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The Cricket World Cup is an international cricket championship. This track is the largest and most popular in this sport discipline. Most of those in command are the principal colonies of England. The last stage of the championship takes place every 4 years. For the first time in history, the Cricket was played in England in 1975 at Lord Stadium check here. The Australian team has won the title 5 times, making them the leader in the number of Cricket won. Twice winners were teams from India and the West Indies. And only once the championship was won by the teams of Sri Lanka and Pakistan. There is also a women’s counterpart to the Cricket World Cup. The first match of this tourist site in 1973.

The first tournament of this cup in 2007 was held in the West Indies. 16 teams took part this season. All participants were divided into 4 groups. From each group, the 2 strongest teams advanced to the playoff series, in which 8 teams took part. This was followed by semi-final matches and a grand final. This season’s championship was won by a team from Australia.

Tournament participants

The Cricket World Cup consists of 16 franchise members. 10 teams have a permanent status in the ICC, and 6 are only associated members of this organization. The International Cricket Council constantly encourages new teams to participate in this tournament to promote the championship and exchange experience with stronger teams. This helps young teams gain new knowledge and try their hand at fighting against professional teams. Only those teams that have passed the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifying Tournament can take part and receive the status of Associate Member.

Cricket World Cup betting

This event is highly anticipated and popular in the world of cricket. The matches of this championship have a decent list and high odds. Gambling enthusiasts can bet with a bookmaker on the winner of the tournament long before the start of the Cricket World Cup itself. This fact only confirms the popularity of this cricket championship.

Players who want to bet with a bookmaker on Cricket World Cup matches have a decent wide range of bets to choose from. They can decide any of the many main and additional bets. And then watching matches with the participation of your favorite teams can become not just a pleasant pastime, but a real profitable business.

How much do privateering services cost, and how do they work?

Now that we know what manipulations privateers resort to in order to attract customers, let’s analyze paid services and methods of their “pairing”.

The rate of the day is a paid rate that privateers offer once per day. They are supposedly 100% sure of it and charge 200-500 hryvnias for one forecast. As a rule, the statistics of these rates are open, and they are almost one hundred percent, but there is also a very interesting nuance here.

If you look closely, you can see that a limited number of people take it. This means that for several days you may be refused a purchase at all, because “you did not have time.” In fact, these few days there are no bets at all. They are made retroactively on the demo account, fixed and recorded in the statistics. And so, for example, a week. Thus, over time, the statistics become as attractive as possible (7 out of 7).

Now watch your hands. On the eighth day, a very big excitement is gathering, the privateer is already accepting money and issuing an arbitrary prediction. Lucky – the next day the excitement is repeated, the privateer gets even more customers. No luck – the money has already been paid, everyone has been warned about the risks. Now imagine how much profit a privateer will make in one such day, having at least 150 regular customers.


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