Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors League: Strategies for Maximizing Currency and Rewards


In the Trial of the Ancestors League, players can employ strategic planning to maximize their earnings, particularly in PoE currency. This guide offers insights into leveraging the league’s mechanics to secure the most lucrative rewards.

Ranking and Rounds for Better Rewards

  1. Reward Scaling: The quality and quantity of rewards in Trials increase with your ranking. Higher rankings lead to rarer rewards and larger quantities.
  2. Importance of Winning: Consistently winning Tournaments is crucial. It not only helps in ranking up but also ensures access to late-round wins where rare rewards are more likely to appear.

Manipulating Tournament Brackets for Optimal Gains

The key to maximizing rewards lies in strategically choosing your battles against specific Tribes. Some Tribes offer highly valuable uniques and “Makanga” tattoos, which can be sold for significant amounts of PoE currency.

Tribe Categorization for Strategic Selection:

  • Green Tribes: These tribes offer the most lucrative rewards. Aim to keep these tribes in play until the end. Engage with them for their high-value rewards or when they provide a substantial amount of raw currency.
  • Yellow Tribes: Tribes with decent rewards but nothing exceptionally valuable. While you don’t need to actively eliminate these Tribes, feel free to engage them for decent currency rewards or Favour.
  • Red Tribes: Tribes with minimal valuable rewards. Prioritize defeating these Tribes early to make room for more profitable Tribes in the later rounds.

Choosing Opponents Wisely:

When selecting opponents, tribes are always listed in a consistent top-to-bottom order. This guide aligns with that order for convenient reference during selection.

Tips for Maximizing Rewards:

  • Focus on Ranking Up: Aim for a high rank to unlock better rewards. This requires consistently winning Tournaments.
  • Select Opponents Strategically: Choose your battles based on the potential value of rewards. Utilize the tribe categorization to make informed decisions.
  • Keep an Eye on Rare Rewards: Be on the lookout for matches against Tribes that offer unique and valuable items, especially in later rounds.

By following these strategies, players can significantly increase their chances of earning valuable rewards and PoE currency in the Trial of the Ancestors League. Remember, strategic planning and selection can turn an average farming session into a highly profitable endeavor.

Tactical Forfeiting and Reward Re-Rolling in the Trial of the Ancestors League

In the Trial of the Ancestors League, players can employ strategic forfeiting and reward re-rolling to maximize their gains, including valuable PoE trade items. Here’s a guide on how to use these tactics effectively.

Utilizing Tactical Forfeits

  • Double-Elimination Tournaments: Since the Tournaments allow one loss without elimination, you can use a strategic forfeit to your advantage.
  • Intentional Forfeiting: Intentionally forfeiting a match can be done quickly by logging out after starting a match. This tactic should be used thoughtfully to influence the tournament’s outcome.

Re-Rolling Rewards for Greater Value

  • Final Round Re-Roll: The most common strategy is to forfeit in the final round, especially when faced with a subpar reward. This effectively serves as a one-time reward re-roll per tournament.
  • Example of Effective Re-Rolling: You might re-roll from a less valuable unique item to something more valuable like a divine orb.

Saving Valuable Tribes

  • Selective Forfeiting: In scenarios where only a few tribes remain in the Tournament and one of them, with a valuable reward, is at risk of elimination, a tactical forfeit can be employed to give that Tribe a free win.
  • Ensuring Tribe Survival: This tactic can be particularly powerful if you’re aiming to keep a high-value Tribe, like the Ramako Tribe, in the game. By doing so, you significantly increase your chances of obtaining coveted rewards like the Makanga Tattoo.

Strategic Considerations

  • Impact on Tournament Outcomes: These tactics should be employed with consideration of how they will impact the overall Tournament.
  • Maximizing Rewards: Use forfeits and re-rolls to enhance your chances of obtaining valuable items, which can be beneficial for PoE trading.
  • Risk vs. Reward: While these strategies can be highly effective, they also carry risks. It’s crucial to weigh the potential benefits against the risk of losing out on other rewards.

By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay, you can effectively use the double-elimination nature of the Tournaments to your advantage. This includes improving your chances of getting better rewards and saving high-value Tribes, thereby enhancing your success and profitability in the Trial of the Ancestors League. Remember, the key is in thoughtful planning and strategic execution.

Understanding how to strategically extend the duration of Tournaments in the Trial of the Ancestors League can significantly enhance your chances of securing more valuable rewards. Here’s how you can capitalize on this aspect of the game.

The Art of Dragging Out Tournaments

  • Variable Tournament Lengths: Contrary to popular belief, Tournaments don’t always have a fixed number of rounds. Their length can vary based on how the AI eliminates Tribes and manages losses.
  • Utilizing “Byes”: Sometimes, a Tribe may get a “bye” (a free pass to the next round), especially if Tribes are eliminated quickly. This can inadvertently lengthen the Tournament, providing better rewards in later rounds.
  • Intentional Forfeiting Strategy: You can influence the length of the Tournament by tactically forfeiting matches. This is especially effective in later rounds where the rewards are more substantial.

Engineering Prolonged Tournaments

  • Ideal Scenario: Aim for a late-round situation where two Tribes remain, neither having a loss. This setup can lead to four extra rounds, each offering a choice of two rewards.
  • Forfeiting to Extend Rounds: If you’re in a scenario where three Tribes remain (two without losses and one with a loss), forfeiting to one of the undefeated Tribes can trigger additional rounds. Winning this strategic bet can significantly extend the Tournament.

Conclusion and Additional Tips

Embrace Chance and Strategy: Remember, while part of this strategy relies on chance, smart decisions can heavily influence your outcomes.

Stay Informed and Updated: Keep an eye on this guide and related resources for future updates and additional strategies in the Trial of the Ancestors League.

Share and Learn: Engage with the community, share your experiences, and learn from others to continually refine your approach.

By adeptly manipulating the Tournament structure and utilizing strategic forfeits, you can significantly increase your chances of acquiring more lucrative rewards. This approach requires a blend of tactical thinking and understanding the game’s mechanics, making your experience in the Trial of the Ancestors both challenging and rewarding. Good luck, and enjoy the strategic depth that this League offers!



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