Is Baby Driver on Netflix

Is Baby Driver on Netflix

Baby Driver is currently available on Netflix in more than 70 countries as of 2023.

Baby Driver is a stylish action film directed by Edgar Wright that follows a young getaway driver with a hearing impairment named Baby, who listens to music to keep moving. Along with an all-star cast including Ansel Elgort, Jon Hamm, and Kevin Spacey, Baby attempts to escape the criminal life he’s trapped in.

Despite its popularity and positive reviews, movie fans may be disappointed that baby driver isn’t available on Netflix USA in 2023. However, viewers may be able to find it on other streaming services or purchase or rent it from various platforms.

The Availability Of Baby Driver On Netflix

Baby Driver is a popular movie that has captured the attention of many Netflix subscribers. However, it is available on Netflix for streaming in so many countries, but unfortunately, it is not in the USA. Here are the countries where the movie Baby Driver is available on Netflix:

  • Canada
  •  United Kingdom
  •  Italy
  •  France
  •  Australia
  •  Brazil
  •  Denmark
  •  Poland
  •  Japan
  •  Indonesia
  •  Argentina
  •  New Zealand
  •  Switzerland
  •  Norway
  •  Finland
  •  India

You can easily watch Baby Driver on Netflix from this listed country. However, Baby Driver is unavailable for streaming on Netflix in the United States. While the film may be accessible on Netflix in other countries, subscribers in the USA will need to explore alternative avenues to watch this adrenaline-fueled crime thriller.

Is Baby Driver on Netflix

How to Watch Baby Driver on Netflix?

To watch “Baby Driver” on Netflix, you can follow these steps:

  1. Starting with the subscription. You must create an account if you still need to become a Netflix subscriber.
  2.  Go to the Netflix website and click the “Join Free for a Month” or “See the Plans” button to choose a suitable subscription plan.
  3.  Follow the instructions to set up your account and provide the required payment information.
  4.  Once you have subscribed, sign in to your Netflix account using your registered email address and password.
  5.  If you’re using a mobile device, you can download the Netflix app from your app store and sign in there.
  6.  You will find a search bar on the Netflix homepage at the top of the screen. Type in “Baby Driver” and click the search icon or press Enter to initiate the search.
  7.  Find the official listing for “Baby Driver” from the search results and click on it. This will take you to the movie’s page, where you can view additional information such as the synopsis, cast, and rating.
  8.  On the movie’s page, you will see a “Play” button or a similar option to start watching “Baby Driver.”
  9.  Click on it, and Netflix will begin streaming the movie. Depending on your internet connection and device, it may take a few moments to buffer before playback starts.

How to Watch Baby Driver on Netflix from Anywhere?

If you’re outside the country where “Baby Driver” is available on Netflix, you can still enjoy the film through a VPN. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to watch “Baby Driver” on Netflix from anywhere using a VPN:

  1. Choose a Reliable VPN: Select a reputable VPN service that offers a wide range of server locations and reliable performance. Some popular VPN options include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost.
  2.  Install and Set Up the VPN: Download and install your device’s VPN software or app. Follow the instructions provided by your chosen VPN service to set it up and log in with your account credentials.
  3.  Connect to a Server: Launch the VPN application and connect to a server in a country where “Baby Driver” is available on Netflix. Check for the specific regions where the film is accessible, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia.
  4.  Clear Your Browser Cache: Clear your browser cache and cookies to ensure a fresh connection to the Netflix website, or use an incognito/private browsing window to avoid any stored location data.
  5.  Access Netflix: Visit the Netflix website or use the Netflix app on your device. You will now appear to be browsing from the server location you connected to using the VPN.
  6.  Search and Stream “Baby Driver”: Use the Netflix search function to look for “Baby Driver” within the Netflix library of the chosen server location. Once you find it, click on the title to start streaming the movie.

The Plot: Baby Driver

“Baby Driver” follows the story of a young and exceptionally talented getaway driver named Baby, played by Ansel Elgort. Baby suffers from a constant ringing in his ears due to a childhood accident, and he relies on music to drown out the noise and stay focused. He is coerced into working for a notorious crime boss, Doc, played by Kevin Spacey, and finds himself trapped in a world of heists and dangerous criminals.

Is Baby Driver on Netflix

Caught between his love for music and the criminal underworld, Baby yearns for a way out. When he meets the enchanting Debora, played by Lily James, he sees a glimmer of hope and dreams of a fresh start. However, escaping the clutches of Doc and his crew proves to be far more challenging than Baby anticipated.

Alternative Streaming Services to Watch Baby Driver

There are several other streaming services where you can enjoy the adrenaline-fueled action of “Baby Driver.” Here are some details about each service:


HBO Max is a popular streaming service with an extensive library of movies and TV shows. However, Baby Driver is available to stream on HBO Max. Also, subscribers can enjoy a wide range of content, including critically acclaimed series, documentaries, and blockbuster films.


Although primarily known as a live TV streaming service, FuboTV also offers an on-demand library with a selection of movies and TV shows. While specific titles may vary depending on licensing agreements, “Baby Driver” is included in FuboTV’s on-demand catalog. Also, FuboTV subscribers can access various channels and content across different genres.

Amazon Prime Video

As a leading streaming service, Amazon Prime Video provides an extensive collection of movies, TV shows, and original content. However, Baby Driver is included in the Prime Video subscription. Also, users can often rent or purchase digital film copies to stream on the platform. Amazon Prime Video offers various entertainment options and additional benefits for Amazon Prime members.

Club Illico

Club Illico is a French-language streaming service available in Canada. With a focus on French content, Club Illico offers a variety of movies, TV series, and exclusive shows. Currently, Baby Driver is available to stream on Club Illico. However, this platform allows French-speaking viewers to enjoy the film as part of their subscription.


FXNow is a streaming platform that primarily features content from the FX network. In addition to TV shows, FXNow offers a selection of movies, including Baby Driver. However, users can explore the platform’s library to see if the film is currently available for streaming.


As a satellite television provider, DIRECTV offers an on-demand streaming service alongside its traditional TV packages. Depending on your subscription package and region, you will find “Baby Driver” available for streaming through DIRECTV’s on-demand catalog. DIRECTV subscribers can access various channels, on-demand content, and exclusive programming.


FAQs on Is Baby Driver on Netflix

Is Baby Driver Available On Netflix In 2023?

As of 2023, Baby Driver is available on Netflix in 71 countries but not the USA.

Why can’t I find Baby Driver on Netflix?

Baby Driver might not be available in your region due to content licensing agreements.

Where else can I watch Baby Driver In 2023?

You can stream this movie on Netflix and HBO Max or rent or buy baby driver from Amazon prime video, Google Play, and Vudu.

Will Baby Driver Be Added To Netflix In 2023?

There is no official information yet on whether Netflix will add Baby Driver in 2023 or not.


Baby Driver is a thrilling and visually captivating film that has captivated audiences with its unique blend of action, music, and storytelling. However, the availability of the movie on Netflix USA is subject to copyright agreements and licensing restrictions. Also, there are alternative streaming services where you can enjoy this adrenaline-fueled ride.

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