What is a tumble track used for?


Traditional tumbling tracks are similar to trampolines. They have a mat and a steel frame with springs.

Gymnastics tumble tracks are very bouncy, so they won’t be able to replicate competition gymnastics floors. Your moves will be slower and more stretched due to the trampoline-like bounce. They have an excellent rebound height but can be dangerous due to the possibility of landing lopsidedly and falling from high up 60cm above the ground. They are versatile due to their high rebound. You can use them for cheerleading, parkour, or other similar activities. They can be used indoors and are very easy to clean.

Tumble track allows athletes to train harder while minimizing injury risk. It is lightweight and easy for many purposes to move around the home, gym, or clinic. A tumble track, which is trampoline-based, was created to assist gymnasts and other acrobatic performers in their skills, such as flips. Somersaults, round-offs, and many more. They are better suited for permanent professional installations like gymnasiums, gymnastics clubs, and training centers.

Air Tracks, an inflatable tumbling mat product, is a new addition to the tumble scene. These mats are filled with compressed air rather than steel springs or foam like their traditional counterparts. These mats have rebound characteristics that closely mimic spring tracks used in competition and are therefore more accessible for your athlete. Air Tracks can be fully inflated, allowing athletes to bounce several inches in the air. This will increase your athlete’s ability to learn and progress. It is easy to adjust the pressure of an AirTrack. Your athlete will learn new skills faster if the AirTrack is lowered. They can take more turns and tumble more passes without feeling the extra pressure on their knees or joints. An AirTrack can be folded down for lightweight transport and compact storage after the session.

The most significant benefit of rebound is the traditional tumble track. These spring-loaded pieces of equipment give your athletes a considerable boost. These equipment are easy to set up and require very little power. However, they can weigh several hundred to thousands of pounds depending upon the track length. They cannot be left outside in the elements. Tumble Tracks can be a great way to give your athlete confidence while learning new skills. However, the frames are steel, so safety precautions should be taken.

These newer inflatable tumbling options offer many benefits. Air tracks offer more flexibility in the rebound, which is excellent for learning new skills or transitioning to the competition floor. Air tracks are an excellent option for athletes who want to replicate the responsiveness of a spring floor or competition-grade track. Air tracks are lighter than spring tracks and much lighter than padded tumble tracks. They are an excellent option for people who love to arrange their space and those who travel with their mats.

Inflatable tumble track products offer many benefits. Inflatable tumble track mats are more accessible to store than traditional ones. They can be folded flat and fit in small spaces like utility closets or trunks.

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