The Latest Is Not Always the Best: Here’s How to Restore An Old iPhone to Its Heyday

    restore an old iPhone

    Your iPhone is going to break. You have a one-year limited warranty, and most iPhones last three to five years. There will come a day when you will purchase a new phone.

    But that day isn’t today. You can make some repairs yourself. You can speed up your phone and you can preserve your battery life.

    Here are some tips to restore an old iPhone.

    App Management

    You use a lot of different apps. But some of those apps may be using your phone more than you.

    Go into Settings, then hit General > Usage. All of the apps installed on your phone will appear in a list, in order of how much data the apps use. If you don’t use the largest users, delete those apps.

    If you want to keep your app but reduce its data usage, click on the app. Your iPhone will let you see how exactly your app is using data. You can delete old videos and audio recordings from there.

    Some apps track your location, even when your phone is off. This uses a lot of battery life and slows your phone down. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and disable the locations for the apps you don’t use often.

    Check the App Store every day for updates. When there are updates, download them. iOS 14 will update automatically for you, but you can manually update as well.

    Data and Settings

    Your Safari browser builds up a cache of visited pages and cookies. The longer your cache, the longer it will take for Safari to load. Go to Settings > Safari and clear your history.

    Resetting system settings can also speed your phone up. Go into Settings > General > Reset, and then select Reset All Settings. This will return settings to their factory default, without deleting your data.

    You can export videos and photos to your Mac to save room on your phone. Connect your devices with a USB cable, then open the Photos app. Hit Import to import your content, then you can delete the content off your phone, speeding it up.

    Physical Repairs

    You may need to make some physical repairs to your iPhone. A broken screen will impair your ability to use your phone, and it slows your phone down. Go to a technician to get your screen fixed.

    Your wall charger will slow down through time. You can purchase a new wall charger and use it with your old phone.

    Your iPhone battery will also slow down, usually around two years after purchasing the phone. Check to see if your apps are draining your battery and reducing its speed. You can replace your battery for a fee, which is far less expensive than buying a new phone.

    Buy a case that will protect your phone if you drop it. Keep your phone clean with a soft cloth and a mixture of vinegar and water.

    How to Restore an Old iPhone

    Your iPhone may be slow to load. It may have a weak battery. You will be tempted to buy a new one, but you should restore an old iPhone instead.

    Delete apps that you don’t use, and control the data they eat up. Reset your settings, and export your photos to your computer. Buy a new wall charger, battery, and case to protect your phone.

    Fix your iPhone, then learn how to use it. Follow our coverage for more guides.


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