Where to Create a QR Code for Free


As indicated in an FMI report, the world’s QR code labels industry alone will reach 1.5 bln by the end of 2023. Moreover, the mentioned branch is projected to grow by more than 8.5% annually by at least 2033.

Experts claim that the intensive development of the matrix barcode market is because such codes are convenient to employ and, of course, due to plenty of websites offering chargeless scannable sign generators today. However, only some of such sites are worth using. So, how to find a platform to create QR code for free, then? Let’s talk a bit about that.

What Should You Consider When Picking a Generator to Create a QR Code for Free?

Reputable barcode-creating platforms (like ME-QR) don’t charge hidden commissions for their services. Trustworthy code-generating sites also offer numerous helpful functions to customize your scannable sign. Furthermore, the mentioned websites usually have several language versions, as well as multi-language help desks, to serve clients from different countries.

Check Comments of Other Users of a Chosen Platform

Here, you should visit specific websites proposing consumer reviews about commercial online sources. It’s necessary to view such comments thoughtfully, though. That’s because some code-generating sites hire specialists to place fake positive reviews about their services. And vice versa, competitors of such websites occasionally pay writers to publish negative comments about their rivals.

Thus, if you see loads of reviews praising flawless company services or, conversely, vilifying a platform, be careful. Try to find contradictions in those comments and analyze gainsays you discovered in this case.

View Options Proposed by a Free Subscription at a Picked Platform

Reputable QR-code-generating sites commonly propose the following things as a part of their chargeless tariff plans:

  • ability to create an unlimited number of barcodes;
  • possibility to scan labels without any restrictions;
  • unlimited lifetime of scannable signs;
  • function of viewing QR code scanning analytics;
  • ability to create matrix barcodes of various types.

Additionally, trustworthy websites offer their visitors free storage to keep QR code statistics and labels made by clients. Some barcode-generating sites (e.g., me-qr.com) also suggest original samples of scannable signs.

Are Free QR Codes Worse Than Paid Ones?

That depends on the type and current financial situation of a certain company. Chargeless matrix barcodes are commonly employed by the following firms:

  • startups developing actively;
  • small companies who cannot afford the additional expenses;
  • enterprises that strive to save funds because of temporary financial issues.

You can set the necessary colors of different parts of a free scannable label or implement images into its body pattern. Furthermore, it’s usually possible to border chargeless barcodes with ingenious frames. So, free generators allow you to create QR codes standing out from competitors.

Paid scannable signs, in turn, are developed by live designers. The latter ones can even create a corporate logo or come up with a unique font for your motto. So, chargeable QR codes are just more customizable than free ones.


Free QR codes can help you significantly improve your business efficiency sans any spending. Entrepreneurs should use barcode generators on trustworthy platforms (like ME-QR) only, though. That’s due to solely reputable sites offering you plenty of code-customizing functions and never charging hidden fees.


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