What Are The Best New Phones We Can Expect to See in 2023?


The past 12 months have been pretty mega for the world of smartphones, but that doesn’t mean that the excitement stops. Over the past few years, we have seen some amazing technological advances which have shifted smartphones into something more than just a phone.  Consumers are expecting more and more from smartphones with each new release. The expectation now is that smartphones can do pretty much anything a laptop can, with the added bonus of amazing cameras and of course, the ability to call our loved ones. There is no denying that smartphone developers have stepped up to the mark with the incredible range of phones that is now on offer, but that doesn’t mean they’re not always striving for more. After all, competition is fierce and so staying on top is a must.

Whether you use your phone for the camera, for gaming, for work, or even redeeming a 100 deposit bonus on a casino site, this guide has all the best phones coming out in 2023.

Redmi Note 12

The Redmi Note 12 is expected to be one of the first phones we see released in 2023, with a launch date in quarter 1 expected to be announced soon. The phone itself is already launched in China, but it is expected that this will be seen throughout the rest of the world soon. There are many features that the Redmi phones offer, but the fact that they are a budget option (often priced below £500) makes them a must-buy for many. Although expect features of the Note 12 have yet to be announced it is expected that it will have a 200Mp camera and the same fast 210W fast charging that is seen in higher-end models. 

Vivo X90

The Vivo X90 is another phone that is expected to be launched towards the start of 2023 and it is one that phone fans are excited about. Much like the Redmi Note 12, there are three versions of the phone already released to the public in China – X90, X90 Pro and X90 Pro+. It is not yet revealed which of these will make it to the international and European launches, but many assume that all three versions won’t be. Fans will be hoping that the Pro+ version makes it through to an international release, but the quadruple rear camera with 1in main camera sensor makes it a massive selling point for phone fans that want to take advantage of amazing photography technology.

Honor Magic Vs

Foldable fans have crept up in popularity over recent months, so it is no surprise that Honor is due to launch its second foldable phone next year. The Magic Vs (pronounced Vee-ess) has a design that is different to some of the other foldable phones that are on the market because it has a sleek design that is aimed more towards feeling like a standard smartphone. Rumours are that it will have a big battery, triple rear camera and features that could rival some of Samsung’s offerings, without the hefty price tag that is expected with a Samsung phone.

Google Pixel Foldable

There hasn’t actually been an official announcement from Google regarding their next phone release but leaked internal documents point towards a foldable phone. It was initially rumoured that this would be announced and then released towards the end of 2022 but now rumours strongly suggest that it will be early 2023 that the phone is released. Features are yet to be confirmed but leaks so far suggest that it will have a similar set of features to the Pixel 7 Pro including a triple camera setup. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 

Samsung always keeps tight-lipped about any new phones they are working on, but the pattern of previous releases they have suggests that they will release a new phone in the spring of 2023. The S23 is likely to have a number of features, with the Ultra version being the highest-spec phone ever. The design will be similar across all versions and it is thought that a bigger battery is on the list of features, but the main selling point will be the 200Mp camera sensor that is likely to come with the S23 Ultra. 

Samsung Galaxy A54 

It isn’t just the S-series of Samsung phones that fans love, which is why many will be keen to hear that there is likely to be a Galaxy A54 released next year too. The feature are yet to be announced but as the phone is likely to be released in the first half of 2023 we probably don’t have too long to wait. The current A53 version is definitely the main seller in Samsung’s mid-range phone offerings so Samsung fans will be hoping that the Galaxy A54 sits in a similar place in the market so that those who are priced out of the Galaxy S series still have options when it comes to owning a decent spec Samsung phone.

iPhone 15 

Much like Samsung, Apple tends to keep quiet about new phone releases until they are ready to be released. However, their pattern of releases suggests that we are likely to see an iPhone 15 released in the Autumn. As the rumoured release is so far in the future there are no details on the features, but it is thought that they may rebrand to using the Ultra tag rather than Pro Max and this of course is bound to come with some impressive upgrades. 

There’s no denying that the list of new phones we can expect in 2023 is pretty impressive. Phone enthusiasts will be happy to see a range of brands alongside the usual iPhone and Samsung offerings, although the launch of these phones is likely to be a big deal next year too. As always, the exact list of features and benefits for new phones is kept under wraps but we do know that they get more and more impressive with each release – so 2023 will be exciting for phone fans either way.


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