Most Liked Video on Youtube

Most Liked Video on Youtube

Today, YouTube is a gold mine for aspiring entrepreneurs who try to gain their name and credibility by posting their content. Not all videos earn millions of people from the public and their views. Certain videos can finish without even having one. This is why we will speak in this article about the top twenty most popular YouTube videos and what these videos are all about. In this article, they will give you full-on information about the most liked video on youtube.

It is a tough thing to do to be the most famous video on YouTube. So the most popular YouTube videos below are listed to show you what it takes. What’s the most famous YouTube video? You can end up with Ed Sheeran, Tailor Swift or Justin Bieber if anyone wants to list your most famous YouTube videos.

But probably you are far from the facts. So, let’s start.

Top 20 Most Connected YouTube Videos List: 

  1. Despacito
  2. See You Again
  3. Shape of You
  4. Baby Shark Dance
  5. Dynamite
  6. Faded
  7. Boy with Luv
  8. Psy Gangnam Style
  9. Alone
  10. How You Like That
  11. Girls like You
  12. Señorita
  13. DNA by BTS
  14. BLACKPINK’s MULT This Love
  15. Adele’s Hi
  16. Make this video your most popular on Youtube by Mr Beast.
  17. Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk
  18. BLACKPINK’s Ddu-Du Ddu-Du
  19. Baby by Justin Bieber
  20. Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy

And let’s dive in.

1. Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” starring Papa Yankee (42m likes)

Likes No: 42 million

Song by Luis Fonsi Despacito claims to beat the whole rivalry and take the top spot for 900 days in 10 favourite Youtube videos. In addition to this, Despacito received the award for the video that was most watched on YouTube and made history with 6 6 trillion views.

Therefore, it is difficult to argue that this mega-hit album puts its name on the Guinness world record for seven more versions. While its violent lyrics forbid the Malaysian government, it still wins millions of hearts. The video of “Despacito” has been on YouTube for the most successful video for more than 900 days, leaving the rivalry well away. In comparison, it is also the most-watched video with 6.6 billion views and counts in YouTube history. So no other video has worked, and it would do a big job to take it off its perch.

2. Wiz Khalifa’s “See you again” with Charlie Puth (32m likes)

Likes no: 32 million loves

See again Paul Walker, who died in the 2013 car crash. This interesting video was the most famous YouTube video. The single record of Wiz Khalifa now lies in second place. Begin with a stunning picturesque sunset shot with a sweet voice from Puth. Any video is framed by the picturesque scene of the Fast and Furious. It still has many fan bases worldwide, much as the album Taki Taki. So this Wiz Khalifa video is now second in the moment, as The Most Liked Video on Youtube.

3. Ed Sheeran’sShape of you’ (25m likes)

Like No: 25 million people like

Sheeran has a mega-hit club single back. Moreover, it was also the quickest to get a billion views on YT. Originally written for Rihanna, this single was kept by himself because he didn’t meet the words.

Today, this record was also the biggest achievement in 2017 and the second most-viewed YouTube video and other channels. Boxing is the biggest hit of this video, or probably a sumo look of the year. Sheeran’s back, and in the top three, he has a spot. So the video was famous for the 2017 megahit being one of the quickest video views on YouTube! It’s the second most-watched video on the whole site to this day.

4. Baby Shark Du-Du- Du: Most Liked Video on Youtube

Likes No: 24 million users want

You can wonder how a child’s music is so famous and the greatest viral hits of the day. It triggers a child’s dance craze. The protest in the Lebanese used the Pinkfong baby shark to console the boy aged 15 months. So to date, it is one of the best and strangest entries on the top list. Although the dance video was so much praised by many, the reality was that it won the spot in the year’s most unwanted video.

5. Dynamite

Like no: 23 million likes

BTS dynamite is a recent addition to the top 10 most popular videos on YT. This was the first video made incredibly popular by BTS and was still the best videos to see. The music was well illustrated with numerous backdrop colours. In August 2020, the official trailer had been uploaded. Today, however, it is on YouTube’s list of most famous videos. With their video 2020 for “Dynamite,” the music giants BTS are our second track and another K-pop entry.

6. Alan Walker’s “faded” (21.88m likes)

Likes no: 21.88 million people like

In 2015, Alan Walker’s Fading Track entered the top 10 list in every country. This was Walker’s first market achievement video. Faded has been the world’s leading singles, but it has been incredible in the Scandinavian countries.

In 2015, Alan Walker’s EDM journey entered the top ten in countries around the world. This market growth has turned into several YouTube views and added to Walker’s career. The song has been made around numerous landmarks in Estonia. So it has a very edge. And most of the settings are dilapidated. Count this video in as the Most Liked Video on Youtube.

7. Halsey, Boy with Luv- BTS: Most Liked Video on Youtube

Likes No: 20.49 million loves

BTS boys are another best track for the most famous videos on YT. This time, the pop sensation of America, Halsey, joins the top ten videos like YT. This track was their most recent appearance, but nobody thinks this song will last forever at everyone’s core and be the most viewed YouTube film.

8. “The Gangnam Style” (20m likes)

Likes No: 200,000,000 loves

On July 15th 2012, the dance track was uploaded, which now sounds like history. The Gangnam style went viral, and the year’s biggest hit was to hit the dance floor. It’s the first YT video to take one billion dreams and continue to be the most successful YouTube video for 1400 days, producing countless radio stages and dancing films.

So nobody forgets the famous dance films to this day. This is the most like video on YT by the additive beats and funny horse trot dance steps. The famous song earns millions of hearts, even though it receives some harsh critiques. It now seems like ancient history, but less than eight years ago, this viral wildcat emerged. So it was the first YouTube video to receive 1bn views to spawn various dance recreations and countless radio plays. The favourite YouTube video was also available for more than 1.400 days.

9. Marshmallow’s “Alone” (19.07m likes)

Likes no: 19.07 million people like

It was predicted that Marshmello would earn many favourite users, with the highest number of people subscribing to YT. Marshmello Video was released in July 2016 for DJ’s and music producer. Alone is a recording to which the secondary school survivor will easily connect and tell a boy who is bullied in the classroom. Everybody recognizes when a student finds the secret potential, picks up DJ equipment, and starts a dance party. Rest is the story we are acquainted with. So this song seems to be the greatest hit and is one of the top ten most famous YT songs as one of the most users signed up on YouTube.

10. How you like it: Pink Black

Like no: 18.53 million people like it

Blackpink is the last in the list of the top 10 most famous videos on YouTube. How you like it, today, with 18.53 million like, becomes the big hit and thumbs. So in the quickest one billion display list. However, this success story hasn’t ended here because now this video will take the spot in the top ten of the most-watched YT episodes. This falls on the 10th of the Most Liked Video on Youtube.

11. Maroon 5 features Cardi B “Girls Like You” (17.38m likes): Most Liked Video on Youtube

This time with the band Maroon 5, another Cardi B debut. The video was an important success in 2018 and won the MTV Video Play Awards. While the track was awarded the NRJ Music Award with Foreign Song of The Year.

12. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s “Señorita” (16.34m likes)

This video is the newest in the top 20, only launched in June 2019. As an indicator of its success. It was also a big business triumph that reaches number one in August the same year on the Billboard Hot 100.

13. BTS ‘DNA’ (16.17m likes): Most Liked Video on Youtube

In recent years K-pop has erupted, and BTS has become a leading player (brands have lent on them heavily to attract press attention). It is no wonder that they appear more than once in this chart. So your first entry is for the 2017 DNA track. Being the Most Liked Video on Youtube, this video is winning hearts.

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14. BLACKPINK’s MULT This Love (15.87m likes)

With the second entry in the chart, BLACKPINK is back. This time this is the “Kill This Love” video for 2019.

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15. Adele’s “Hi” (15.86m likes)

Next with her “Hello” video is Adele, Balladmaster. Currently, only her appearance is on the chart, but all this will change in 2020 with the new album on the way.

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16. Mr Beast`s “Make this video your most popular on Youtube” (14.94m likes)

YouTube MrBeast does not have any of the most famous tweets from all times, but it is also on this list. This is the only video that doesn’t have songs on the top 20. So the video itself is influenced by Instagram’s most-loved post, a basic egg, where MrBeast runs the ‘Egg Olympics’d ask viewers. To create the most-loved videos on the website.

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17. Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars (14.92m likes)

At the end of 2014, this single was all around, and the video was highly celebrated. So it has won several prizes, including Best Pop Video from the UK Music Video Awards and Best Male Video from the MTV Video Music Awards 2015. So it made it into the top ten. No wonder.

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18. BLACKPINK’s “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” (14.87m likes)

Our first K-pop entry, BLACKPINK, is one of the most subscribed to YouTube television channels. Not unexpectedly, more than once, they appear on our page.

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19. “Baby” with Ludacris Justin Bieber (14.87m likes): Most Liked Video on Youtube

With music and videos that earned him fame, we’re right back to Justin Bieber. So this 2010 video is the oldest on the chart. And was the most popular video on YouTube 120 days ahead of losing LMFAO’s Top Spot.

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20. Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” (14.47m likes)

We’re moving here. Billie Eilish, with her big hit “The Bad Guy”, stars from pop newcomers. After five impressive wins at the Grammys, her video snuck into the top 20. So she took two positions in Instagram posts too, which were most enjoyed by her.


1. What’s the Most Liked Video on Youtube from India?

Swag Se Swagat is the first Indian music video on Youtube to cover 500 million views. Kiddies TV Hindi’s fruit-riding train Humpty became the first Hindi video on YouTube with 1 billion views on 26 December 2019 and is the most commonly watched Hindi video on YouTube.

2. What is the most popular in the 24-hour video?

South Korean boy band BTS smashed the record with its new album video Dynamite in August 2020 for the biggest viral music video with 101.1 million views in 24 hours.

3. What is the Most Liked Video on Youtube, which is a non-music video?

In this table, Luis Fonsi’ Despacito with Daddy Yankee has 31.46 million likes on top. However, splitting over 5 million people is not a straightforward feat for non-music videos. Indeed, the only non-musical video that PewDiePie does was the Rewind video.

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