Parking Lot Lighting Design: A Full Guide


Parking lot lighting ensures the safety and protection of workers and visitors of a residential complex, school, or business. Individuals can safely navigate to and from their vehicles by providing adequate lighting. Additionally, the lighting enhances the protection of the vehicle’s possessions. Illumination is required in parking garages, parking grounds, and parking areas during traffic periods. Providing lighting for a parking lot, various lighting levels, patterns of distribution, light pollution, and types of lighting must be considered. View more about this post, and you can make a reliable parking lot lighting design. 

Where to Implement Parking Lot Lightening 

  • Parking Garages

Since parking underground spaces tend to have less lighting and more areas where people can’t see well, these are some of the most popular places for theft and damage. The better lighting that LED lights give off helps lower the risk of flips and raises safety. Ensuring there is a lot of light inside parking spaces will improve safety and make it easier to see between cars.

  • Residential Parking

Lighting in residential parking lots improves residents’ safety and security. These light levels have the lowest requirements compared to other parking lot lighting projects. Even lighting is offered for residential parking lots, as it is for all parking lots, but the final design considers the opinions of the homeowners’ association and individual residents.

  • Businesses Parking Lot

Businesses offer parking lots for their workers and customers. For safety and security, these parking places need to have enough lights for people getting in and out of their cars and going to and from the business. Good lighting makes people feel safe and secure and reduces thefts and damage. It’s possible to lower the brightness of the lights after business hours to save energy. Usually, they stay on for about an hour after closing or from dusk until dawn.

Why is Uniformity Important?

Have you ever walked through an inadequately illuminated parking lot at nighttime? The experience may be disconcerting. However, walking in a well-illuminated parking lot with consistent illumination and without significant shadowy regions has an enhanced feeling of personal safety and protection. Uniformity in visual presentation offers enhanced visual support. When designing a solar parking lot project, it is vital to consider uniformity.

What Lighting is Best for Parking Lots?

Most lights come from HID lights and LED lights. The truth is that HID lights are no longer helpful. At first, they seem cheaper than LED lights, but they are best for many reasons when you look at how much they will cost you in the long run. There are some things that we can compare between them:

  • Light Efficiency 

Light efficiency tells you how much power a light needs to make the same amount of light. This also has a lot to do with your power costs. LED lights can put out more than 100 lm/w of light, while HID lights put out less than 92 lm/w. LEDs are an incredible light source that doesn’t make a lot of heat because they are so efficient.

  • CRI 

LED lights have a CRI of 65 to 80, while HID lights only have a CRI of 20. The higher the CRI, the better the view they can give, which is especially important for the lights in the parking lot. When people try to park their cars correctly, they need lights with a high CRI.

  • Life Expectancy

As an open LED street light, parking lot lights must last long. HID lights should last 12000 hours, while LED lights should last 25000 hours. In addition, we need to think about it in real life. For instance, how many ways are there for them to break down? To answer your question, HID lights break down more often. The reason has to do with how they work. The risk increases because the HID lights need high power every time they turn on.

Parking Lot Lighting Design  

  • What is the Color Temperature of Parking Lots Lights?

A light with a high color temperature can make things brighter and more accessible to see, but if it’s too high, it will glare and tire your eyes. A color temperature under 4000 K is usually best for parking lot lights.

  • What Size Are Parking Lot Lights?

You might want to know how big your lights should be and where to put them first. Between 10 and 15 meters is how high most street lights are. But the exact height will depend on how big your parking lot is. Like with the street lights, you can get a rough idea of the height by considering the road’s width. The lights on one side of the road should be higher than the width.

You can pick from different lighting designs, like Kiind I, II, III, IV, and V, to decide how to spread the lights. The light from these five designs spreads out over places that are all different shapes and sizes. Types I and II lights work better on some small streets than others. For parking lots of different sizes, they usually use type III, IV, and V designs, which make light shapes that are oval, half-circle, and round.


Parking lot lights are necessary, and there are many things you need to think about when picking them out and setting them properly. To build a parking lot that drivers are happy with, getting help from skilled manufacturers is a good idea.


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