Kirloskar Power Tiller Specification & Review

kirloskar power tiller

Do you want to buy a power tiller machine from the Kirloskar company? You can use this special tool for tillage operation and different farm applications. It includes a single or twin cylinder oil engine which you can use for other industrial and commercial purposes. This machine also has a digging depth of upto 6/7 inches. Read this exclusive review of the Kirloskar power tiller machine. However, it is one of the most popular sellers available in the local market. Most people buy item which has a farm or a garden. Also, they want the power to handle various tasks like tilling, grinding, cutting, etc. Hence, a single source for gardening equipment like the Kirloskar power tiller has two variants. Both are approximately the same in all respect but have little price difference.

Kirloskar Power Tiller

The Kirloskar Power Tiller is a popular, affordable, and powerful Power tiller loved by farmers all over. Farmers all over the country swear by this, saying that they have not had to buy a new one ever since they bought it, even if they are using it every day. That happens because of this little machine in India.

Kirloskar Power Tiller Price in India

Kirloskar Power Tillers are one of the most popular brands in India. Besides, Kirloskar manufactures these tillers, a company known for their high standards in quality products.

However, the company has been manufacturing these power tillers for several years. There are various models of power tillers that are available from Kirloskar. Some of these power tillers include the Power Tiller (PT), the Power Tiller Compact (PTC), and the Power Tiller Deluxe (PTD). Moreover, these power tillers have different features: an adjustable head, a telescoping handle, and a wide range of attachments.

kirloskar power tiller

There are also many accessories available for these power tillers. It includes a hopper, a tamping bar, and an extender kit. You can use the extender kit to extend the length of the tilling equipment. That allows it to cover areas that cannot reach by hand or foot.

The Power Tiller Compact (PTC) is one model exclusively designed for compact tractors. It has a low-profile frame with a compact design, and it is ideal for small tractors and other vehicles that need to maneuver in.

Kirloskar Mega T 12 Power Tiller price, specification, and features

The Kirloskar Mega T 12 Power Tiller is a high-quality machine to provide you with the very best in class features and benefits, which you will find nowhere else. However, this power tiller is designed to meet the needs of every user. The experts designed it to give you the best possible for your needs.

The Kirloskar Mega T 12 Power Tiller comes with a powerful engine that gives it the power to perform at its peak performance level. This engine is made up of a heavy-duty material which makes it durable and can withstand any wear and tear. The tiller also has a built-in generator that provides a constant electricity supply without interruption.

It also comes with a fuel-efficient system that enables it to run on low fuel consumption and thus save money in terms of fuel expenses. It also comes with an automatic transmission system which allows it to use in any road condition without having any problems. ( The power tiller also comes with an automatic battery charger so that you do not have to worry about charging it when there is no electricity available.

The Kirloskar Mega T 12 Power Tiller price in India is Rs 1,98,000.00₹


Kirloskar Power Tiller Price List in India. Check out the latest Price list of all Kirloskar Power Tillers.


Price: Rs. 2.15 Lakh


Price: Rs. 2.09 Lakh


Price: Rs. 1.97 Lakh

Kirloskar Power Tiller is a leading manufacturer of power tillers and tractors. Kirloskar Power Tiller tractors are known for their performance, durability, quality, and comfort. Accordingly, they use for various applications, including agriculture, dairy farming, crop production, poultry farming, etc.

The price of the Kirloskar Power Tiller tractor varies depending on its use and purpose. The price ranges from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs depending on the model. Different models, such as a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a manual transmission, are available. Or a double-cycle four-stroke engine with automatic transmission. These models designed to keep in mind the needs of farmers. As a matter of fact, farmers need tractors at affordable rates that would serve their purpose well without compromising quality.

kirloskar power tiller

The company has been offering these products since 2001. And they have become a household name in the country today due to their popularity among farmers.

Kirloskar Power Tiller is one of the largest agricultural equipment manufacturers in India. With over 1000 employees working for them across various locations all over the country.

Today’s modern technology makes it possible for people to live comfortably. Without worrying about their basic needs like food, water, electricity, etc.

Kirloskar Power tiller 1.8 HP Price in Tamilnadu

Kirloskar Power tillers for our Indian soil conditions to ensure high productivity and low operating costs. Powerful European Engine combined with advanced transmission. And the best technology allows the machines to use for varied applications like puddling, land preparation, transplanting, inter-culture, etc. These are ideal for

6small scale farmers are promoting maximum productivity with minimum effort.

Kirloskar Power tiller 1.8 HP Price in Tamilnadu: Rs.45,200/-

Kirloskar Power tillers 1.8 HP Key Features.

Engine: Kirloskar 178 cc 4 Stroke, Air Cooled Petrol Engine

Horsepower: 1.8 HP

Starting System: Recoil Starter

Fuel Tank Capacity: 4 Ltrs

Steering Wheel: Single Handle Steering Wheel with Spring Type Suspension for easy operation and comfort

Gear Box : 3 Forward + 1 Reverse Gear Box with Sliding Mesh Gear Transmission for smooth gear shifting and easy operation

Fuel Consumption : 390 to 410 gm/km

Kirloskar power tiller Specification:

1.8HP/1500 RPM, single-cylinder, 4 strokes Air-cooled Diesel Engine, Direct injection system, Hand Start or Electric Start.

Fuel tank capacity is 3.5 Ltrs. Fuel consumption is 360 gms/hour.

Clutch type is Dry Single plate friction disc type with centrifugal clutch. And Gear Box is 3 forward and 1 reverse gear with a ground speed of 4 kmph. And 2.4 kmph in the reverse direction.

Wheel size is 12″*4″. The capacity of the PTO shaft is 22mm*1-3/8″ 6 splines with 540 RPM.

Front wheels are fixed with dimensions 60 mm x 60 mm x 730 mm x 90 mm. And Rear wheels are adjustable from 540mm to 660 mm with dimensions 60 mm x 60 mm x 740 mm x 100 mm.

FAQs on Kirloskar Power tiller

Which is the best power tiller?

Kirloskar Power Tiller KT-18 is a good power tiller for small landholders. And farmers looking for a compact, easy-to-use, and reliable Power tiller. Also, this machine comes with a 4 stroke engine, which provides more power and efficiency. Kirloskar KT-18 specially designed for small farmers and landholders with a small land area to cultivate. However, this power tiller is available in all dealers of Kirloskar across India.

What is the difference between a power weeder and a power tiller?

A power weeder is a small, one-person operated machine used to weed the soil. This machine has a motor and a blade that runs along the ground removing weeds. However, a power tiller is a larger machine for tilling the soil. In addition, this machine typically has multiple blades that turn the soil over in preparation for planting.

Power weeder is a generic term for mini-tractor or small motorized machine used for weeding and cultivating farmland. They are typically used in small crop fields such as vegetable gardens, rice fields, and sugarcane fields. Their ability to work quickly and efficiently makes them valuable farmers’ tools. The farmers need to plow many acres at once.

A tiller is a motorized cultivator with a rotary blade. It’s commonly used on farms to weed out unwanted plants and vegetation from the soil before sowing new crops. However, they can also use as part of an ongoing crop rotation strategy where they’re not left idle during periods. They aren’t needed to plant new crops or harvest old ones (such as winter months).

There are two types of tiller: front-tine tillers, which have blades mounted behind their wheels. And rear-tine tillers, which have blades mounted in front of their wheels. Front-tine tillers tend to be more common because they’re cheaper than rear-tine.

What is a power tiller used for?

A power tiller is a small but powerful machine used to cultivate and maintain the land. You can also use it to dig and loosen the soil, making it easier to remove weeds. It’s compact, meaning you won’t have to displace plants or other crops already growing in the land. And, it moves backward and forward, eliminating the need for you to operate it in circular patterns.

A power tiller is ideal for farm or garden use, whether preparing a field ready for planting or maintaining an existing crop. You can use it to till under rocks and debris to prepare the ground for planting seeds. It’s also useful for removing weeds before they cause problems with your crop yield. And if you want to add fertilizer into your soil. Also, a power tiller is perfect without disturbing your existing plants.

Conclusion on Kirloskar Power tiller

Kirloskar power tiller is not just a product designed by a man. In fact, it has been created after long and deep research of the prices, needs, and requirements of millions of Indian farmers. However, the Kirloskar power tiller has the best features required in a farming tiller.

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