Top Reasons to Host QuickBooks on the Cloud

Host QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most advanced and widely used accounting software by accounting firms and personal CPAs around the world. It provides an effortless and fast way to manage sales, expenses, transaction tracking/monitoring, and many other accounting practices. This is specifically aimed at SMBs getting the most accounting benefits, but it is also powerful enough to handle corporate-level accounting.- Host QuickBooks

Only two versions of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop Edition and QuickBooks Online Edition, are open to the public. However, there is the third version of this well-known accounting software known as QuickBooks Cloud or Hosted QuickBooks.
Check the below list of benefits for more understanding:

Cost and time savings

Most companies have used the desktop version of QuickBooks so far. But as cloud technology gained momentum and popularity, hosted QuickBooks setups emerged. With the hosted QuickBooks setup, companies and organizations around the world have noticed significant cost savings for such systems. With the help of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Providers, businesses can host QuickBooks effortlessly without any interruption and worrying about the complexity of moving to the cloud.

The most common benefits of the cloud, including access and multi-user access anytime, anywhere, have brought many benefits to companies, accounting firms, and CPAs when implemented in accounting practices and QuickBooks.

Includes all features of QuickBooks:

Hosted QuickBooks setups allow users to take advantage of all the features of QuickBooks Desktop, including inventory tracking, order creation, online invoice payment options, etc. All these accounting features are very useful. All you need is a compatible device with internet connectivity and proper credentials.

Better support features

Hosted QuickBooks services usually require a hosting service provider. This means that service providers must also provide support for services that are either free or value-added. This brings many benefits to IT, ensuring that hosted setups are always optimal and technical issues are addressed first.

Multiple simultaneous access

When QuickBooks is hosted in the cloud, it provides authorized users with the appropriate credentials to access the software anytime, anywhere, and edit related data on their Cloud Hosted VDI easily. You can also have multiple users work on a single file at the same time to see their changes in real-time. This advantage of cloud-hosted QuickBooks facilitates much larger collaboration.

Data backup

The best thing about a hosted QuickBooks setup is that it provides a secure data environment. Data in the cloud is safe not only from cyber theft but also from data corruption and loss. QuickBooks hosting service providers offer data backup services as free or add-on services.


QuickBooks is considered to be the best accounting software for SMBs. Many Small and medium-sized businesses have chosen the QuickBooks version according to their business needs. For the seamless integration of QuickBooks, you need the best hosting provider who is providing service for a long time.

Hosting service providers like Apps4Rent are professionals in providing a wide variety of cloud hosting solutions. They also assist in various migrations services like Google Workspace email migration to Office 365 and will also help you in selecting the right version of QuickBooks according to your enterprise requirements.



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