Why you should choose a compact car


    Сompact cars are ideal for city dwellers and for those who are just learning to drive. Compact and maneuverable cars easily fit into the stream and allow you to easily park in narrow courtyards. If you are considering replacing your old car with a subcompact car, this article is for you. If you need help selling your car, JunkCarsUs can help you estimate the value of your vehicle and sell it. For example, you can check the Ford F-150 scrap value on the website, or the value of any other car.

    What is a compact car?

    This is a small machine (from 1540 pounds to 2600 pounds), quite maneuverable, but with a small engine capacity and a narrow body. The maximum speed that it develops is 193 m/h.

    In fact, the main property that defines a small car is the engine size. Many people confuse such a car with a mini cooper due to the fact that manufacturers also make them compact. Although a regular-sized car can also be a small car. Let’s consider the advantages of such cars.

    Benefits of a compact car

    There are a lot of advantages on which you can think about purchasing a small car. Each manufacturer has compact cars: Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Kia, Suzuki Mazda, Nissan, Citroen, Renault, etc. Thanks to this, you can choose a car for every taste and according to your financial capabilities.


    The cost of a small car is lower than for cars of ordinary dimensions since fewer materials were spent on its creation.


    It is much easier to move around the narrow streets in a small car. Parking, no doubt, is also easier, especially in the yards of high-rise buildings.

    Engine power

    This car is light and compact, and with a powerful engine, it can accelerate like a sports car. So in this, it is not inferior to cars of another class.


    A small car needs less fuel. The cost of spare parts and consumables is much lower. It also costs less insurance and taxes on this vehicle. So there are savings


    Designers try to make it so that with a relatively small size of the car, it would be more comfortable to sit in it than in a large car.

    Disadvantages of small cars

    In addition to the advantages, small cars, like any other vehicle, have their drawbacks:

    1. It is best to travel on it only on urban paved roads. Due to the presence of a small clearance and low carrying capacity, a trip out of town can cause a lot of trouble.
    2. Since the body of the car is thinner, due to the fact that manufacturers use less metal to make it lighter, small cars are considered high-risk cars.
    3. A small trunk is also one of the disadvantages.
    4. Manufacturers are trying to make a wider and more comfortable interior and thereby reduce the volume of the trunk.

    After evaluating all the pros and cons of small cars, we can say that this is purely urban transport, which makes it easier to move around the city. It is more economical than conventional models.

    Recommendations for choosing a small car

    Body type. The selection of a small car should begin with the type of body.

    1. The sedan has the classic shape of a passenger car; there is a place in it not only for passengers but also for luggage.
    2. The hatchback looks more attractive in terms of compactness and maneuverability. The proximity of the tailgate to the driver facilitates reversing, which is important when parking in tight yards or in small parking lots.
    3. A station wagon in the class of small cars is quite rare; this type of body is suitable for summer residents or lovers of outdoor recreation. The trunk will fit different things, including garden equipment, and inventory.

    Engine. Subcompact cars are considered to be cars with an engine of up to 1,6 liters. Among them, two types of internal combustion engines can be distinguished.

    1. Gasoline engines are easy to start in cold weather, quickly warming up the cabin. These motors are also easy to maintain. The lineup begins with miniature power units with a volume of 0.9 liters.
    2. Diesel power units are distinguished by the economical consumption of diesel fuel and high torque. Such engines outperform their gasoline counterparts in the summer when you have to stand in traffic jams for a long time. But in winter it is quite cold in the cabin, and the car has to be warmed up for a long time in order to achieve minimal heat.

    Transmission. Modern small cars are equipped with two transmission options.

    1. Classic mechanics are best suited for experienced drivers. The driver must, without looking at the tachometer and gear lever, choose the optimal driving mode in a busy stream. But mechanics allows you to save fuel and accelerate faster.
    2. Automatic transmission is most often chosen by novice drivers and women. There is no need to think about the choice of transmission, you can fully concentrate on the traffic situation.

    Equipment. Today, drivers are spoiled with modern options that make driving as comfortable and safe as possible. In the basic configuration, many manufacturers install a number of components and systems.

    1. Air conditioning is found in almost all small cars (as standard). It generates cold air, which is especially important in the summer heat.
    2. The electric drive is increasingly found in the basic configuration. It is installed in the side mirrors and front power windows.
    3. Residents of cold regions will like the options for heated seats, a fuel filter, mirrors, and a steering wheel.
    4. The safety of the driver and passengers in small cars is provided by belts and airbags. Some cars in the base are equipped with systems such as ABS, ASC, ESP, and EBD, which help the driver in difficult traffic situations.

    Wrapping up

    Behind the wheel of small cars, you can meet not only women but also adult men. Buying such cars provides many advantages for residents of large cities who drive through busy streets every day and experience problems with parking. If you need to make room in your garage for a new car, JuncCarsUs will help you sell your unwanted car quickly in whatever city you are in. You can also estimate the value of the car before selling it using the calculator on the company’s website.


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