Kellie Pickler Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Husband, Kids

Kellie Pickler Net Worth

Kellie Pickler is an American television personality, songwriter, and singer, best known for competing in American Idol’s 5th season. With a career spanning over a decade, Kellie Pickler has amassed an impressive net worth, estimated to be over $4 million.

She has achieved considerable success in the music industry, with her debut album, Small Town Girl, reaching number one on the Billboard Country Albums chart. Pickler has also achieved considerable success on television, appearing as a judge on CMT’s competition series, I Love Kellie Pickler and having competed in the popular ABC series Dancing with the Stars.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Pickler is happily married to songwriter Kyle Jacobs. In this article, we will take a closer look at Pickler’s Kellie Pickler Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Husband, and Kids.

Kellie Pickler Net Worth

Kellie Pickler is famous for her successful country music career, but she has also become quite wealthy. The singer-songwriter has accumulated a net worth of $4 million throughout her career.

Kellie Pickler began her career in 2005 when she competed on the fifth season of American Idol. She finished in sixth place, but her talent and charming personality won her fans all over the country. After the show, she signed with 19 Recordings/BNA Records, releasing her debut album, “Small Town Girl,” in 2006. The album was a hit, selling over 800,000 copies and earning her a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in 2007.

Kellie Pickler Net Worth

Since then, Kellie Pickler has released three more albums, all of which have been successful. She’s also had several hit singles, including “Red High Heels” and “Best Days of Your Life,” reaching the Top 10 on the Hot Country Songs chart. In addition to her music career, she starred in her reality television show on CMT. And he appeared on several other shows, such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “Celebrity Family Feud.”

Kellie Pickler has also made money through endorsements and other business ventures. She has appeared in commercials for companies like Coca-Cola and KFC. And she’s also the face of the hair care line “Kellie Pickler Hair Care.” These business ventures have helped her build her net worth to $4 million.

Kellie Pickler has also put her wealth to good use. She’s been an active philanthropist, donating to organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the USO.

Kellie Pickler’s net worth million proves that hard work and talent can pay off. With her continuing success in the music industry, her net worth is likely to increase even more in the years to come.

Early Life

Kellie Pickler was born on June 28, 1986, to Cynthia Morton and Clyde “Bo” Raymond Pickler, Jr.

Her mother was a waitress, and her father was an alcoholic in and out of her life until he eventually left the family when Pickler was still a child. Pickler grew up with her grandparents, Clyde and Faye Pickler, both Pentecostal preachers. Pickler’s mother was only sixteen when she gave birth and could not care for her daughter, so she spent her childhood living with her grandparents.

Pickler did not have an easy childhood. Her grandparents were strict, and she was often sent to her room without dinner. She also endured bullying from other students in school due to her family’s poverty. Despite these hardships, Pickler credits her grandparents with instilling a strong work ethic and teaching her faith and family values.

At sixteen, Pickler dropped out of high school and moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. She eventually landed a job as a waitress at a honky-tonk bar, where she would occasionally perform. At this bar, record producer and songwriter Keith Stegall heard her sing and offered her a contract.

Pickler’s career took off after becoming an American Idol contestant in 2005. She won the hearts of millions of viewers with her sweet, down-home charm and emotional performances. After American Idol, Pickler released her first album, Small Town Girl, in 2006. The album was certified gold and spawned two number-one hits on the Billboard Country chart.


Pickler’s musical career began with her debut single, “Red High Heels,” which was released in 2006. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Country Charts and was certified gold.

She followed this success with her debut album, Small Town Girl, which he released in 2006. The album featured the hit singles “I Wonder,” “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You,” and “Things That Never Cross a Man’s Mind,” Small Town Girl peaked at number nine on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and became certified gold.

Pickler’s follow-up album, Kellie Pickler, and he released in 2008. The album featured the hit single “Best Days of Your Life,” which reached number one on the Billboard Country Charts. The album peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and was certified gold. In 2010, Pickler released her third album, 100 Proof. The album featured the hit singles “Tough,” “Where’s Tammy Wynette,” and “Someone Somewhere Tonight,” and went on to peak at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and be certified gold.

Pickler’s fourth album is The Woman I Am, which he released in 2023. The album peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. She released her fifth album, The Memory of a Good Heart, in 2016. The album peaked at number ten on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Kellie Pickler’s Husband

Kellie Pickler has married her husband, Kyle Jacobs, since January 2011. Jacobs is a songwriter and producer who has written songs for some of the biggest names in the music industry.

The two first met in 2008 while working on a song together. Jacobs immediately fell for Pickler and asked her out, but Pickler had already been married. So she was curious if she wanted to start a new relationship. However, after some convincing, Pickler eventually agrees to a date with Jacobs.

The two quickly fell in love and began a long-distance relationship while Pickler was on tour. Eventually, the two decided to marry in an intimate Caribbean ceremony. Pickler chose a simple, off-the-shoulder dress, and Jacobs wore a white linen suit.

Since then, Pickler and Jacobs have been inseparable. Jacobs often accompanies Pickler on tour and helps her with her career. He even helped her write her second album, 100 Proof, released in 2012. In addition to being Pickler’s husband, Jacobs is also her manager and has helped her achieve great success in the music industry.

In 2023, Pickler and Jacobs celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary. The couple recently took a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate and share photos of their happy memories on social media.

FAQs on Kellie Pickler Net Worth

What has happened to Kellie Pickler?

Kellie Pickler has become a successful country music artist since rising to fame as a contestant on the fifth season of American Idol. She has released five studio albums and has had multiple hit singles. That includes “Red High Heels” and “Best Days of Your Life,” reaching the top ten on the Billboard Country chart.

Are Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift still friends?

Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift used to be close friends in the early days of Swift’s career. They were both young, up-and-coming country singers, and Pickler was even an opening act for Swift’s Fearless tour. However, the two have become less close in recent years, as each career has taken them in different directions. While they are no longer as close as they once were, the two remain friends, as they have been seen together on occasion.

Does Kellie Pickler have any children?

Kellie Pickler does not have any children. The country singer, who rose to fame after competing on American Idol in 2006, has not publicly announced plans to start a family. Pickler is married to songwriter Kyle Jacobs and is enjoying a successful music career.

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