Your Device is Missing Important Security and Quality Fixes

    your device is missing important security and quality fixes

    Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows update, and the company encourages all Windows users to install it as soon as possible. The update fixes various security and quality issues in the operating system, and its core applications, such as Internet Explorer or the built-in Mail client. On top of that, it includes improvements to the overall performance of Windows 10. Also, several small changes make using it more convenient. So, today’s article is about what to do if your device is missing important security and quality fixes.

    You might already know that Windows 10 has been updated quite frequently over the past year, with new features and improvements being added to the operating system several times per month on average.

    However, you might not know that these updates are regularly adding important security and quality fixes to the OS. From memory corruption issues to remote code execution vulnerabilities.

    Microsoft has worked hard to make sure that the latest version of Windows 10 continues to be more secure than its predecessors while providing a more stable computing experience overall.

    Your device is missing important security and quality fixes.

    Due to the large volume of Windows 10 updates, your device may have missed some important security and quality fixes if you haven’t checked in with Microsoft in a while.

    You may want to do so now to get caught up on everything you need to be safe online. Here are the main fixes you may be missing, along with installation instructions to the updates themselves on Microsoft’s website.

    Fix1. Update your device

    Updating your devices is one of the best ways to stay safe in today’s world. That can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about it, but most devices have automatic updates that make it easy.

    IOS auto-updates automatically when connected to Wi-Fi; for Android devices, updates are installed automatically over Wi-Fi or cellular data when they become available.

    your device is missing important security and quality fixes

    You should also regularly check for security patches and update these as soon as possible: with luck, yours will show up alongside those quality fixes you were after.

    Fix 2. Run Windows Updates troubleshooter

    Many people skip Windows updates, but these security patches help protect your system from malware. If you notice performance issues after an update, run Microsoft’s built-in troubleshooter to check for known errors. However, the problem might be as simple as a faulty driver causing problems on your system.

    On Windows 10:

    1. Go to the Settings
    2. To get the Update & Security option, press Win+I
    3. At the left panel, you will get Troubleshoot.
    4. Now click the Additional Troubleshooters.
    5. Click the Windows Update> Run the Troubleshooter
    6. It takes some time to detect the potential errors.
    7. If your device detects any errors, it will automatically warn you and fix them. It will show No Problem if it doesn’t detect any issues.

    On other versions of Windows:

    1. Go to the Control Panel
    2. Select System and Security
    3. Now Check for Updates.
    4. Run those first! It’s also worth checking your manufacturer’s website to see.

    If they have updated drivers, that doesn’t cause conflicts with your existing hardware or software. Or at least identify any potential conflicts with other software before installing them on your PC.

    Fix 3. Repair corrupted system files.

    Windows regularly save copies of your system files, but it’s a good idea to back up all of them just in case something goes wrong. Microsoft makes it easy to download these backups. Just use Windows Update.

    1. Enter the Start menu for cmd and select Invoice as Administrator from the right pane. Open an advanced command prompt from there.
    2. Use the following command to repair a Windows image:

    DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth

    1. A message will then appear in your Windows indicating that the operation has been completed successfully, then run the following command:


    1. If you still can’t update Windows using this method, try the next fix.

    Fix 4. Reinstall the most recent Windows security updates

    Microsoft regularly releases patches to fix software bugs in its programs, but most people don’t install these updates right away. Suppose you want to ensure that your machine has all of Microsoft’s most recent updates. (

    1. Head over to Windows Update
    2. Now click Check for updates and follow the prompts.

    Additionally, you should also set Windows Update to automatically download any new updates as they are released so you can make sure your machine doesn’t get compromised.

    Once you have all the current software on your computer, it should operate more quickly than it did before as well.

    Fix 5. Reset Windows Updates services

    Missing updates are one of our top troubleshooting requests from customers. On my machine, I’ve spent hours working to resolve problems that, upon further investigation, turned out to be due to an old Windows Update service.

    My solution was to perform a reset on services; my PC has been running smoothly and securely since then. So if you’re experiencing random errors or continuous crashes, you might need to restart Windows Update.

    In Windows 10:

    1. Open a command prompt as Administrator
    2. You can find Command Prompt in Start Menu > Accessories.
    3. At the prompt, type net stop wuauserv
    4. Now press Enter
    5. Wait 30 seconds and then type net start wuauserv and press Enter again.

    Fix 6. Enable the Telemetry settings

    It’s a good idea to look at what Microsoft collects from Windows devices with Windows Update Telemetry.

    1. Go to Start,
    2. Type Services.
    3. Then open Windows Error Reporting Service
    4. Select Properties.
    5. In the drop-down menu for Startup,
    6. Type select Automatic (Delayed Start). This way, it will start when your computer boots up (but not as soon as you sign in).
    7. Then click Stop if it isn’t already stopped
    8. Now change Schedule/Properties to enable automatic restart after failure, and Retry failed reporting are both set to Enabled. That should do it!

    Fix 7. Update your device drivers

    Updating your PC’s drivers helps ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. It also ensures that you’re getting all of the latest bug fixes and performance enhancements.

    If you use Windows Update to update your PC, then you’re on top of things. Windows 10 makes driver updates a standard feature in its monthly rollups. But if you ignore them (or are using an unsupported version of Windows).

    1. It’s time to get proactive about updating those drivers.
    2. The first step is finding out what devices have outdated drivers.
    3. Then install any available updates from your hardware manufacturer or their website directly.
    4. It could take some time, but doing so will help keep your system fast and secure down the road.

    FAQ on your device is missing important security and quality fixes

    How to fix the quality issues that might be affecting your device’s performance?

    These questions are important, and they’re what Microsoft aims to answer with Windows Update. By updating your device with the latest security and quality fixes every month. However, you ensure that it’s protected against the most dangerous security flaws.

    Also, it runs as smoothly as possible, without common problems or lag on your device.

    How can you protect your device against the latest security threats?

    Your Windows device may be missing important security and quality fixes if you haven’t updated your device to the latest Windows 10 version, the October 2018 Update (version 1809).

    This update contains hundreds of new features, but it also includes several changes that you should be aware of before installing the update. For example, this update will disable security updates for older versions of Windows.

    Suppose you choose to defer or delay installing this update. In that case, we recommend updating as soon as possible so you can continue to receive security and quality updates on your device, even after support ends.

    How to fix missing important security and quality fixes on the device?

    In this case, please run the Windows Update troubleshooter to check the feature’s properties. You can find it in Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Windows Update > Run. Then do a clean boot to stop unnecessary processes.

    How to Fix Windows Update Database Corruption?

    Type the command sfc /scannow, then press Enter. The command operation may take several minutes. Close Command Prompt and then run Windows Update again.

    How to repair Windows Update?

    Open Windows 10 Settings > Update & Security. On the left, click Troubleshoot. Look for Windows Update, click on it, and then on Run the troubleshooter in the list. The utility to repair Windows Update launches, let yourself be guided.


    Android devices can now receive regular over-the-air updates like iPhones, but not all Android phones are created equal depending on which brand you use or what carrier you choose.

    Your phone might only receive incremental or major updates every few months, if at all. It’s hard to predict when you’ll get new features because of how fragmented Android devices are.

    However, to reduce risk, we recommend that consumers consider buying an Android phone directly from Google (Pixel) or a recognized brand (Nexus). That will ensure that they have consistent access to timely updates.

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