first practice on smaller pieces before starting your realization. We must try to have a clean and fast cut.

    Step 5: Hit the ends

    Once your cutting path is made, use a wooden tool handle and strike without forcing too much on both ends of your cut.

    Step 6: Cut your tempered glass in half

    Place your tempered glass on the wooden handle of your tool so that it is not entirely on the ground. Place your two hands parallel to each side of the glass and break the glass by pressing on both sides simultaneously.

    If you feel that the glass is not coming off, it is better to redo a line with your glass cutter rather than forcing it.

    Step 7: Smooth the edges of your glass

    Smoothing the edges of your tempered glass after cutting has many benefits. Indeed, this makes it possible to make your drink smoother and thus less dangerous to friction. It also helps to strengthen it.

    You can use a whetstone to smooth the edges you roll against the two borders you just separated.

    With what to cut tempered glass?

    If you want to cut tempered glass, it is necessary to have a minimum of material at its disposal. Indeed, it is strictly impossible to cut tempered glass without tools.

    Depending on your preparation process, you may use everyday objects like the cutter to cut your tempered glass. However, you will have to follow a different method than the one indicated above. If you want to use a knife to cut your tempered glass, you will have to heat it in a traditional oven to remove its tempered glass properties and thus be able to cut it more easily without risking breaking it.

    Cut tempered glass with a grinder?

    That seems like an ideal and easy-to-use tool for cutting tempered glass at first glance. However, the grinder is not a delicate enough tool for a drink. As shown in the tutorial below, it is necessary to have a tool that performs a sharp and clean-cut while being able to handle the pressure. That is not the case with a grinder.

    There is a perfect chance that your glass will break when using a hero. The sub may be a possible solution in exceptional circumstances, especially on very thick glass (double-glazed glass, for example). Still, the grinder remains a tool that is not recommended for cutting tempered glass.

    What are the different phases of cutting tempered glass?

    Cutting tempered glass is a process that spans different phases. However, it is necessary to protect yourself with a set of tools in order to succeed in the process.

    The latter is a bit like an essential consisting of appropriate work clothes, glasses that offer maximum protection of the eyes, a material specially intended for cutting glass, petroleum that helps cut glass, one centimeter to respect the measurements quickly. This brush is used to coat the cloth with certain liquids, a cleat that supports the equipment to be cut.

    Cutting tempered glass: mistakes to avoid

    As you have no doubt understood, when it comes to cutting tempered glass, the mistakes to avoid concern both the safety of persons. Also, the precision and care taken in the cutting to avoid breaking the glass. Therefore, it is essential not to cut without having worn.As we have already said for gloves and protective glasses. But also do this away from food and drink and clean everything thoroughly when done, as shards of glass could get into your feet.

    When cutting, be careful not to exert too much pressure on the sheet if you do not want to risk breaking it. And don’t try to make a new cut near the edges to pick up an obscene amount. Finally, never touch the edges of the slab you cut without first going through the sandpaper.

    Still, if you have decided to try your hand at such an activity.For example, replacing the windows yourself, indeed, you already have a certain predisposition for DIY. But be careful: even if you think you are a DIY expert, never overestimate yourself.And, above all, never feel that you can work without the proper protective measures. Finally, sand the tempered glass, so you don’t get cut.And clean the floor and furniture in the room you worked in. And now, good work!

    FAQ on How to cut tempered glass

    How to cut a thick glass bottle?

    Cut a piece of your string and place it in the rubbing alcohol so that it will well soak. Then wrap it around the glass bottle just where you want to make the cut. Do not hesitate to tighten the string.

    Is it possible to cut tempered glass?

    Tempered glass is specially designed equipment. It damages itself without causing significant damage. When a safety glass shatters, it shatters into tiny crystals, so the shock is less brutal than all those types of glass that exploded into large pieces when dropped. It is, therefore, a device that you can switch off as soon as the need arises.

    However, cutting tempered glass requires some care. If you do not want to damage your equipment, you must be tactful in this process. At the slightest mistake, you can injure yourself with the tiny crystals that emanate from your equipment. For convenience, check out these tips for cutting glass.

    How to break a glass brick wall?

    If you are dismantling a glass block wall, start with a glass block in the upper corner of the wall. Tap the end of the chisel several times with a hammer. This dislodges the mortar. Repeat all around the glass block to remove it.

    How to cut tempered glass?

    Tempered glass is one of the categories of glass that provides maximum protection. Made with good quality material, it shatters into small pieces when dropped. That is often the type of glass that uses to protect smartphones from the risk of falling. This kind of material is straightforward to cut because of its delicacy. Indeed, the safety glass on a cell phone is much thinner than that used in building construction. Therefore, one wonders how to cut tempered glass?

    Conclusion on How to cut tempered glass

    Cutting tempered glass is easy now that you know how to do it!

    Good! Now you know how to cut a glass bottle, but also a glass plate and unique glass. You might have noticed that it’s a lot easier than you think, right? That’s it. Especially for tempered glass. The alternation between hot and cold is enough to cut the tempered glass to the desired height, with almost no effort. So, you can make many beautiful creations.


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