Can You Play Mobile Crypto Games On Your Phone?

Can You Play Mobile Crypto Games On Your Phone?

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology led to the birth of play-to-earn games that are booming at the moment. The idea that players can earn digital collectibles or cryptocurrencies while playing their favorite games will change the entire gaming industry forever.

Thanks to blockchain technology, games now are built on top of blockchain networks where every transaction is recorded and stored. This allows game developers to add a certificate of ownership on digital goods – meaning that players can actually own their in-game cosmetics and sell them on the market for a profit.

Crypto games are really popular at the moment, but can you play them on your smartphone?

Well, there are many websites and apps, that actually provide crypto games that can be accessed and played on mobile.

Let’s check how is the crypto mobile gaming industry developing and find out more about this new trend that is getting more and more popular.

What is Crypto Gaming?

Traditional video games are centralized, which means that all items and revel in (XP) gained while playing can’t be utilized in other games. Crypto gaming changes this with the aid of introducing blockchain technology. Players can now use their rewards and gadgets across unique crypto gaming initiatives.

Crypto gaming also offers a way for gamers to earn cash. This is referred to as a play-to-earn version and players can try this in numerous approaches. Take Axie Infinity, as an instance. Users should buy characters called Axies, stage them up, then promote them at a higher fee. Players can also battle with their Axies to earn SLP and AXS, which are Ethereum-based crypto gaming tokens.

This introduces a whole new detail to the enterprise – the idea that gamers can earn crypto even as gaming. Worldwide Asset Exchange found that is a welcome development, as three out of four gamers needed they may use their foreign money on different structures.

How Does it Work?

Traditional games already possess many elements discovered in crypto options. Players can use fiat forex to buy in-recreation cash, they are able to accumulate items and stage up their characters. So, what draws traders and gamers to crypto gaming?

Ownership is a part of the reason that crypto gaming has taken off. Unlike traditional video games, their money opposite numbers supply gamers with tenure over what they gather via the blockchain era. Players can very own their in-game assets, change them or maybe sell them. 

Whether it’s a Splinterlands creature card or a purple Axie with green thorns, the marketplace dynamic has attracted gamers.

Earning money from gaming also entices gamers. Certain games were criticized earlier for having a pay-to-play model, in which gamers must invest cash to get the first-rate out of a game. 

Before crypto gaming, investing money would most effectively enhance your experience, such as being capable of stage up faster or getting unique in-game cosmetics. Crypto gaming does the opposite: the play-to-earn model now let’s players make profits from their investment via crypto gaming.

Currently, crypto games are web-based apps or mobile apps that can be easily accessed on mobile. In fact, there is still no crypto game released in a conventional way for PC or console. Most of these apps/games are internet based and they can be accessed through search engines or directly from an app store.

Nowadays, you can play play-to-earn games on your mobile, or try your hand at crypto gambling by accessing thrilling casino games that can be played using cryptocurrencies, like Bovada Bitcoin casino.

What Will the Future of Crypto Games Look Like?

There’s a developing demand for crypto gaming and investors want to be part of it. Mark Cuban invested in Sky Mavis in its first round of investment, supporting the start-up boost of $7.5m. Venture capital organizations are getting in at the act as nicely: Framework Ventures recently released a $400m fund for Web 3.0 games and a brand new $600m fund from Andreessen Horowitz.

Blockchain companies additionally need to get on board, and both Solana and Polygon have started out making an investment in early-stage blockchain games that contain decentralized finance (DeFi) in their systems. 

With increasingly more buyers of strong-arming crypto gaming systems, the enterprise ought to see a developing market.

This has already ended up visible, according to the latest record with the aid of the investment company Drake Star Partners. In the first quarter of 2022, 128 crypto gaming agencies received a total of $1.2bn in investments.   

This means that the development in crypto gaming has already begun and we will see a lot of crypto games next year.

However, the crypto gaming industry turned into dealt a major blow in October 2021 whilst Steam, the sector’s largest distributor of PC games, introduced the platform that could not host blockchain-based video games, apparently because it does now not allow objects that can have real-world value on its platform.

Losing Steam’s aid should extensively affect crypto games, as they may be missing out on an industry-main market that attracts 62.6 million every day customers.


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