How to Select the Best League of Legends Settings

League of Legends Settings

With more than 100 million players enjoying the game each month, League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the most famous esports in the world. For a MOBA, it is remarkably intuitive. And that is largely the result of Riot Games’ tremendous effort to create an exceptional user experience. New players are introduced to LoL via tutorials and the community is a lot friendlier than in other games. But in some areas, new players still have questions. And one of them is the League of Legends Settings.

What Are LoL Settings

LoL settings are the options that you get to tweak as a player. They give you the freedom to customize to some degree your experience. You may choose to play on high graphics or you may go with the lesser options. The same goes for sound and other aspects of the game.

An important set of settings are the controls. Almost every MOBA player comes to these types of games with a previous experience, usually acquired in RPG or RTS games. This experience causes you to form keyboard patterns and expectations that are hard to change. Luckily, Riot Games’ developers understand this and allow you to fully customize your controls. If you don’t like the standard QWER combination, you can simply switch to something else.

In professional LoL tournaments, which you can watch on Twitch or bet on, every player has his own method or his own set of control settings. But the goal is the same each time: maximize your level of comfort by choosing the keys that are the most familiar and most intuitive to you.

How to Choose Your Video Settings- League of Legends Settings

When you choose your video settings, the first thing you need to ask yourself is this: am I trying to maximize the quality of my visual experience or do I need to compromise on that to improve my FPS? There are two major situations in which you should opt for modest visual settings.

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The first is the one in which you have a low-end PC. League of Legends is not a very demanding game. But it can still cause problems if you have a low-end PC with a video card from 10 years ago. When team fights occur, your graphics card gets tested a lot more than usual because you can have dozens of abilities being used in just a few seconds. Playing on maximum settings can drastically lower your FPS or even crash your PC if it’s not good enough.

The second case in which you should opt for modest visual settings is the one in which you have a poor Internet connection. In some parts of the world, fast Internet is a luxury and not everyone can afford it or is willing to invest in it. Even if you have a good connection, if you’re using Wi-Fi you might not have the speed to sustain a LoL match at maximum details. If you’re experiencing lags, crashes or packet loss issues, try lowering your settings.

Combating Your Own Lazyness- League of Legends Settings

Players often leave everything on default just because they’re lazy. Instead of analyzing the settings and customizing them to suit their needs, they just want to play the game. ( Of course, if you’re playing in the Silver division and you do it every once in a while, you may not see the importance of customized settings. But if you’re playing frequently and at a high level, every optimization that you can make is crucial. Because the difference between winning and losing a game is often small. 

An accumulation of tiny optimizations can result in a big change. And it doesn’t have to feel vastly different. It’s enough if it’s 10 – 20% better than before.

Important Overlooked Settings

Some of the most overlooked settings in the game are the Interface ones. The Cursor Scale is definitely important but you should experiment with it to see what works best for you. The minimap is also crucial, because if you’re any good at the game, you’ll be checking it every 3 – 5 seconds. And when you do check it, if it’s too big or too small it may subconsciously cause you to look less frequently at it. This is always a problem because ideally, you want to look at it as often as you can.

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Many players like to set their Minimap Scale on 100. You should try at least 5 values between the 2 extremes and see what feels most natural to your eye and your monitor.


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