xQc Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

    xQc Net Worth

    We always hear that Playing video games is a waste of time. Nobody even imagines that playing video games can make you a millionaire. But it is possible in this digitally globalized era, and xQc is one of those who made it. Today, we will discover xQc net worth and how he earns it through video games.

    Who is xQc?

    Félix Lengyel, known by his internet name, xQc, is a Canadian Online streamer. He is well known for playing Overwatch, a video game. He rose to fame through his Overwatch gameplay streaming, which led him to esports. Thus, Lengyel made his career in Esports and was recognized as a professional Overwatch player.

    Short Bio of xQc

    Full Name Félix Lengyel
    Birthdate November 12, 1995 (age 27)
    Birthplace Laval, Quebec, Canada
    Nationality Canadian
    Height 6’ 2” (1.88 m)
    Social Media Instagram, Twitter, TwitchYouTube
    Net Worth $10 million

    Early Life

    xQc, real name Félix Lengyel, was born in  Quebec, Canada. He was born into a lower-middle-class family and had seen a lot of poverty. Lengyel started his high school at his locality. After completing graduation from high school, he enrolled in a CEGEP, a publicly funded college. There, he began studying business administration.

    xQc Net Worth

    Lengyel was enthusiastic, curious, and distant from his childhood. During his college junior year, he felt directionless and wanted to leave college and do something he really wanted to do. As a result, Lengyel dropped out of college while Lengyel was in his second year.

    After dropping out at the age of 19, he fell into more depression. During this time, he connected more with video games and started playing “League of Legends,” a multiplayer online battle game. As soon as Lengyel became good in this game, he started live-streaming his gameplay to show off.

    Later, he was introduced to Overwatch, a video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Soon after, Lengyel was more attached to this game than the previous one. Lengyel started live streaming on Twitch, an American live video streaming service.

    xQc Net Worth

    xQc net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $10 million. In a short period of career, this net worth is massive. xQc or Lengyel gained his popularity through the internet. In today’s era, the internet can bring the world together. Lengyel revealed his talent to the internet, where his audience is the whole world.

    Thus, he successfully gained the attention of huge people and created a massive fanbase, which succeeded him on the internet. This success leads him to an incredible net worth.

    Facts Behind xQc Net Worth

    Esports Career

    Lengyel started his career as a professional Overwatch player in 2016. Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer video game, which was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. He joined the team of DatZit Gaming. Lengyel and his team attended the Dreamhack Montreal 2016 Overwatch tournament. Lengyel played as a “main tank” in the game. He and his steam own the tournament and grab the prize money of $3600.

    Later, Lengyel and his team joined several esports tournaments and successfully held the championships by dominating other teams. In 2018, Lengyel and his team, DatZit Gaming, joined the Overwatch World Cup tournament. They team up under the name “Team Canada” to represent Canada. Lengyel again played as the “main tank” for the team. During the tournament, Lengyel earned the title of “Most Valuable Player.”

    After the tournament, he moved to Los Angeles. There, he joined the “Gladiator Legion” team. Lengyel also played several tournaments under this team. From those tournaments, Lengyel earned vast money through winning prize money and getting hired by other groups.


    Twitch is an American live streaming service focusing on video gameplay streamers. Lengyel first started live streaming on Twitch during his early dropped-out days. Currently, Lengyel has a total of 11 million subscribers on Twitch. There, Lengyel streams live video regularly with almost half a million viewers.

    xQc Net Worth

    Lengyel has built a solid and massive fanbase on this platform. With this fame, Lengyel earns through selling his subscriptions, receiving fan donations, and advertising on his live streams. All those make him one of the highest-paid streamers on Twitch. Lengyel’s income from Twitch is a significant source of his net worth.


    Lengyel has a YouTube channel with 2.32 million subscribers with an average of 100,000 viewers. YouTube paid to creators by running ads on the video. They settled on the basics of total views and impressions. Lengyel’s channel runs ads on his videos. Undoubtedly, Lengyel’s YouTube channel generates a massive amount of money, which increases his net worth.

    Brand Deals

    As Lengyel’s fame spread widely, Many brands wanted to promote themselves through Lengyel. For this purpose, Lengyel has signed many promotion deals. such as “G Fuel,” “Monster Energy,” and “HyperX.” Lengyel got a vast amount of payment for promoting those brands on his streams and social media platforms. This earning made a significant impact on Lengyel’s net worth.


    Lengyel established a clothing brand of his own. He sells T-shirts, Hoodies, and Hats through his website and social media. As Lengyel has millions of fans, he quickly can gain a vast number of customers. The profit from those sales added to Lengyel’s net worth.


    Lengyel owns a total of 3 awards and has been nominated 11 times. His winning awards are-

    • Most Valuable Player
    • 12th Streamy Awards for Just Chatting
    • Best Variety Streamer

    Personal Life

    Lengyel and his elder brother, Nicolas Lengyel, live with their mother. They are of Hungarian descent. Once, Lengyel had a cat named Luna.


    How much does xQc make a year?

    Lengyel makes around $3-4 million through his sponsors.

    How did xQc get so famous?

    Lengyel became famous because of his skilled Overwatch gameplay.

    Why did xQc lose money?

    Lengyel claimed that he lost around $1 million through gambling

    What is xQc doing now?

    Currently, Lengyel is streaming daily on Twitch and promoting his sponsors.

    Final Thought

    xQc succeeded because of having a well-passionate career. From an ordinary schoolboy to being an iconic person of millions of people, xQc net worth journey is super impressive.

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