What is the different between note 8 vs note 9

note 8 vs note 9

Technology is expanding day in day out, and we need to keep up with it. Phones note 8 vs note 9  started as just a simple form of communication, but in today’s world, that is entirely different. We use our phones for several reasons, communicating, surfing the internet, holding office meetings, and managing our companies. (Valium) There are a lot more than a phone does, and therefore you must ensure you have a phone that can handle all the things you want to do. The first thing I highly recommend to check when buying your phone is the phone’s processor as this is something so vital for the phone.


A phone’s processor is similar to a car’s engine, and that means to take advantage of your car, the engine should be excellent. Therefore, when it comes to phone, the processor should be potent, and that will make your phone more responsive thus faster. There are other things you will need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a phone, but all that boils down to your preference. In this article, we will discuss some of the fantastic phones from Samsung that give you the freedom and ensure you take full advantage of your phone. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the Galaxy Note 8 vs. Note 9.

The two phone models have great features in them, which make them stand out from other devices, but there is a slight difference between Note8 vs. Note 9. Samsung has been around for a long time, and it has dominated the smartphone industry for quite some time. There are several reasons why people prefer this kind of brand, and some of the reasons include the quality of the product. When choosing anything, quality comes first, and Samsung phones have the best quality phones.

The other thing is Samsung always sets the pace when it comes to phone design and innovation. All the Samsung phones often have excellent design, and each phone that comes out has some innovation to it, which makes it stand out. Without further, due, I would like to highlight some of the significant differences between Note 8 vs. Note 9. Knowing the difference between the two phones gives you a clear insight of the two phones and helps you identify the phone you can buy.  



If there is one thing that is vital in any device is storage. We did state how phones are essential in our lives, and that means we need a bigger storage capacity in our phones to store all the information that we use every day. Data is essential as most people are now working from home or working on the go, which makes it necessary for you to have a place to store that data.

The difference between Note 8 vs. Note 9 is the storage capacity of the two devices. Note 8 has a maximum capacity of 64GB, while Note 9 has a capacity of 128GB. This is the one thing that you need to identify right on the go, and if you want more storage capacity, then I highly advise going for Note 9.  


When it comes to the battery size, this is where you also need to be quick to figure out the one that works for you. A phone’s battery is vital for several reasons; one is because most phones use big processors, which make them drain more juice from the phone faster. Galaxy Note 8 and 9 both have a high capacity battery, but there is a difference in size between the two.

Therefore, the difference in battery size between Note 8vs Note 9 is about 700mAh. Note 8 has a battery size of 3300mAh, while Note 9 has a battery size of 4000mAh.  This is a lot of juice, and it can make a lot of difference when it comes to using your phone as having a Note 9 can last you longer compared to using Note 8.


The other difference between Note 8 vs. Note 9 is the type of software that the two phones use. A phone operating system is vital as it helps in determining how fast your phone can be as it’s the one that facilitates how a device acts. An operating system, therefore, relays information between the hardware and the CPU to ensure that you get the results faster.

The two phones use different versions of the Android operating system, which means there is a big difference when it comes to performance.  The Galaxy Note 8 uses the Android v7.1.1 Nougat version while the Galaxy Note 9 uses the Android v8.1 Oreo version.  Therefore, when it comes to the performance, you will note that Note 9 will perform faster than Note 8. These are the small differences between Note 8 vs. Note 9 that you need to keep in mind.


When it comes to a phone display, it’s ideal that you choose a phone that has a bigger screen as it lets you work comfortably. The bigger the display, the more advantages you get, and there are so many reasons why you need a bigger one. Firstly, if you are using your phone to watch Netflix films, then I don’t think it’ ideal to have a small screen as that will make the experience uncomfortable. Also, a bigger display tends to increase one’s productivity as you get more done quickly because you can efficiently multitask.

The two phones have different display sizes and that makes the difference between Note 8 vs Note 9. For example, the display for Galaxy Note 8 is 6.3,” while that of Galaxy Note 9 is 6.4″. The difference can be slightly small but it makes a lot of difference when it comes to viewing something on your phone. These are some of the little things that influence your buying choice, and you must take advantage of them.


We did state earlier that the central processing unit of a device is essential as it enables your phone to perform faster. When considering buying a phone, it’s ideal you ensure that the device is faster, and you won’t experience any delays, especially when doing something important. The difference between Note 8 vs Note 9 is their processing speed. The two phones use the Snapdragon which is the processor but there are different versions.

For example Note 9 uses a Snapdragon 845 while the Note 8 uses a Snapdragon 835. The difference is slight but you cannot match that to the speed of the two devices. For example, Note 9 has a high processor speed, which means it’s faster in response compared to Note 8. If you need a phone that responds more rapidly, then it will be ideal you chose the one with a higher processor.


The weight of a phone is essential, and it is good to know beforehand what a device weighs before buying it. For example, there are people who find it uneasy or less comfortable walking with more massive phones all day long on their hands. A phone is an essential everyday carry, and if you happen to be carrying something bulky on your phone, there is a high chance you will experience pain in the hands.

Therefore, when considering buying a phone, you need to know the weight of the device. The difference between Note 8 vs. Note 9 is the weight of the two. The Note 9 weighs about 7.1 ounces while the Galaxy Note 8 weighs about 6.9 ounces. The is a slight difference in the weigh of about 0.2 ounces, but that changes a lot, and some would prefer the lighter one.


The Random-Access Memory is also something vital in a device as it contributes a lot in how fast a device works. The Ram is similar to the other storage, but this ensures that it presents to your information in a very faster way. When you are using your phone, some apps can be in use in the background, and what the RAM does is store the data of these apps temporarily while they are still in use.

When choosing a phone, I highly recommend ensuring that your RAM is big enough, as this will facilitate the performance of your phone. The two Galaxy phones have different RAM capacity built to them, which makes the difference between Note 8 vs. Note 9. Note 9 has a 6GB and 8GB of RAM and therefore gives you the option for going for the bigger RAM.  On the other hand, Note 8 has a RAM of 6GB only and this is the maximum you will get. Let’s say you compare the one with 8GB of Ram with that of 6GB you will note there is a difference with how the two phones respond.


Some people still find the internal storage that comes with the phone so little as they might want to store their documents there. For example, many people can have a massive collection of music albums on their phones, which take a lot of space. Some can download movies to their devices, and films tend to occupy a lot of space.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when thinking about space is the lesser it becomes, the higher the chance your phone can run into issues of being slow. Many phone manufacturers have the option of allowing users to use an external storage device that is the microSD. Both the two Galaxy phones have external storage, but the expansion of them is the difference. Note 9 has an expansion of up to 512GB, while Note 8 has an expansion of up to 256GB. This is the difference between Note 8 vs. Note 9 as you will get more storage with Note 9 compared to that of Note 8.


The final difference between Note 8 vs. Note 9 is the pixel density of the two phones.  Pixel density is important in a phone, and this refers to the number of pixels that are in an inch per display. Therefore, if you have a phone that has a higher pixel density, it means that your phone will have higher clarity and more sharpness.

Clarity is something that you need to on your phone, especially when watching movies or playing games of high graphics. A pixel density allows you to take advantage of your phone more, and the two phones have their different pixel density. Note 9 has a pixel density of 522 PPI while the Note 8 has a pixel density of 514 PPI. This means Note 9 has more sharpness and clarity compared to that of Note 8.


To conclude, we have highlighted some of the differences between Note 8 vs. Note 9 in depth. These differences are significant as they can guide you a lot when it comes to making a buying decision between the two phones. Therefore, when going to buy a phone, it’s ideal for comparing some similarities and differences as this can help you identify which stands out and which doesn’t. 


Which is better between Note 8 and Note 9?

When comparing the two, you will note that Note 9 has incredible features that make it stand out. When considering buying a phone, the important thing is the features that the phone has, and I bet Note 9 has way better features than Note 8, making it better.

Is it worth spending my money on Note 8?

Since the release of Note 8, there are a few phones that can compete with it from the look and also features. The phone maintains a fantastic aesthetic to the design, together with the new inventions from Samsung. With all this, I think the phone is still worth every penny; therefore, you can go ahead and spend your money.

Is Note 8 and Note 9 waterproof?

The company states that the phones are waterproof up to a certain height of about 5 feet. If the phone goes more than 5 feet, there is a chance it won’t be waterproof anymore. Also, if you leave the phones for about 30 minutes, there is a high chance it can stop working. 

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