Keeping Canine Companions: How to Know If You Are Ready to Get a Dog


    A dog can be an excellent and lovable companion, but it requires work and preparation to be adequately care for one. Before getting a new puppy, you should go through this list to make sure you are ready for dog ownership. 

    Dog breed

    The first thing you need to think about when deciding whether or not a dog is a good fit for your current lifestyle is to consider the breed of the dog you will bring home. Some dogs are much more active than others, and every breed has its own needs. 

    For example, Lab puppies are energetic and require a lot of exercise, but pugs are less active and unlikely to be good running companions. If you plan to adopt a rescue or a less common dog breed, you should research the needs of rare dog breeds.

    Research different dog breeds so that you can make sure you can meet the needs and personality of your new puppy.  


    Taking on a new dog can be very time-consuming, especially if you want a puppy. Helping any new pet get settled in its new home requires taking the time to properly bond with your dog and do some training.


    The amount of training a dog needs depends on its age, breed, and your expectations, but all dogs need some training. If your puppy isn’t yet house-trained, you will need to spend time getting them there. 

    Depending on where you want to house your dog, you may need to do crate training or train your dog to keep out of areas and off surfaces you wish to protect. 

    Behavior and barking training is also essential.  


    A healthy dog needs exercise. You need to ensure that you have the time to take your dog on walks and play with them. If you aren’t sure you will have time for daily walks and playtime, now might not be the time to get a dog. 


    You need to make sure you have the space for a dog. If you plan to keep your dog inside, you will need a crate that you can keep the dog in at night or when you aren’t around. 

    If you plan to keep your dog outside, you must have an outdoor shelter and a fenced-off yard.  

    Your dog will need space to run around and play. If your space isn’t big enough for this, you will want to plan to take regular trips to a dog park.


    Having a dog can be expensive. They need vaccines and regular vet checkups to keep them healthy. If your dog ever gets sick or there is an emergency, these vet bills can rise fast. You must ensure that you can afford to take care of your new pet if these expenses arise. 

    You will also need to budget for dog toys, food, treats, shelter, and bedding for your dog to sleep in. The first year of having a dog can cost around $1,471 to $2,008

    Grooming is also important for your dog. Even if you do it yourself, instead of paying a groomer, you will need supplies. 

    Before you go

    A dog is a wonderful companion, but ensure you are prepared for dog ownership before getting one. Be prepared to spend time and money on your dog to keep them safe and healthy. If you are ready for these investments, a dog can be a perfect addition to your family.


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