Realize Your Sexual Fantasies in VR Chats


According to psychologists, sexual fantasies are a completely natural process. Fantasizing on purely personal topics can be equally active for both men and women. Tellingly, one cannot say who has a more developed sexual imagination – for single people whose sex life is minimized, or, on the contrary, for those who regularly have sex. You can fulfill all your sexual fantasies in virtual reality chats for adults.

Top 5 Male Sexual Fantasies

Among the main male fantasies are:

1.Sex with a prostitute

Many married men and alone bachelors secretly dream of having sex with a call girl. Experience the caresses of a masseuse, have sex in a secluded place – in a word, spend your leisure time in the company of a prostitute. (Xanax) Nothing is surprising in this desire, especially if the wife in bed does not want to hear about any experiments. You can realize such a fantasy with Dreamcam girls in virtual reality chats.

2.Games without rules

Erotic fantasies of men are not always harmless. Many people dream of having a captured beast in their captivity, with whom they can do whatever they want. The sexual fantasies of men, sometimes, go so far that they are seized by the desire to tear apart their victim, to see how she feels pain, and humiliation.


Quite an unusual word, but it has a very clear explanation. The sexual fantasy of having an outsider witness intimacy. Weird? Maybe, but how exciting! The embodiment of sexual fantasies of this kind can be watching virtual sex in a chat with VR models.

4.Watch lesbian sex in real life

According to some men, any woman is ready to have same-sex sex under certain circumstances. The main thing here for the guy is to catch the moment and spy on the process, which can be easily done in the virtual reality chat.

5.Control nothing

Many men feel such a high responsibility for successful sexual intercourse that they completely forget about enjoying it themselves. That is why one of the popular fantasies is to give all control over the process to a woman, to relax, and just have fun.

Top 5 Female Sexual Fantasies

Women also have their secret desires:

  1. Sex with the star of show business. Every girl from adolescence begins to dream of great and pure love with her favorite artist. This naive dream gradually develops into sexual fantasy and can sometimes even become an obsession.
  2. Sex toys. Probably, not a single woman can resist the temptation to check out a sex shop catalog and look for something interesting there. Some dream of adding spice to their sex life with the help of mini vibrators for couples, others want to try a dildo, the fantasies of the third are aimed at sex with BDSM elements, and passionate paraphernalia simply drives fools lovers crazy. If the partner shares these sexual fantasies, then why not?
  3. Role-playing games. In vain, many people think that only men want to see their girlfriend in an erotic nurse costume. Many women dream of such outfits but do not dare to buy them. Gifting your loved one a pair of suits to make her dreams come true is a great idea.
  4. Love teacher. An interesting fantasy: women would not mind having sex with an experienced love teacher who could explain from the heights of his wisdom how and what to do – as if sexual intercourse is happening for the first time.
  5. Participation in an orgy. It is curious, but unlike men’s, in women’s fantasies about group sex, there are not only representatives of the opposite sex, but also girls. Women seem to be more open to experimentation.

What Women and Men See in Their Fantasies

There are several important aspects:

  • Men tend to imagine themselves with a large number of sexual partners at the same time. In their fantasies, they like to exchange partners, while women in their fantasies mostly remain with one partner, although there are exceptions.
  • Men in their fantasies focus on some kind of sexual activity or body parts. Women often find it difficult to sort out their fantasies. These are just vivid impressions without any details. Women’s fantasies almost always have no visualization of the partner’s genitals (men’s and vice versa). Women in their fantasies are focused on their emotional reaction to any actions of a partner. They rarely can describe it, but they will give a detailed description of their image, down to the wardrobe items. Women also willingly describe the feelings that their fantasy aroused in them.
  • A characteristic feature of women’s fantasies is their romantic setting: island, sea, forest, exotic flowers, waterfall, moonlight, etc. Many women also mention freedom from any external stimuli in the form of a telephone, etc.
  • Women often present themselves as passive participants in sexual intercourse. But this does not mean that women fantasize about how men take them by force. In women’s fantasies of this kind, a man usually has to make an effort only to break down women’s resistances, and then behave gently, sensually, in general, as women like, but they do not like rudeness.
  • Women’s fantasies are more emotional, reflecting a woman’s desire to be close to devoted, caring partners. Men are more likely to see in their fantasies sex with several women, with strangers who come and go. Even though women see in their fantasies some kind of Brad Pete, in fact, in this image there are features of her husband, lover, only, so to speak, in the shell of Brad Pete.
  • Women have bisexual fantasies more often than men because they experience sexual curiosity about individuals of the same sex.
  • Women’s fantasies rarely include any fetishes. If a woman wants new shoes, then her fantasy does not go into the realm of sex but is limited to the fantasy of going to the store.

Often, we are used to considering those sexual images that we have not heard about from others as more shameful. We feel like we are the only ones. But if we learn that a lot of other people share similar fantasies, and also if we get a positive experience of discussing shameful fantasies in a couple, it becomes much easier to accept them. It turns out that both men and women tend to dream of vivid emotions and extreme and memorable sex.


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